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Who is Charlie?

Hi, I'm Charlie Reeves, a self-proclaimed pitmaster, fire poker, smoke whisperer and most of all dedicated family man.

My wonderful wife Sally has put up with me tinkering around in the backyard and shed for the past 22 years. The kids Allana and Brandan have put up with my horrible jokes for the past 8 and 9 years.

By trade, I am a welder/boilermaker. This has been the love of my life since I first started (sorry Sally). However, since having the kids I have found a new love for cooking and entertaining. I love having my creative juices flowing and my by that I creative meat juices.

Firing up my grill and creating a delicious feast for my family and friends is what I enjoy the most in life right now.

When I am not at home with my hand tightly gripped around a beer, you will find me watching Brandan play football, camping, hiking and enjoy the outdoors.

When I was a younger my father spent many hours with his grill, I never quite understood why. He would try to pass his knowledge onto me but I was never interested. However, that has changed, since starting a family all I want to do is get outback and cook something delicious that we can all enjoy together.

Since having the kids I have become obsessed with grilling. I can't get enough of it. Nearly everything I have learned I have learned from hours and hours of scrolling, reading and getting lost on the internet.

I have created this website for those of you out there who did not learn everything about the grill from your old man and are in the same position as myself. I want to make it as easy as I can for others out there to learn the basics of bbq-ing, grilling & smoking.