How To Clean Pit Boss RTD Temperature Probe (3 Easy Steps)

Cleaning the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detectors) temperature probe of your Pit Boss is very important! A clean temp probe helps maintain a consistent and accurate temperature on your grill.

Cleaning the RTD temp probe is a very straightforward process. However, you have to do it carefully as it can be very fragile.

First, we will jump into how to clean your Pit Boss RTD probe and the importance of doing so then, I’ll explain what an RTD is because we all know you here for the cleaning tips!

How To Clean The Pit Boss RTD Probe

Cleaning the Pit Boss temperature probe is very easy, however, you have to be careful with it. Avoid applying too much pressure when cleaning since they’re fragile and can easily break.

To clean the RTD temperature probe, you will need the following cleaning tools:

  • A bucket of soapy water
  • Screwdriver
  • Soft microfiber cloth or an SOS pad
  • An old toothbrush

Once you have all these in place, what remains is to go ahead with the cleaning process.

For safety reasons, always make sure your grill’s extension cord is disconnected from the power outlet whenever you want to do some cleaning.

To begin the cleaning process, follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Unscrew The Bracket

Use the screwdriver to unscrew the bracket securing the entire probe sensor. This allows you to easily reach both the top and bottom of the RTD temperature sensor for proper cleaning.

Step 2: Scrub The Buildup

After removing the bracket, begin the cleaning process. If you are using a washcloth, wet it in soapy water, and then squeeze the water out of it completely before using it on the sensor.

Scrub the black buildup with a clean cloth. Be careful with the cleaning as you don’t want water dripping into the electrical components of your grill.

If the black residue is too thick for the cloth, you can make use of your fingernails to scoop it out. Try removing as much of the ash buildup as you can.

While at it, avoid pulling up the sensor and applying too much pressure on it to prevent it from breaking off.

Step 3: Put Back Together

After you’re done cleaning and removing the black residue from the grill temperature probe, put back the bracket the way it was, and then screw it back. Voila! That’s it.

Why You Should Keep The RTD Temperature Probe Clean

If the RTD temperature reading probe is not cleaned regularly, it will start accumulating carbon residue. Once this starts to happen, the performance of the grill will be affected, leading to inaccurate temperature readings and difficulty in maintaining a consistent temperature.

To prevent this from happening, ensure you clean the RTD temp probe regularly.

Now that you know what the Pit Boss RTD probe is and the importance of keeping it clean, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean it.

What is The RTD Probe On a Pit Boss?

The Remote Device (RTD) temperature probe is one of the grill components found on the side of the cook chamber, inside the grill. It usually comes with every brand of pellet smoker.

It is controlled by the MPC (meat probe control). This helps users to set and control the temperature and the speed at which wood pellets are fed into the smoker.

The function of the RTD probe is to track and relay the internal temperature of the grill and stop temperature fluctuations. That is how you get to see the current temperature of the grill on the control panel LED screen.

Wondering How to Clean Your Pit Boss Grill or Grates?

Are you looking to clean your grill or grates? Then we have detailed resources below.

How to Clean Pit Boss Grill

How to Clean Pit Boss Grill Grates

How Often Should You Clean Your Grill To Avoid Temperature-Related Issues?

Cleaning your Pit Boss grill regularly will help prevent any blockage that could lead to temperature issues. It will help increase the durability of your grill.

To keep your grill in good condition, follow the cleaning routines below:

  • After Every Use

Leaving grease and dirt on your grill for a long period will lead to build-up and can affect many of the components. It could even lead to rusting on certain parts of the grill. So, always ensure that you clean your grill after every use.

  • After Every 3 Grilling Sessions

Inspect and clean your grill after every 3 grilling sessions. Pay attention to the interior parts, such as the igniter, burn pot, and drip tray. Ensure these interior parts are all dirt-free to prevent temperature control issues.

  • After Every Season

Always remember to clean your grill after each grilling season. Use a brush and soapy water to give it a deep cleaning.

What Are The Common Pit Boss Temperature Problems (And Solutions)?

Here, we will look at some of the common temperature issues that you may find on Pit Boss grills.

Pit Boss Temp Flashing

If the temperature is flashing or blinking on your Pit Boss control board display, it means your grill is not heating up as it should. This could be caused by dirty probes, obstructed pellet systems, or insufficient fuel.


This frustrating issue can easily be resolved using the following methods:

  • Thoroughly clean the RTD probes. If damaged, try replacing them
  • Look for whatever is causing obstructions in the pellet supply system and remove it
  • Confirm that there are sufficient pellets and fuel in the pellet hopper
  • If it still not working or you are not confident with repairs contact the Pit Boss support team

Error Messages (ErH Code) And Overheating

Have you ever noticed your Pit Boss grill display ErH on the LCD screen while overheating?

This issue can be caused by several things, such as a corroded or dirty grease tray, rusty grill grates, dirty fire pot, or grease fire. Plus, it may be caused by a wrongly placed or damaged heat baffle. Also, cooking under direct sunlight could make your Pit Boss grill overheat.

A dirty probe and a damaged control board are other factors that could make your grill start overheating.


If your grill has this issue, there are several ways to solve it.

  • If your grill has a grease fire, then you should clean the smoker thoroughly with dish soap, water, and cloth.
    Ensure the fire pot, grease tray, and internal temperature probe are properly cleaned.
    Doing this would help you fix the grease fire issue.
  • If your Pit Boss grill is overheating because you’re cooking under direct sunlight, move the grill to a cool place or shade. That should stop the overheating.
  • Ensure the heat baffle is not damaged and correctly placed in its position. If it is damaged, try replacing it.
  • If it still not working or you are not confident with repairs contact the Pit Boss support team

Not Heating Up

If your Pit Boss pellet grill is not coming up to temperature it could be a result of several factors.


If you notice that your grill is not heating up, try solving the issue by doing the following:

  • Unplug it from the power socket and try to see if everything is fine
  • If any of the parts look broken or damaged, try replacing it
  • If everything looks OK, plug it back in
  • If it doesn’t work still, inspect the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped

If any of these solutions don’t resolve the problem, clean the igniter and try it again to see if it works.

If it doesn’t work, then you have to contact the Pit Boss customer service team or a technician to get it fixed.

Keeping your Pit Boss grill clean will help prevent temperature issues and keep your unit functioning optimally.

In addition, giving it a regular cleaning will help increase the grill’s durability and make it last longer. 

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