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The 6 Best Carving Knives of 2019 (These Knifes Are Seriously On Point)

To most men (myself included), there is something so unbelievably satisfying about having a good knife

I'm not too sure if its the satisfaction of slicing off a piece of brisket with ease, or if it's the feeling of power that we get from holding a sharp, trustworthy knife.

It might not even have anything to do with the quality of the knife at all. We might only like knives because of that famous scene Crocodile Dundee “That's not a knife?” “THIS is a Knife!”

Personally, I think that it has a lot to do with the latter. However, no matter the reason why we love our knifes so much, it's very important that the knife that we get is fit for its intended purpose

There are a million different knives out there, however, not every knife is made for every job. If you are a meat smoker, griller or bbq-er, then you need a knife that will carve your masterpiece into beautiful little morsels, not butcher it to smithereens

Below are my picks for the best carving knives of 2018, fir for a true pitmaster. 

The Best Carving Knives Comparison Table

Top of The Range

Durable with Perfect Precision

Perfect All Rounder

For The Big Jobs

Strong Carbon Fibre

The Upgrade 


Dalstrong Slicing Carving Knife


Genesis Carving knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia

Wusthof Classic Carving Knife

Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Blade Length

12 inches

8 inches

12 inches

14 inches

8 inches

​8 inches


Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

The Best Carving Knives of 2018 - Individual Reviews 

The Best Carving Knives

Dalstrong Slicing Carving Knife - 12"

Dalstrong are the self proclaimed ‘new guys on the block’ which to start with, had me a little concerned that they would not be as up to par as some of the more established brands.

However, At first glance, I was quickly impressed. Starting with the 2.0mm 12 inch long blade. This thing is impressive.

It has been handcrafted for over 60 days using ultra premium, Japanese high carbon AUS-10V steel and 67 alternating layers of SUS410 Damascus cladding. This gives the knife a fantastic durability and stain resistance.

The blade has increased strength, flexibility and hardness enhanced which is partly thanks to the cryogenic tempering with liquid nitrogen. Impressive.

The Sho Gun series slicer also has an extremely comfortable ergonomic handle constructed form G-10 Garolite. This stuff is a military grade material that is built for control and to handle anything that you can put in front of it.

The incredibly sharp blade worked wonders on brisket, however, I would assume that it would be just as good on ham, roasts, and even seafood.

The blade is incredibly sharp right out of the box will continue to give you perfectly cut slices time and time again.

A nice touch is that it comes with a sheath to protect the blade.

Key Features

  • Hand polished: Fantastic finish, and from my experience it stays that way. 
  • Stain Resistant: No matter how much meat you slice, this blade will not get stained. I have not used this knife over a long period of time, however, the use it has had, there have been no stains.
  • Hand Sharpened Edges: The carefully hand sharpened edges will let you slice and dice everything from a pork butt to a thin slice of smoked salmon with ease.
  • Laminated Pakkawood Handle: Super strong and ergonomic handles made from wood imported from Spain. This allows you to get a comfortable grip allowing you to slice exactly where you want to. 
  • Blade Indentations: The blade indentations ensure that no meat sticks to the knife when cutting. 
  • Triple Riveted: The blade is held in place by three rivets. These are super strong and durable. You get no movement whatsoever.
  • Flexibility: The blade has a little bit of flex in it, this is designed to aid cutting around bones and smaller cuts of meat. You can flex it with comfort and feel confident that you will not snap or warp the blade.

What I Liked

  • Tall blade height - no knuckle dragging
  • Strong and durable handle
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Stain resistant
  • Very lightweight
  • BPA free protective sheath included

What I Didn't Like

  • Some users have advised that the knife dulls easily

My Final Thoughts

For a brand was new to me prior to reviewing, Dalstrong have blown me away with this knife. It is a knife that straight out of the box will impress you with its beauty, sharpness, and performance. 

You can slice through a rack of ribs, through a pork butt, but also have enough precision to slice thin slices of smoked salmon. 

The Dalstrong Slicing & Carving Knife is definitely one of the best carving knives I have come across in a while. 

I would recommend this knife to anyone who appreciates cutting, slicing or carving with ease.

Mercer Cutlery Genesis Carving Knife - 8"

The forged high carbon stainless steel blade is a blade that you can only dream of.

The heavy duty bolster balances the knife perfectly and adds additional durability without adding on to much weight.

I found the knife to be a little heavier than other knives this size. However, it is balanced out perfectly and carves, slices and chops with perfect precision.

It is a great knife for thicker cuts of steak, bigger racks of ribs and whole turkeys.

