Top Smoker Box Review of 2021 [April 2021]

Do you love smoked meat, but know that you shouldn’t splash out on a $800 pellet smoker?

Trust me, I have been there. And it’s ok, there is a way that you can get that delicious flavour without the guilt.

​The box smoker.

It’s a fantastic ‘magic’ little metal box that gives you all the flavour of an expensive smoker, in a fraction of the time.

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Charlies Picks – Top Smoker Box Comparison Table

Don’t have time to read my detailed smoker box reviews? I have put together an easy to read table that summarises all my findings below!

Smoker Box Model
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Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker BoxCharcoal Companion Stainless-Steel V-Shape Smoker Box
Weber Stainless Steel Box SmokerWeber Stainless Steel Box Smoker
Cave Tools Smoker BoxCave Tools Smoker Box
Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoke BoxChar Broil Cast Iron Smoke Box
Grillaholics Smoker BoxGrillaholics Smoker Box

Charlies Picks – Top Smoker Box of 2021

Lets jump right into my top 5 smoker boxes.

1: Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box

Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box

Dimensions: 2 x 13.8 x 2 inches
Construction: Stainless steel

If you are looking for a smoker box that can fit into almost any space the Charcoal Companion is perfect. The V shape fits snugly into most grills or under the grill plates between the flavorizer bars.The Stainless steel construction is sturdy and the stainless steel does not seem to warp at all.

There have been reviews on Amazon to suggest that this smoke box rusts easily, however, I have not experienced this. Mind you I am quite anal when it comes to cleaning my BBQ gear.

2: Weber Stainless Steel Box Smoker

Weber Stainless Steel Box Smoker

Dimensions: 9.7 x 4.7 x 2 inches
Construction: Stainless steel

The Weber 7576 is a great little smoke box. It has been constructed to Weber’s usual high standard and is a smoke box that you can count on to produce wonderful flavours.

The stainless steel construction is tough and after 5 uses had not warped or shown any signs of breaking. The hinges and lid construction ensures that you can easily access the box mid smoke and is a real breeze to use.

3: Cave Tools Smoker Box

Cave Tools Smoker Box

Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 1.5 Inches
Construction: Stainless Steel

The Cave Tools smoke box is one of the thickest smoke boxes out there. The trick stainless steel construction ensures that you will have a smoke box that can produce a big amount of smoke and will not warp.

The design is smaller than some of the other smoke boxes out there, however, this is not a disadvantage because it can be used on almost any bbq or grill set up. A concern that I had was running out of chips mid-smoke, however, the lid and hinges work really well and you will have no issues opening or closing when hot.

A nice touch to the Cave Tools smoker is the free recipe book with 25 recipes, this is more than enough to keep you experimenting with your new toy! A solid smoke box that produces great flavour.

4: Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoke Box

Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoke Box

Dimensions: 1.4 x 5.1 x 8.1 inches
Construction: Cast Iron

If you want durability, look no further than the Cr-Broil cast iron smoke box. In true Char-Broil style, they have created a smoke box that is designed to stand the test of time.

Because of its cast iron construction, this smoke box does take a longer time to heat up and start producing a good smoke, however, I am willing to look past that on this occasion. The lid does not have hinges so to replace smoke chips mid smoke you will need a decent set of cooking gloves or a special tool to lift off the lid. A decent smoke box and one that will last a lifetime with the right care.

5: Grillaholics Smoker Box

Grillaholics Smoker Box

Dimensions: 8.8 x 3.8 x 1.8 inches
Construction: Heavy duty stainless steel

With a tag line like ‘We live by the grill; We die by the grill’ you really can’t go past Grillaholics. Their enthusiasm for grilling is backed up by a lifetime warranty on their products. Their smoker box is large and has pleasantly of room for woodchips which makes it perfect for those of you who are looking for a unit for longer smokes.

This smoke box has well distributed holes and even has side holes which provide a good amount of smoke. Even after 10+ uses the hinges still work well and there is no signs of warping.

This smoke box is perfect for those of you with a bigger grill and enjoy longer cooks.

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