Why Your Pit Boss Temp Is Blinking (Learn Why and How to Fix It)

Have you noticed that the grill temperature numbers are flashing on the LCD screen of your Pit Boss?.

Although it may sound like a frustrating issue, we have the solutions to help you quickly resolve it.

In this guide, we’ll share with you how the Pit Boss temperature monitoring systems work, why it’s blinking and how to fix it. 

5 Reasons Why Your Pit Boss Temp Is Blinking 

If the display screen is flashing, the ambient temperature is too low. When it comes to the blinking grill temperature, there are several possible reasons.

Primarily, it means that the wood pellet grill isn’t hot enough. This can be caused by an obstruction in the auger, a dirty temperature probe, or perhaps your grill needs additional fuel.

Below you’ll see more information on each reason and after that you’ll see a section on how to fix it.

Note if you see the ER1 code or ERH code, we have further information about them.

Temp Probe Is Dirty 

A dirty probe is a common cause for any temperature swing in Pit Boss grills. The RTD probe is designed to maintain consistent temperatures inside the Pit Boss smoker.

When it is dirty, it won’t detect the correct temperature. Also, check the wire connections to ensure the probe is firmly attached to the control panel. 

Insufficient Pellet Supply 

Pit Boss grills also tend to experience temperature issues when there are insufficient pellets to fuel the unit.

The digital grill works by loading the pellets into the hopper before reaching the auger tube and the burn pot.

Then the hot rod will ignite these broken-down pellets and generate heat. 

Feeding System Isn’t Working 

If there is an auger jam, then the pellets won’t pass through the tube and into the firepit. An auger jam may occur if you have wet pellets.

Furthermore, any ash or greasy build-up can cause an issue, resulting in the auger jam. The Pit Boss does have a basic safety feature that automatically removes the pellets from your grill. This lets you perform a deep cleaning in the hopper. 

How to Fix Temp Blinking on Pit Boss

Now that you understand the reasons for the pellet grill temperature blinking, we’ll provide a handful of solutions to fix it. 

Clean Your Temp Probe 

If you find the temp probe dirty, you’ll have to clean it or replace them.

Ideally, you’ll want to clean the grill temperature probe to prevent buildup from occurring after each use.

To clean the grill temperature probe, you can use a sponge with soap and water, an old toothbrush, and a clean cloth.

Avoid soaking the probe in water because it can severely damage the temperature probe wires. Unfortunately, damaged probes can result in false temperature readings. 

Examine the Burnpot

If the Pit Boss fails to heat up to the desired temperature, you’ll need to check whether the burn pot is getting enough oxygen to heat up properly.

First, you’ll need to remove the grease tray and cooking grates. Make sure there is enough airflow to the burn pot and there aren’t any obstructions. 

You can also clean the grease tray to get rid of the gunk and residue built-up over time. 

Check That There Is Sufficient Pellet Supply 

You’ll want to open your hopper grill lid and check that there is sufficient fuel going into your grill.

We recommend filling your Pit Boss Smoker up to the top with a dry batch of pellets to ensure you won’t run out when cooking.

Always check to see there are enough pellets before beginning the cooking tasks. 

Feed Your Grill High-Quality Pellets 

All pellet smokers should be fed with high-quality pellets. These pellets will burn hotter for longer periods and provide a better hardwood flavor.

Avoid using pellets that have unnatural additives in your Pit Boss smoker. You should be using 100% all-natural hardwood fuel for your Pit Boss grill. 

Examine Feeding System for Any Obstructions 

If there is any obstruction from the auger motor, you’ll have to remove the auger jam. Once the obstruction is clear, you can add oil to the motor and auger tube.

In addition, eliminate any ash buildup from the burn grate and burn pot. Check the auger motor and fan to ensure they are functioning at the correct speed. If the fan blade moves too slow, the fire won’t receive enough fuel. 

You can clean the auger using a shop vac to collect the debris and loose particles. You can use a clean cloth or paper towels to get rid of the grime inside. 

Contact Pit Boss Customer Service 

Pit Boss has an excellent customer care team that can be reached via phone or email. They typically will walk you through finding the cause of the issue and solutions on how to fix it.

Struggling With Temperature Control and Maintaining Proper Cooking Temperatures 

This occurs when Pit Boss grills cannot heat up properly and experience an extreme drop in temperatures.

When the temperature dial is set to either high or smoke, there shouldn’t be any blinking lights. Typically, the smoke setting runs at temperature levels between 170 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

The LCD screen displays the actual grill temperature when setting the temperature. However, if it’s flashing, it means that the temperature is currently below 110 degrees, and the fire could be put out.

On cook mode, the temperature dial is set between 225 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the blinking temperature will indicate below 150 degrees and in danger of the fire going out inside the cooking chamber.

Unfortunately, if your digital grill can’t reach levels, it won’t be hot enough for cooking. 

If your Pit Boss isn’t smoking enough find out how to fix it here.

Why Do I See a Flashing Dot On My Control Board Screen? 

If you happen to notice a flashing dot on the control board display, it means that the grill’s igniter is on. In this scenario, there’s nothing you’ll need to worry about.

You won’t need to touch the control temperature settings either. After five minutes in the startup mode, the ignitor automatically turns off. 

Dealing with mechanical issues with your Pit Boss pellet grill can be aggravating. However, luckily, the pellet grill temperature blinking issue is quite straightforward.

Now that we’ve equipped you with the solutions, you can hopefully fix the problem and get back to cooking some delicious meals! 

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