Pit Boss ErH Code [What it Means, Preventing it, & How to Fixing It]

The Pit Boss pellet grill makes it super simple to cook low and slow. There no need to tend to a fire all day, its does all the hard work for me for!

Unlike charcoal- or gas-fired units, electrical appliances are bound to have mechanical issues.

Luckily, the ErH Error Code fix is simple, and we’ll show you how to resolve the issue within minutes.

What Does Pit Boss ErH Code Mean? 

ErH is a common error code that displays on the LCD screen, indicating the Pit Boss grill is overheating. 

There are two reasons for this: 

1. The Pit Boss grill is overheating, this could be caused by either excess fuel or a grease fire. 

2. The temperature probe wire isn’t connected correctly. 

This error code will shut down your grill.

Note: If the temperature is blinking see the instructions here to fix it. Or if you see the ER1 code I have more information here.

How to Fix It The ERH Error Code

Since the ErH code is caused by overheating, you’ll want to give the grill a few minutes to cool off. Start by turning off the power button from the pellet smoker and unplugging the cable from the electrical outlet.

Don’t begin diagnosing the issue until the grill has cooled down. 

Reasons for The ERH Error Code

Below are some of the reasons you may get the ERH error code showing.

Grease Fire 

In the event where a grease fire starts inside of the cooking chamber, you’ll need to get rid of the flames first. Turn the grill off and wait until the flames are out.

The flames should go out on their own once there isn’t a heat source feeding the fire. You can extinguish the fire faster by shutting the grill lid. This helps to cut off the oxygen supply that keeps the flames alive.

In addition, you can also pour some Kosher salt or baking soda to eliminate the fire. Once the grease fire has one, you can find the root cause of the issue. 

Excessive Fuel 

Too much fuel can cause overheating. First, remove the excessive pellets from the grill. Then check to see that each electrical component inside is working.

You can turn on the grill without using any pellets to see whether the fan and auger are functionally properly. Also, you can unwind the chimney cap to let the trapped air out of your horizontal or vertical smoker.

As a result, it’ll help regulate the grill temperature inside of the unit. Take time to clean the grill to remove any grease or residue inside. Make sure to clean all the components, including the RTD temperature sensor.

We recommend using baking soda or salt to help dissolve grease and remove stuck-on foods.

Improper Connection 

Improper wire connections between the probe wire and temperature control system can lead to an ErH code. Check to see the temperature probe wires are securely plugged into the control panel.

Additionally, ensure there are none of the wires are damaged. 

Where to Find Help With Your Pit Boss Grill 

In case you’re dealing with another error code such as ER1, ErL, or NoP, you can always contact the PitBoss customer service. Their customer service department has a phone number and email you can reach out to if you’re ever having trouble.

Always read through the entire manual since it covers how to deal with these error codes. The assembly and operation manual has a troubleshooting section that guides you step-by-step on how to address each one of them. 

How to Prevent the Error Code ErH

If you’re experiencing constant overheating issues, it means you likely need to take better care of your appliance. Proper maintenance and care for your Pitboss equipment will prevent any display of Err code on your screen.

This means caring for the probe wires, using the right amount of pellets, and following a proper burn-off procedure. 

A burn-off procedure is the process of cleaning the grill by heating it above the normal cooking temperature range. At this extremely high temperature, food will decompose and turn into ashes. 

After you finish cooking, turn the temperature dial to its highest setting. For example, on the Pit Boss 820, the maximum heat on the temperature dial is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Run the grill on high for roughly five to ten minutes while keeping the lids closed. Any dry pellets and food should turn into pellets once the time is up. Using leftover wood or charcoal pellets can result in the grills catching fire, thus leading to the ErH code. 

Double-check for any pellets by taking off the flame boiler plate and grates. If you notice any charcoal pellets, you can vacuum the grill to remove them.

No matter the type of pellet supply you use, every Pit Boss grill needs a proper burn-off procedure to ensure that it shuts down properly. 

All The Pit Boss Error Codes

Want to see a comprehensive list of Pit Boss error codes?

See all the error codes here.

Now that you know how to fix and prevent this common error code, it’ll save you a lot of time trying to deal with it on your own.

Follow these steps to properly clean, maintain, and shut down your grill to prevent error codes from occurring. Even if they do, we’ve given you the steps to resolve it in no time!

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