The Best BBQ, Grilling and Meat Smoking Accessories

BBQ, Grill and Smoker Accessories

What is an amazing grill if you don’t have the accessories to back it up with?

I don’t know about you but I take pride in my BBQ accessories.

I have been burnt (physically and metaphorically) many times thinking that I can just go out and get something that is cheap and ‘will get the job done.

It took years, but I have finally learned that if you buy good quality and keep it in tip-top condition it will last forever.

In my accessory reviews, I try to find an even ground between price, quality, and functionality.

I know we don’t all have big budgets to buy top-of-the-range, and to be quite honest more often than not you don’t actually need the top-of-the-range equipment if you know what features to look out for.

Big Green Egg Accessories

The Essential Big Green Egg Accessories

On its own, a Big Green Egg is essential every backyard should have. But what happens when you get one? How can you really make your backyard the envy of the street? With these essential Big Green Egg accessories, that’s how!

The Best Carving Knives

Carving Knife Buying Guide and Reviews

How many times have you cooked a mouth-watering brisket and made a fool of yourself while carving it? We have all been there.. here is everything you need to know about carving knives and a couple of the best in my eyes.

The Best Grill Brush Alternatives

Safe Grill Brush Alternatives

The traditional wire grill brush has been having a hard time recently. They are not the safest tool to have in your tool kit. So what should you use then? Let’s have a look at the best alternatives out there to keep you and your family safe.

Boning, Carving, Electric, Fillet and Slicing Knives

The Best Boning Knives

Boning and Fillet Knife Buying Guide and Reviews

One knife does not fit all, and when buying a boning knife there are specific things you need to look out for. Find out everything you need to know about buying a new boning knife here!

The Best Electric Fillet Knife

Electric Fillet Knife Buying Guide and Reviews

Do you really need an electric fillet knife? No, not really. But if you do feel the calling of an electric fillet knife you need to read up on all the essentials to ensure that you are making the right choice!

The Best Brisket Knife

Brisket Knife Buying Guide and Reviews

Slicing a brisket is one of the most satisfying and crowd pleasing moments of any get together. Don’t make a mess of it because you don’t have the right equipment! This is what you need to know before buying a brisket knife.

How To Use A Knife Sharpener (and What One to use When)

How To Sharpen A Knife The Right Way

Sharpening a knife is not quite as simple as it sounds if you have never been taught. Before sharpening a knife make sure you read my in depth guide to how to sharpen, what to use to sharpen and when to sharpen.

Best Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer Reviews and Buyers Guide

Usually you will only find meat slicers in your local deli or smokehouse, however, with the growing popularity of backyard smokers the demand for meat slicers is going up. Find out everything you need to know about them here.

The Best Carving Knives

Carving Knife Buyers Guide and Reviews

A carving knife is essential to every pit masters tool kit. Without a decent knife there is a good chance that you will destroy your perfectly cook meat. When looking for a carving knife there is a few things you need to watch out for.

Thermometers and Temperature Accessories

BBQ Accessories

What Is The Best Charcoal (Lump Charcoal Vs Charcoal Briquettes

What Is The Best Charcoal For You To Use?

Charcoal is charcoal right? Wrong! Before jumping on in and buying the first charcoal you see make sure you are buying the right one for your needs.

The Best BBQ Rubs In Town (The BBQ Rib Rub Will Blow Your Mind)

The Best Damn BBQ Rubs Ever

Everyone has their own top secret BBQ rub. Its also good to have a few back ups in the cupboard. Here are my favorite pre bought bbq rubs.

The Best Poultry Shears

Poultry Shears Buying Guide and Reviews

Can’t you just use scissors to cut chicken? Err not quite. If you are cooking a lot of poultry a decent pair of poultry shears is essential. Find out how to buy a pair.

Top Smoker Box Review

Smoker Box Buyers Guide and Reviews

If you have a gas grill and want the tasty and delicious results of a smoker there is a way out! Don’t fork out for a new smoker look into a smoke box.

The Best Steak Branding Iron

The Best Steak Branding Irons

If its for novelty purposes or strictly business a steak branding iron is a great tool to have. But watch out some are flimsy and not built for purpose!

Best BBQ Gloves

BBQ Glove Buying Guide and Reviews

In a perfect world a decent pair of gloves would be sold with each bbq, grill and smoker unit. But they don’t. If you don’t have a good set you are gambling!

How To Use A Faux Cambro

The Faux Cambro

If you are someone who loves cooking on the go a faux Cambro might be your new best friend! Check them out!

The Best Cedar Planks For Grilling

Ever Tried A Cedar Plank? They’re Perfect for Salmon

A cedar plank can add in a lot of flavor to your cooks with no effort at all.