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What Is Meat Smoking?

Meat smoking is a popular way of cooking, as it allows you to cook meat using smoke from a source of heat. The temperature is kept between 225 and 275 degrees which is then maintained over many hours, this consistent heat breaks down tough tissue.

You will find that as the fat melts away it keeps your food nice and moist so that it becomes more tender. This method of cooking adds immense flavour, tenderness and texture to the meat. If you’ve ever tried authentic barbeque, then you know just how good meat tastes after it has been smoked all day.

One thing that has changed, however, is that smokers are now more modern. They are equipped with state-of-the-art features that will make it easy for anyone to smoke even when you are smoking at home.

The Different Types of Meat Smokers

Learn More About The Best Pellet Smokers

Learn More About The Best Charcoal Smokers

Learn More About The Best Electric Smokers

Learn More About The Best Gas Smokers

You are obviously interested in meat smoking.. or at least meat smoking-curious. If you are still a little bit confused by the whole meat smoking world don’t worry. I was in a similar position a few years back. I was smoker-curious but didn’t quite know what I was after. I did a lot of research and ended up learning a lot about meat smokers, grills and BBQ’s.

If you are smoker-curious check out the below break downs or each different type of smoker. Within these buying guides I have tried to give you everything you need to decide which meat smoker is right for you. I hope I can help you start your meat smoking journey!

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BBQ, Grill and Meat Smoking Guides

Bacon is one of the most popular meat products out there. Learn how to make your own at home!
Learn how to wow your guests this backyard barbecue season with a whole electric smoker smoked turkey!
Brisket is always a crowd pleaser. The best way to cook it is to smoker it! Learn how to here.

Nothing beats freshly smoked salmon. Impress your better half with your own whole smoked salmon!

Simply Meat Smokings Most Popular Reviews

Char Broil Big Easy Review

The Char Broil Big Easy Review

The Char-Broil Big Easy Tru Infrared 3-in-1 cooker is a great little unit. It is designed for those who don't have space for a large outdoor setup. Or for those who love to take their cooking with them. This is one of the most versatile small units on the market right now and performs up there with the best of them. If you are a pizza lover you will get great use out of this unit. I managed to cook one of the best pizzas of my life on this little beauty!

The Louisiana Grill LG 900

The Louisiana LG 900 Pellet Grill Review

The Bottom Line about the Louisiana Grill LG 900? You need this Pellet smoker. This is the classic barrel-shaped pellet grill. It is built like one of those old-fashioned charcoal grills. It is super sturdy and built with genuine strong construction. Its almost like the charcoal smoker of the future. Instead of using charcoal it utilises an advanced, computer-controlled pellet fuel system. Overall it is a versatile unit. You can trust to cook slow and low all day, or even quickly cook a pizza to crusty perfection. It is an easy unit to use with many additional features. Although it is not the cheapest unit out there it is definitely a unit you will have in your family for many summers to come. Find out more below and see if the Louisiana Grill LG 900 is the pellet smoker for you!

Weber Genesis E-330 Grill Review

The Weber Genesis E-330 Gas Grill Review

The Weber Genesis E-330 is the one of the most popular gas grills on the market, and for good reason to. It truly is an all round great gas grill. It isn't the largest unit on the market, however, if you don't have the biggest budget or backyard space this grill would be a fantastic option for you. The E-330 3 burner grill has all the essential features to make your life as easy as possible while not overwhelming you with unnecessary bells and whistles. If you are looking for a grill that will last long and help you create great BBQ then look no further.

Must Have Meat Smoking Accessories

Lets not beat around the bush – we all love an accessory. Here you will find all my favourites. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.  

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