18 Smoked Recipes for New Years

Are planning to host a New Year’s party but have yet to decide what to cook for your guests? Not to worry! Below are some of our favorite New Year’s smoker recipes to help make your party a memorable one.


Smoked Ribs (That Fall Off The Bone)

Smoked ribs are always a hit at parties and cookouts! The ribs can be cooked in multiple ways, but many pitmasters prefer smoking them low and slow so that the meat falls off the bone!

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Smoked Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

These smoked chicken wings covered with honey garlic sauce are delicious!

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Smoked Prime Rib Roast

Preparing prime rib can be tricky! Follow my steps in the link below to cook it like a true grill master!

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Grilled Lobster Tails

These are perfect for special occasions. Plus they are easy and quick to prepare. You don’t need to be a pitmaster to grill lobster tails perfectly.Just add some garlic, lemon, and butter!

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Smoked Pulled Pork

If you want to please your guests, smoked pulled pork is the way to go! You can serve it with tacos, buns or with a crunchy slaw.

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Loaded Brisket Nachos

Looking for a simple appetizer? What better combo than brisket and nachos??!

It’s two of the BEST foods COMBINED! All the toppings will make these LOOOOADED nachos the most EPIC way to welcome your guests!

See the loaded brisket nachos recipe here.

Smoked Turkey With Maple Barbecue Rub

Want to impress your guests? This smoked turkey with a delicious maple BBQ rub will throw them into a feeding frenzy!

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Smoked Pulled Pork Nachos 

Want a quick appetizer? Smoke your pork ahead of time and pull it. Then when your are ready to serve all you need to do is layer the chips, pork, and cheese!

See the recipe Pulled Pork Nachos 


Grilled Jumbo Shrimp

Shrimp are the perfect finger food, just remember to throw together a delicious dipping sauce. We love a lime yogurt sauce!

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Hot Smoked Salmon

Buying smoked salmon can be expensive! That is why you should smoke it yourself!

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Smoked Brisket (Tender and Juicy)

Brisket is a perfect if your feeding a crowd. Just remember to get it cooking early!

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Homemade Bacon Jerky

Jerky is a perfect additional a charcuterie board. Imagine how impressed your guest will be when you tell them you made it yourself!

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Smoked Pizza

Nothing beats a well-prepared homemade smoked sausage pizza.

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Smoked Pork Belly

This is a crowd-pleaser, especially if well-prepared with crispy crackly skin. You’d be surprised to see your guests coming back for more!

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Grilled Steak Kebabs

This is surely bound to please your loved ones. The marinade adds additional deep flavor, making it super delicious and irresistible.

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Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper Meatball Sliders

What makes them perfect for a New Year’s party is that they can be served either as a classic appetizer or a main course. There’s no doubt that your guests would enjoy having these.

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Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin Trimmings

Merely looking at this smoked cut of beef will leave your guests salivating. You can use your smoker or gas grill to prepare it.

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Grilled Buffalo Wings

Take your grilled wings to the next level with a marinade to keep them moist. You will find your guests licking their fingers after having a bite.

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Smoked Mac and Cheese

If some of your guests are vegetarians, then you can prepare these for them specially. One thing is certain – they’ll enjoy every bit of it.

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Grilled Margarita Shrimp

Surprise your guests with the grilled margarita shrimp.

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Smoked London Broil

This is a special delicacy that will make your guests enjoy their stay at your party.

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Smoked Cheezits

Blow the snack game out the window!

Forget just putting chips in bowls, we are going to smoke cheezits!

Your friends will be begging for the recipe!

See the smoked cheez-its recipe here

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Hosting a memorable New Year’s party boils down to one thing – delicious tasting meals! Try one of our favorite recipe ideas listed above to make this New Year’s celebration a memorable one

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