How To Clean A Pit Boss Pellet Grill (In 6 Easy Steps With Pictures)

Not sure how to clean your Pit Boss grill?

In this article, we have shared the easy steps to cleaning your grill.

So you are always ready for the next big cookout!

Why Clean Your Pit Boss Grill?

Leaving your grill without any form of maintenance is unhygienic and can affect the taste of your food.

It can also make the grill susceptible to premature wear-out.

So make sure to take time out of your busy schedule to care for your beloved grill. 

How To Clean A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

If you want your grill to function and work well, you must clean it regularly.

It is ideal to do simple cleaning after every cookBut you have to deep clean the grill from time to time.

The deep cleaning can be done anytime, depending on your personal choice.

It can be between 4-5 cook intervals, after finishing your pellet bag, before every summer, etc.

Make sure to do the interior and exterior parts.

What Are The Things Needed For Cleaning A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

You need the right cleaning products to clean your grill.

But do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals. These chemicals can ruin the gill grate’s porcelain enamel.

Here is a list of cleaning products you should look to get.

Disposable Hand Gloves 

It is about to get messy, especially if you haven’t cleaned your grill in a long time.

So you may want to get a pair of gloves to protect your hands. But you can go on without it if you don’t mind your hands getting dirty.

Non-Abrasive Tools For Scrubbing

These should include: 

  • Grill brush
  • Paintbrush
  • Putty Knife 
  • Non-metal sponge
  • Wooden stick 
  • Plastic scraper


The degreaser helps dissolve the dried food particles and tough stains on the grill.

Cleaning Solution

Buy a gentle cleaning solution without harsh chemicals to restore your grill’s shine. It is helpful when cleaning the broiler plate & grill grates.

Shop Vacuum 

You will need a dry and wet shop vacuum to extract the ash buildup in the fire pot and on the bottom of the grill.

Gather all the dirt particles and ashes inside the grill and use a shop vac or hand vacuum to suck them out.

Paper Towels 

Get paper towels at the store or use old rags at home.

They are for removing dirt on your scrubbing materials as you clean. You will also need them to wipe inside the grill.

Cleaning A Pit Boss Grill Using The Burn Off Method

The burn-off method makes it easy to remove food particles, chunks, and grease buildup stuck to the grill rack. 

Set the grill to the max temperature and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, unplug the grill.

Use a scrapper where necessary, and then use a vac to suck out charred debris. 

Simple Steps To Deep Clean A Pit Boss Grill

If you have gotten the right tools, cleaning your grill is not as hard as it may seem. 

First, unplug the grill from the socket to disconnect it from electricity.

Second, remember to take any components you are washing out of the grill. 

That is to prevent water from getting underneath the heat deflector, which contains the electrical parts of the grill.

Then start cleaning!

Follow these basic steps for the cleaning process:

Take Out Leftover Pellets In The Hopper 

So when you finish smoking, try to take any leftover pellets out of the auger.

It is best to keep pellets in a dry place.

Empty The Grease Bucket

The grease bucket helps catch grease as you smoke. It is a good practice to empty the bucket after each cook.

Wait for the grease to cool down and solidify, then pour the content into the bin. After that, wash the bucket with soap and water. 

Remove The Grill Racks

This tip is an alternative to the burn-off method of hot temperature.

Depending on how dirty the grill racks you may want to wash them with hot water. 

Place the grill grates in a sink and wash them with hot soapy water using a non-metal brush. Do the same for the deflector plates.

Only Wipe The Flame Broiler  

The flame broiler isn’t made of waterproof material and isn’t intended to get wet.

Scrape away any debris, and brush only.

Clean The Internal Temperature Probe 

Another internal part of the grill you should remember to clean is the grill’s probe

Smoke residue usually gets on this part so remember to wipe it with vinegar and water. That will help prevent temp fluctuations.

Clean The Glass – Vertical Pit Boss Smokers

If you have a vertical Pit Boss make sure you give the glass a wipe.

If you allow smoke resoude to build up you won’t be able to see how your cook is going. Therefore leaving the window unless.

Vacuum The Hopper And Burn Pot

The shop vac extracts particles and ashes on any part of the grill.

Put the vacuum hose inside the fire burn pot and hopper- it will suck up the ashes. Removing ash buildups is very important to prevent flameout. 

Cleaning Inside The Grill

Use the scraper on the grill’s inside to remove all dirt substances. Remember to touch the grease chute.

Once done, use a rag or paper towel to wipe it out. You will also need the vacuum for the bottom of the grill to remove the dirt.

How To Clean The Exterior Part?

Cleaning the exterior of your Pit Boss grill is important for longevity .

Spray cleaning solution on the grill’s exterior and wipe off with a damp washcloth.

 You can use a dedicated spay on the stainless steel.

Like every other piece of equipment and device you use, a grill needs regular maintenance.

So, if you have just gotten a Pit Boss pellet grill and want to learn how to clean and maintain it, there you have it!

This guide is also helpful even if you have previous experience cleaning grills.

For best results, clean your Pit boss pellet grill as directed in this guide.

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