The Essential Big Green Egg Accessories YOU NEED (April 2020)

I get it. You bought your Big Green Egg…… and it is the best investment you have ever made… you have even started to develop a better relationship with it than your first born child.

And like any favorite child you want to spoil it. Spoil it rotten with every accessory under the sun. You want to shower it in Big Green Egg Accessories.

You can get cheap knock off parts but deep down you know there is nothing like the authentic BGE stuff. I totally get that.

Just like buying gifts for your real child, buying gifts for your BGE is hard, there are so many to choose from.

Never fear! In this post, I will share with you my favorite and even secret Big Green Egg accessories for the Big Green Egg range.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as you enjoy your BGE.

Big Green Egg Accessories

The Overall Best Big Green Egg Accessories

BGE Mini Slider Basket

Big Green Egg Mini Slider Basket

No get together is complete without a slider platter.

Sliders can be time consuming and a little bit fiddly to make. Never fear the Bg Green Egg mini slider basket is here!

This genius gadget makes creating sliders fun and easy. The handle is also detachable so it doesn’t get hot while cooking.

BGE All Natural Charcoal Starters

Big Green Egg All Natural Charcoal Starters

Starting your Big Green Egg is a simple task, however, we all like making things even easier for ourselves.

These all natural starters have no nasty surprises. They are 100% safe and odourless.

Easily start your Big Green Egg without tainting the flavour of your delicious cook.

BGE Extra Long High Heat BBQ Gloves

Big Green Egg Extra Long Heat BBQ Gloves

How many time have you gone straight in and tried to grab you meat or cooking tray form your Big Green Egg?

If you have you would have found out the hard way that the Big Green Egg gets hot. Protect yourself with these extra long heat resistant bbq gloves.

No more surprise burns when checking, or retrieving your cooked meat. These is one of the most important Big Green Egg Accessories.

BGE Natural Lump Charcoal

Big Green Egg natural Lump Charcoal

The Big Green Egg charcoal is some of the best out there.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients. All American oak, hickory and other ‘ultra premium’ hardwood make up this charcoal.

It only takes around 10 minutes to come up to temperature and has a long clean burn.

BGE Table Nest

Big Green Egg Table Nest Stand

If you are cooking with your Egg on a wood, granite or glass table, you really should have a stand.

The stand creates a gap between the egg and your surface to help protect and generate more airflow.

BGE Drip Pan

BGE Drip Pan

If you are cooking anything with a high fat, moisture or marinade content you need a drip pan.

A drip pan will stop flareups, catch all the delicious drippings to make gravy, and keep your Egg in tiptop shape.

BGE Wood Shelving

Big Green Egg Wood Shelving

The Big Green Egg table shelves are one of the must have Big Green Egg accessories.

Personally I could not go without this accessory, they give you all the necessary space you need for your tools (beer) while manning the grill.

BGE Vertical Turkey Roaster

Vertical Turkey Roaster Stand

Do you want to know the secret to cooking tender, juicy turkey in your Big Green Egg?

Well I will tell you, its as simple as a turkey stand.

You will impress everyone around the thanksgiving table with this one.

The Best Big Green Egg Covers & Care Accessories

Unfortunately Big Green Egg Accessories are not all fun and games. Some have the specific purpose of keeping your Big Green Egg looking and running to the best of its ability.

Big Green Egg Covers

Another one of the must have Big Green accessories is a cover. It is essential to keeping your Big Green Egg in good shape.

For the smaller models such as the Mini, MiniMax and Small a cover is really great for keeping your unit safe. Particularly while tucked away in storage, in the shed, in transit or if you leave it outside when not in use.

A cover is a great way to prolong the life of your Big Green Egg (or any other smoker, BBQ or grill for that matter).

Don’t be silly get yourself a cover. Below are a few different covers to suit different sizes of Big Green Eggs. There are also a couple of covers that are just for Eggs without stands.

If your model is not below, click through below to find the size of your Egg and select a different size options.

Big Green Egg Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning is one of the most important parts of cooking.

You want to make sure you thoroughly clean your equipment after use. This prolongs the life of your equipment helps avoid nasty grime buildups, and helps protect from mould and bacteria.

BGE Ash Tool

BGE Ash Tool

An ash scraper tool is essential to Having a clean and tidy Egg.

Unlike other tools out there that try to copy the authentic BGE ash tool, the BGE ash tool is the only tool that truely fits between the nest and sidewalls of your Egg.

The tool is made from stainless steel and has a hook for convenient hanging.

Big Green Egg Ash Pan

BGE Ash Pan

The Big Green Egg Ash Pan is created specifically for the BGE and has a curved lip to seamlessly fit into the door.

You can scrape all the left over ash without spilling any on the floor. It is crafted with steel and easily stores away under the BGE lower vent door.

Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Mesh Grill Scrubber

BGE Stainless Steel Scrubber

Scrubbing your grill plates is essential. Having a decent brush to get the job done is also essential.

Step in the Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Mesh Grill Scrubber.

It has an extremely sturdy construction which lets you really put in some elbow grease to get your BGE clean. It also has a hole to hang for convenience and you can also replace the mesh pads easily.

BGE Grid Cleaner

BGE Grid Cleaner

The spiral grid cleaner has two brushes to simply and effectively clean the Big Green Egg stainless steel or porcelain-coated grids.

The Best Big Green Egg Thermometers

The key to a good BBQ is getting your meat off at the perfect temperature.

