Pit Boss Igniter Trobshooting: Learn to Repair or Replacement

Are you having trouble with your igniter on your Pit Boss? You can experience mechanical issues from time to time. That’s because the grill uses electricity to provide power to the auger. Thus, these units are prone to problems that charcoal grills wouldn’t have.

Some people may experience an issue where the pellet grill won’t ignite. Luckily, we’re here to provide a troubleshooting guide to fix the issue. In this article, we’ll explain why the igniter may not work and how to fix it.

pit boss igniter not getting hot

Reasons Why the Pit Boss Igniter Is Malfunctioning and How to Fix It

When it comes to the igniter issue with your Pit Boss grill, it’s typically caused by a blown fuse, a bad control board, or insecure connections.

To ensure you diagnose the issue properly with your pellet grill, we’ll need to check a few components. 

Examine the Wire Connections Between the Control Board and Igniter Wires 

Insecure connections are a common cause of manual ignition problems. You can contact Pit Boss customer care since it’s a quality control issue if it has to do with faulty wires.

Check the wiring connection by taking off the control board screen. Examine the wires to see that they match with the corresponding plug. Since Pit Boss uses a color-coding system, it’s easy to tell whether you’ve accidentally misconnected the cords. 

Is There a Blown Fuse? 

Pit Boss pellet grills use a 5 amp, 120-volt fast-blow fuse on their control boards. You can examine the igniter by taking off the grease tray and cooking grates. If the grill doesn’t turn on, you’ll likely have to replace the 5-amp fuse on the rear of the control panel. 

Check the Power Cord

If the extension cord is faulty, the igniter on the wood pellet grill won’t work. Look for potential signs such as the cord cracked, hot to touch, loose, or too short. 

Whether it’s the extension cord or the power cord, make sure to check both. If you use an extension cord, make sure you are using the correct circuit breaker. 

Plug the Pit Boss Grill Directly Into the Electrical Outlet Without an Extension Cord

Most Pit Boss pellet grills tend to work with nearly any wall outlet. Sometimes the outlet could be faulty.

Test the wall outlet by plugging the Pit Boss grill directly into the 110v outlet without using an extension cord. If there is an issue with the outlet, you can call the electrician for help. 

Get a Hot Rod Igniter Replacement 

Grill igniters don’t last forever. If you’ve checked all the components above, you likely need to replace the igniter for proper ignition.

If the grill doesn’t light up within 18 months of purchase, you can reach out to Pit Boss customer service. They can help you troubleshoot these common issues and possibly provide a replacement for you. The only downside to their customer care team is that they can sometimes be slow to respond by phone.

Pit Boss offers a 5-year warranty replacement on certain parts. Receiving a new part for your Pit Boss pellet grill is as easy as making warranty claims. Pit Boss customer care is generally responsive about the warranty on manufacturer defects.

You can also find a hot rod ignitor kit online. They’re relatively inexpensive and great to keep around as a backup if something goes wrong. 

How to Replace the Pit Boss Igniter 

So, if you’ve received the hot rod ignitor kit replacement, you’ll need to know how to replace and install it onto your Pit Boss grill. Replacing the igniter on your Pit Boss grill does require a Phillips head screwdriver and a little bit of know-how.

Before replacing the igniter, you’ll need to vacuum the ash build-up in the burn pot. Remove the grill lid and empty all pellets in the grill hopper.

Now that you have the new hot rod ignitor, you’re ready to replace the old one. 
1. Remove the flame broiler and cooking grates from the wood pellet grill by sliding them out. This allows you to access the pellet burn pot.

2. Unscrew the four Phillips head screws holding the burn pot together. Turn the burn pot and wiggle it off the grill.

3. Unscrew the set screw that keeps the hot rod ignitor in place. Loosen the screw counterclockwise and then remove the igniter.

4. Feed the igniter through the grill’s burn tube.

5. Take off the plate under the grill hopper. This is done by removing the six screws that hold the plate together.

6. Pull the igniter wires back through the burn tube and out of the wood pellet grill.

7. Cut the zip ties that are holding the wires.

8. Disconnect the hot rod ignitor from the purple and white wires and pull it out of the grill.

9. Reverse the process above to install the new hot rod ignitor kit. This means connecting it to the wires and placing it in the grill.

10. Re-screw the pellet burn pot and plate under the hopper.

11. Insert the ignitor tube into the burn pot. Leave roughly 1/4 to 1/2 inch exposed inside of the pot.

12. Tighten the set screw to hold the igniter.

13. Re-insert the burn pot and screws.

Now that you’ve installed the hot rod ignitor kit replacement, turn on your pellet grill and ensure everything is working. 

Over the grill’s lifespan, you may experience issues like temperature control, and igniter issues.

The first option is to check the connections and parts of your wood pellet grill. If that fails, then you’ll want to contact Pit Boss customer care and get a replacement hot rod ignitor kit.

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