The handle is constructed from Santoprene, this is a soft material that is comfortable and non-slip. Even after carving turkey after turkey over Thanksgiving this knife does not become uncomfortable or to slippery to handle

The handle is also safe around all kitchen oils, grease, and all other cooking by-products. However do keep in mind that it is not dishwasher safe, so make sure that you always hand wash with lots of hot soapy water.

I didn't find washing to be a problem, just a wash over with a soapy cloth and it was clean.

Key Features

  • Santoprene Handle: The Santoprene handle is amazingly soft and comfortable. However, it's not so soft that it becomes sticky or hard to remove your hand when making those tricky incisions. It is also non slip, perfect for when you have greasy or wet hands.
  • German Quality Stainless Steel Blade: The blade is made from high quality German stainless. This is very sharp right out of the box and stays sharp. It will never rust, discolor or corrode. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: The peace of mind of the lifetime warranty is good to have, however, with the quality and durability of this knife, I doubt you will need it!
  • NSF Listed: The M20608 meets the standards set by NSF International. These standards focus on public safety, health, and the environment.

What I Liked

  • NSF listed
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Nonslip grip handle 
  • Heavy duty bolster
  • Quality German steel blade

What I Didn't Like

  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Heavier than other knives

My Final Thoughts

The Mercer culinary M20608 is one of the most comfortable knives out there. The ergonomic Santoprene handle is like you are holding onto a cloud. Even though it is a little bulkier than some of the other knives I have tested it still cuts smaller cuts with complete precision.

The blade is well designed and so far has stayed very sharp. The added bonus of a lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind that this is a quality knife built to last. 

The bottom line is this is a great knife and for the price, you are buying into a quality knife that you will be using for many years to come.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife - 12"

The Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife is going to be your new best friend when it comes to carving and slicing bigger cuts of meat. You will be slicing turkey, ham, whole roasts and ribs with minimal effort.

The big 12 inch blade is a true piece of beauty. 

The first thing you will notice about the blade is the indentations, these are brilliant. These indentations create air pockets while cutting so your meat doesn’t stick to the blade. 

This ensures you get a clean cut every time. Even on those thin slices of turkey.

The textured Fibrox handle is quite basic, however, it is very comfortable and non slip. You can cut a whole turkey or ham without any discomfort or slippage.

Victorinox is manufactured in Switzerland by the same company who manufacturers the original Swiss army knife, so you know that you are buying a quality product. This is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • 12 Inch Blade: The large 12 inch blade is perfect for larger cuts of meat. I found this particularly good for slicking pork butt, brisket, whole roasts, turkey and even pork belly.
  • Hollow Ground Depressions: These depressions help to reduce friction and minimize meat sticking to the blade. This feature is a real treat when you are slicing big amounts of meat. 
  • Fibrox Handle: The textured handle is made for a secure hold and has nonslip properties. It is also very durable.
  • Swiss Quality: Victorinox is made in Switzerland by the same manufacturers who made the Swiss Army Knife.
  • NSF Listed: The Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro meets the standards set by NSF International. These standards focus on public safety, health, and the environment.
  • Dishwasher Safe: This is not such a big concern for me, however, it is nice to load the knife in the dishwasher with all the other cutlery at the end of cooking.

What I Liked

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made by the same manufacturer as the Swiss Army Knife
  • Nonslip handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Blade depressions

What I Didn't Like

  • The blade does not stay sharp for long, it is recommended that you sharpen every couple of uses for optimum quality

My Final Thoughts

The Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife delivers everything that you would expect from a Swiss made knife.

It is an elegant knife which offers a carving experience like no other. The blade is second to none and the addition of the blade depressions means that you will never get any meat that sticks to the knife, Which is something that I appreciate when slicing bigger cuts.

You need this knife if you are often cooking bigger cuts of meat such as whole roasts, pigs, turkey, ham or brisket.

4.65 / 5 Stars

Mercer Culinary Millennia -14"

The Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch is a big knife. It's a big knife that is made for those larger cuts of meat. Think a whole roast pig, whole turkey roast or ham.

The 14 inch blade is constructed from Japanese stainless steel, so it will never corrode, discolor or rust. The blade also features divots which stop any meat from sticking. The blade is slightly thin, allowing you to still maneuver around small bones and carcass if you need to.

The handle is made from Santoprene and durable polypropylene, this creates a very durable and comfortable handle that will not slip.

Together all these parts form a very well designed and constructed knife that will easily cut through any large cut of meat you can throw at it.

Key Features

  • Santoprene Handle: The Santoprene handle is one of the most comfortable ergonomic handles out there. However, its not that soft that it becomes sticky or hard to remove your hand from. It is also nonslip, perfect for when you have greasy or wet hands.
  • Ergonomic handle: The handle fits perfectly in hand, making cutting large meats very pleasurable. 
  • Longer Length: Comfortable slice, cut and carve those larger meat cuts without needing to apply unnecessary pressure.
  • Japanese Steel Blade: The blade is crafted from Japanese steel
    Extremely durable blade.

