Maverick ET-732 Dual Probe Thermometer Review [September 2023]

Cooking the perfect brisket or rack of ribs is something that we all strive for. For some of us getting the perfect cook is a little bit difficult. Why is this? Because getting the perfect cook is all about getting the perfect internal temperature in your meat.

Lucky there are ways that you can ensure that you get the perfect temperature. 

Thermometers like the Maverick ET-732 make it easy to keep an eye on and control the temperature of your meat. The 732 is the little brother to the Maverick ET-733.

The ET-732 is a dual probe, which means that the standard package includes one meat probe and one food probe. That’s to the wireless receiver you can keep track of your temperatures from up to 300 feet away.

You get a live temperature update every 12 seconds and when the desired temperature has been reached you will hear an alarm sound.

Maverick ET-732 Dual Thermometer Review


  • Range: 300 Feet

  • Food Probe Length: Total: 6″ Shaft: 0.16″ Cable: 3″

  • BBQ Probe Length: Total: 3″ Shaft: 0.16″ Cable: 3″

  • Food Probe Temp Range: 32 – 572ºF

  • BBQ Probe Temp Range: 32 – 554ºF

  • Accuracy: 3°F

  • Water Resistant: Yes

  • Transmitter: yes

  • Water Resistant Receiver: no

  • Transmitter & Probes Weight: 4.7oz

  • Receiver Weight: 3.4oz

  • Reading: Celsius or Fahrenheit

  • Warranty: 90 day manufacturers warranty

What I Liked

  • Heat Resistant Probe Wire: The probe wires are heat resistant to an impressive 716°F, this is hot enough for all grills, smokers and BBQs.

  • Belt Clip & Built-in Stand: These are nice touches. The receivers have a belt clip/ built-in stand. These are great for setting the receiver down while in view, or if you are standing up entertaining you can attach it to your belt to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  • Signal Alerts: An alarm sounds when you have gone too far, this feature is great when you have the receiver on your belt and get sidetracked with something else.

  • Range: The range of 300ft is great, This is enough to cover my entire property and even through to my neighbor’s house.

  • Wire Stand: The transmitter has a wire stand. The stand is super sturdy and even removable. Once removed you can turn in into a hanger which is really handy.

  • LCD Backlight: The LCD backlight is strong and makes reading temperatures at night very easy. The sizing of the font is also easy on the eyes. Even for us who need glasses to see anything!

  • Count Up and Down Timer: The timer alarm is loud and accurate. Once the timer has reached 0:00 an alarm will sound, the countdown timer will then start counting back up, which is nice because you know how much longer the meat has been cooking than anticipated.

Pros and Cons

ET-732 Pros

  1. Long lasting batter life
  2. Strong LCD backlight
  3. Loud sound alarms
  4. An alert sounds when the connection has been lost
  5. Programmable low and high temperature ranges
  6. High accuracy

ET-732 Cons

  1. The probe cable length is a tad short, which could be an issue for some pit setups
  2. The 300ft range is a direct line of sight, so be aware if you are inside or on the other side of the house

Wrapping it Up

The ET-732 is a great thermometer. It is a piece of equipment that everyone should have in their BBQ accessories box. Straight out of the box it is easy to use, even for those who are not so tech-savvy.

The preset temperature settings and the alarms, count up/ down timers and accuracy make this thermometer one of my favorites.

​If you looking for something totally wireless, I would check out a bluetooth meat thermometer.

The bottom line is this thermometer is awesome value for money and will result in better BBQ!

Maverick ET 732 Thmometer

Overall Rating: 4.6 / 5

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