The best way to keep onto of your temperature is not with guess work or old chefs tales of checking.. you need a thermometer. A good thermometer.

BGE Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer ET-734

BGE Dual PRobe Wireless Thermometer ET734

In my eyes wireless thermometers are the way to go. This is another can’t live without Big Green Egg accessories.

You get a constant reading on how your meat is going, you can set different alarms for your perfect doneness and even walk off to watch the game and ge on top of your BBQ.

BGE Instant Read Digital Thermometer

BGE Instant Read Thermometer

If you are a little more old school and don’t like all these wireless and bluetooth thermometers, you can’t go past the BGE instant read thermometer.

Get an accurate temperature reading almost instantly with this good old trusty thermometer.

BGE Infrared Cooking Surface Thermometer

BGE Infrared Cooking Surface Thermometer

You can’t sear a steak on a cold grill. Whats the best way to check? With an infrared cooking surface thermometer.

This thermometer takes readings from 32ºF to 800ºF so you can always be sure you ave the right temperature for everything you are cooking.

Big Green Egg Accessories – Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils are something that I love.

My wife says that I have an unhealthy obsession with having every cooking utensil under the sun.. I think she might be right about having every cooking utensil under the sun but I couldn’t disagree anymore about it being an unhealthy obsession.

Here are the utensils that I really think every Big Green Egg owner should have.

Big Green Egg Grill Gripper

BGE Grill Gripper Tool

Big Green Egg Aluminium Pizza Peel

BGE Pizza Peel

If you are anything like me you will want to cook pizza in your BGE.

However, without the BGE pizza peel you are going to have a tricky time getting your pizza in and out without dropping it in all the wrong spots.

The handle is soft and grippy and even includes a loop for convenient hanging.

Big Green Egg Knife Set

Big Green Egg Knife Set

Nothing is quite as satisfying than prepping your meal with matching knives.

The 3.5 in / 9 cm paring knife and 8 in / 20 cm chef knife are constructed from high carbon stainless steel and have comfortable ergonomic grips.

Set includes knife protectors to keep blades sharp when not in use. Hand wash and dry is recommended also.

BGE Italian Calzone Press

BGE Calzone Press

Its a matter of evolution. if you re like me yo love cooking pizza in your Big Green Egg.. however over time you can get a little bit sick of pizza and need a change.

Step in the Calzone press. This little gem will turn your pizza into a real work of art I promise!

BGE Skewers

BGE Skewer Set

Everyone loves a making skewers, its the perfect way to use up left overs, and make something interesting with what you have.

The Best part about the BGE skewers is that they are flexible so you can marinade the whole skewer!

The stainless steel BGE skewers also have hooks for convenient hanging.

BGE Meat Claws

Big Green Egg Meat Claws

You have just spent house smoking your pork butt and you go in with two forks to pull it… but it doesn’t rally work and its taking a long time.

Step in the BGE meat claws. These bad boys will shred anything you cook in a matter of minutes and give you restaurant quality results.

BGE Professional Tool Set

BGE Professional BBQ Tool Set

Everyone needs the right tools for the job. The BGE professional BBQ tool set gives you just that.

These essentials are crafted using stainless steel and wood to give you a finish like no other.

Once you have these tools, you will be on the way to cooking success.

BGE Corn Holders

Big Green Egg Corn Holders

We all love corn, but its so hard to restrain yourself and wait until it had time to cool down to hold it.

The BGE corn holders eliminate this issue all together!

They are made from heavy resin and have a super sharp end to get right in the end of the corn.

BGE Bottle Opener Magnet

What better way to show your love of the Big Green Egg than to open your beers with it too!

This little gem even has a magnet so you can always keep it close and ready to go!

BGE Basting Brush

BGE Basting Brush

Whats the perfect way to keep your meat juicy and well basted while in your Big Green Egg?

With the Big Green Egg basting brush of course!

This basting brush has a solid wood handle and hanging hook so you can hang it with your other BGE accessories!

BGE Pizza Wheel

BGE Pizza Cutting Wheel

Show your Big Green Pizza you love it by cutting it the right way with the Big Green Egg Pizza Cutter.

The ergonomic handle makes cutting pizza a breeze.

The only downside is you might start cooking more pizza than grilled meats!

So there you have it. All of the Big Green Egg Accessories that I think you need in your life.

Do you have any Big Green Egg Accessories I missed that you absolutely love??

Let me know down below, I am always on the hunt for something new to try!

Happy smoking everyone.

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  1. Hey!

    Do you think the cover for the Big Green Egg XL will fit with the handler attached to it??

    Thanks Charlie

    1. Hey Robert!

      My neighbors has one so I can confirm that cover for the XL big green egg certainly does fit with the handler attached! I would highly recommend keeping these bad boys covered with winter coming up!

      Happy meat smoking


  2. Hi,
    Are the wooden shelves for the Big Green Egg big enough to hold a light? I really want to attach a light for when I am cooking at night.

    Thanks Ron

    1. Hey Ron,

      Hope your weekend is full of bbq goodness!! The shelves for the big green egg are definitely big enough to hold a light. Big green egg even manufacture a light if you want to go with them, otherwise make sure you get something with a really strong metal c-clasp!!

      Happy grilling


  3. Charlie should I go for the ET-734 wireless thermometer or the instant read??? I need one for this weekend!!

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