What I Liked

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Santoprene handle
  • Divots in the blade to top sticking
  • Longer length
  • Japanese quality stainless blade 

What I Didn't Like

  • Hand wash only
  • The blade does dull faster than others

My Final Thoughts

The Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch knife is a serious knife for cutting serious cuts of meat.

The Santoprene handle is very comfortable and durable. The durability comes from the polypropylene used in the construction. The razor sharp blade is constructed of high quality Japanese stainless and is resistant to corrosion, rust, and discoloration.

It is a durable and high quality knife that will exceed your expectations when carving and slicing larger cuts of meat such as ham, turkey, brisket or whole pig.

Wusthof Carving Knife - 8"

If you are looking for a knife that was specifically designed for carving meat away from the bone - the 8 " Wusthof carving knife is for you. 

This knife is apart of Wusthof's most popular  knife collections and does not disappoint.

The new and improved  handle is made from a synthetic material called Polyoxymethylene (POM).

This material gives the handle a very tight molecule structure which gives the knife a darker colour that won't fade or wear, and its also pretty comfortable too. 

The pointed tip helps you slice meat away from the bone with pinpoint precision and has the slightest flex to ensure you don't slip.

The German made blade is crafted from a single piece of high carbon stainless, this allows the black to be as strong as possible. 

Key Features

  • The Blade: The blade is constructed from a single piece of high carbon stainless. This means that the blade is tough, and can even bend a little bit to ensure that you can safely cut anything that you need to. Specifically meat that is on the bone.  
  • Finger Guard: When you have a sharp knife you want to know that you are going to be safe using it. For those of us who don't have the biggest hands in the world the Wusthof carving knife as a finger guard that gives you all the confidence in the world. 
  • Precision Edge Technology: The PEtec gives this knife around a 20% sharper blade than the competition. I was skeptical about this, however, when testing this became very clear when the tomato test came out. It is a truly sharp knife that has great longevity. 
  • Thick Bolster: The thick bolster adds to the knife's great feel. It adds the perfect amount of weight and allows you to easily cut everything without any effort. The bolster also 

What I Liked

  • Triple riveted
  • Long edge retention
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Finger guard
  • One piece stainless blade 

What I Didn't Like

  • I truly enjoyed this knife

My Final Thoughts

All in all this is a fantastic little carving knife. It is not the cheapest knife on this list, however, it does slice and carve amazingly. 

It was designed to be a knife that you can comfortably and safely carve your favourite meats. Particularly meats that you need to carve very close to the bone.

It has an incredibly good blade and feels right at home in your hand. If you have a little bit more budget to play with I would highly recommend the Wusthof 8 " carving knife. 

What To Look For When Buying A New Knife

Buying a knife is a lot like buying your first car.

Often you don’t know where to start, you can easily get overwhelmed by all the different terms and slang out there.

The Best Carving Knives

The best advice that I can give you about buying a knife is : 

'set a budget and do you research to find out what kind of knife you need before going to buy one'

So what do you need to keep in mind when buying a knife?

  • The Right Handle: Having a handle that is comfortable and strong is imperative. The last thing you want is a knife that feels bad in the hand. This will result in you not being able to use the knife to its full potential. You need to make sure that the blade is securely fastened to the handle. I always like to go for a knife that is riveted together, however, nowadays this is becoming less and less common.
  • Blade Quality: You need a blade that is tough. There is no denying that. There is a tonne of blades made from different materials on the market today. Do your research and make sure that you are buying a knife that has a blade that is constructed from a high-quality material. A knife with a quality blade will last longer, cut better and save you money in the long run.
  • Knife Weight: The weight of your knife is important. If your knife is too light or too heavy you will not have any control. You are looking for a knife that has a good balance and feels sturdy in hand.
  • Accuracy When Cutting: A knife needs to be accurate (even for us that don’t have the best knife skills). An accurate knife can make all the difference and help you increase your knife skills. If possible try the knife before buying. Obviously, you can't bring your own brisket into the shop to cut, however, most shops will let you hold it and simulate cutting. This will give you a good idea of the weight and accuracy.
  • Set Your Budget: The price spectrum for knives is very wide. You can buy knives for hundreds of dollars and others for under $20. More expensive does not necessarily mean that it is going to be better. Before looking into buying a knife set yourself a price limit of what you are comfortable spending. You can always find a quality knife at any budget.
  • Do Your Own Research: When buying a knife it pays to do your own research. Some brands excel in making one particular style of knife and are not your best choice for all knives. Research each brand and make sure the knife that you want is one of their best knives. Researching the brand also helps find out if the brands morels re inline with your own.

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