What Is Mpc on Pit Boss? (+Pit Boss Meat Probe Accuracy )

Having a Pit Boss grill makes it super simple to whip up EPIC feasts in your backyard!

However, if you’re still new to the Pit Boss pellet grill, you may be thinking “what is the MPC (meat probe control) button used for?”

In this post, you will learn what the MPC on Pit Boss is, the accuracy, and how to use it.

The MPC Probe on Pit Boss

The MPC also referred to as the meat probe control on Pit Boss.

It is designed to allow users to set and control the temperature and the speed at which wood pellets are fed into the smoker.

It is a meat control digital thermometer that helps in measuring the internal temperature of your food.

They connect directly into the P02 and P01 slots on your grill and display the accurate temperature reading on the control board.

Many of the Pit Boss grills that you’ll find usually come with only a single meat probe.

If you grill a lot, then it would be best to get an additional one.

What Is the Meat Probe Control (Mpc) Used For?

In simple words, the MPC button allows you to easily control your grill.

This feature was added mainly because of the requests made by professional grillers.

Now that you know what the meat control button is and what it is used for, we will give you a quick breakdown of how to make use of this amazing feature on your grill.

How Accurate Is Pit Boss Meat Probe?

If the meat temperature probes are still working perfectly, you will find that many of them are accurate with a degree or two.

However, in order to get the most accurate reading, it should be placed into the largest part of the meat, without any contact with bone.

It is also advisable to use a good handheld thermometer when checking the temperature of the food.

If your having trouble with the Temperature of your Pit Boss, see the guide to troubleshooting temperature here.

The truth is, perfecting how to use a meat thermometer takes time.

However, with practice, you will get better at it.

Just remember you have to keep your probe clean to ensure it works correctly.

Using the Pit Boss Mpc

  • The first thing you have to do is to turn on the grill probe by pressing the button once. Once active, the temp display will blink.
  • The next thing you have to do is use the MPC to set your preferred temperature range.
  • After setting it to your desired temperature, exit the probe settings by pressing the controller knob again.
  • To release the pellets into the Pit Boss smoker, all you have to do is press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
  • To stop adding pellets to the grill, simply release the button.

When Should You Use the Pit Boss Mpc Button?

You can use the MPC button at any time when cooking on Pit Boss and using the meat temp probes on Pit Boss.

With the meat probe control button, setting your preferred internal temperature while cooking becomes very easy.

Once you notice the food has reached the internal temperature, reduce the temperature using the knob.

Furthermore, the MPC can help retain warmth in your food if you’re not yet ready to eat it.

The digital meat probe makes it easier to feed more wood pellets into the burn pot for additional or heat.

If your pellet grill is not functioning properly or has lost temperature, the MPC button can help provide a quick heat recovery.

The meat probe control button on Pit Boss is a great feature!

It enables you to set and adjust the internal grill temperature on your pellet grill.

Unlike the control you’ll find on a typical gas, charcoal, or propane grill, the MPC button on Pit Boss is designed to give users more control during the cooking process.

It makes everything super simple.

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