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Simply Meat Smoking is the go-to BBQ resource for ALL pitmasters.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced. We will help you master the art of smoking and grilling food.

The team here at Simply Meat Smoking wanted to create an entire resource for anyone to learn, practice, and master the art of grilling or smoking food.

We have a diverse team. From seasoned pitmasters from the competition circuit to retired BBQ restaurant owners, students, and weekend warriors.

We joined forces to ensure our community has the best knowledge when it comes to barbecue!

Barbecuing can be intimidating, confusing, and just plain overwhelming (especially for those of you just getting started).

We aim to make this easier for you!

So we have over 200 recipes, reviews, and guides to ensure you know EVERYTHING. From how to cook the perfect brisket to what grill suits your needs!

Everything here at Simply Meat Smoking will help you on your journey from amateur to pitmaster!

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The Story of Simply Meat Smoking

Hi, I’m Charlie Reeves, a self-proclaimed pitmaster, barbecue & grilling enthusiast, smoke whisperer, most of all dedicated family man. 

I started Simply Meat Smoking in 2015 with one goal in mind… to share my knowledge, journey, and love of grilling and barbecue with you!

Since then this site and community have both gone on to inspire and reach millions of barbecue devotees around the world (it still blows my mind).

It is all about learning and mastering how to smoke and grill meat in your backyard.

I am sharing the knowledge passed down from my father and grandfather (both award-winning pitmasters).

The A Team

Charlie Reeves
Creator & Chief Fire Poker

Justin Carrington
Competiton BBQer & Student

A Bit More About Me

I am a Tennessee native with over 40 years of first-hand barbecue experience! I learned the techniques of cooking meat on the grill, in the smoker, and in a pit from my grandfather and father (both fantastic pitmasters!)

The three of us traveled all over the USA, trying different styles of barbecue from Tennessee to Texas and even down to Australia (my brother lives down under).

From the whole hog style of cooking in North Carolina to the famous spiced dry rubs of Kanas. I have found there is no perfect barbecue style! 

Each cooking style is unique and worth learning (that way you can discover what YOU enjoy eating the most!).

So Simply Meat Smoking was born out of a desire to have a place for friends and family to learn the different styles and recipes I cook!

It can be hard to find information on this huge wild west called the web! So, I’ve brought it all together! Everything from my favorite recipes, the best equipment to use as well as brands that I trust.

Should You Trust Me?

I know buying BBQ equipment can be hard, quality and price vary drastically! So I am here to help!

I have assembled a team of pitmasters to test out the grills, kamados, barrel barbecues, flattop grills, hibachis, and smokers on the market to ensure they are up to our high standards.

I have everything from the most reliable grill, to the highest quality to the best budget option (I want to show you the best options so you can cook some deeeeeelcious BBQ!).

The team and I spend our spare time testing different BBQ equipment to ensure we have all the right information and specs (not a bad job when you get to eat delicious BBQ at the end). We don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it we put the equipment to the test!

Using this information, we compile all the information and results to compile all the reviews from Bluetooth thermometers to the; latest pellet grills. These reviews are designed to help you make an informed decision when your shopping for your barbeque equipment.

Find Out About My Family 😊

My wonderful wife Sally has put up with me tinkering around in the backyard and shed for the past 22 years.

My kids Allana and Brandan have put up with my silly jokes for the past 8 and 9 years but are lucky enough to enjoy all the delicious BBQ recipes I try.

By trade, I am an environmental engineer. I started my own consulting business 10 years ago (that was a bloody hoot!) It’s hard work but I love it.

Having my own business has allowed me time to pursue some of my other passions (rather than killing time in a cubicle). This includes cooking, spearfishing, and my kids! I love having my creative juices flowing and by that, I mean meat juices.

Firing up my grill and creating a delicious feast for my family and friends is what I enjoy the most in life right now.

When I am not at home with my hand tightly gripped around a beer, you will find me watching Brandan play football, camping, hiking, and enjoy the outdoors.

Nearly everything I have learned has been from my father and grandfather as well as hours and hours of scrolling, reading, and getting lost on in? the internet.

I have created this website for those of you out there who did not learn everything about the grill from your old man. I want to make it as easy as I can for others out there to learn the basics of BBQing, grilling & smoking.

Wondering What to Spend?

As I mentioned before prices vary from $100 into the $1000s!

Getting the best value for your money is vital to me! On top of telling you how to find the best product for your needs, I will help you find it at the best price.

Not Sure Where to Start Your Meat Smoking Journey?

There is a loooooot of information out there! So first start with my guide on how to smoke meat. It will start you on your journey to becoming the best backyard pitmaster in your neighborhood!

Want to Get in Touch?

You check me out us out on Linkedin and Facebook or on our press page. We always like to hear from our readers. So if you have a suggestion or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.