Pit Boss Fan Not Working (3 Causes + How to Fix Them)

So your preparing your cookout, only to find that your Pit Boss grill isn’t working.

Pellet grills can be prone to many issues such as a greasy build-up and auger jamming.

Or perhaps, the induction fan isn’t working, and the temperature levels fluctuate.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the issue of the fan not working. 

While we understand that this can be a frustrating issue, there are some solutions. 

Typically, the induction fan isn’t working due to improper wire connections or a faulty controller.

It could be that the bracket around the fan is bent, or the fan blade is caught in the wire, causing the fan to stop rotating. 

Here are the issues that cause the induction fan to stop working and solutions to solve them. 

Note: If your pit Boss is showing the ERH or ER1 error code we have more information on the specific pages. If you find your fan stays on, see our resources here.

1. Faulty Wire Connections 

The combustion fan might not be working due to faulty wire connections.

Any kinks or damage to the wiring from the fan to the control panel can lead to insufficient voltage. As a result, the induction fan will stop turning; thus, it can’t cool down the Pit Boss grill. 

How to Fix

Start by checking the yellow wire that runs from the fan to the control board. You’ll need to unscrew the hopper panel by unscrewing the bottom of the hopper. 

Disconnect these yellow wires and reconnect them to see if the fan starts running. 

2. Fan Is Jammed 

Not using the pellet grills for several months can cause the fan to get jammed or frosted, especially if left outside in the freezing cold. 

How to Fix

You’ll need to spin the fan manually. Start by removing the hopper panels so you have access to the fan. 

Rotate the fan with your hands so that the fan can spin on its own. The motor spins better when you’ve applied machine oil as well. 

3. Fan Blade Is Caught on the Wire

Also, look to see whether the fan is getting stuck with any wires. Or perhaps the bracket around the fan is bent, preventing the fan from rotating. 

How to Fix

Start by moving the wires out of the way. Check to see if the metal fan housing is bent.

If you need to fix the bent bracket, you’ll need to contact Pit Boss Customer Care. 

Replacing the Pit Boss Fan 

These are all common issues of the fan. If the fan motor is defective, you can replace the fan by following these steps. 

1. Unplug your Pit Boss grill. 

2. Remove the eight screws holding the bottom plate on the hopper. This exposes the wiring and the fan. 

3. Disconnect the fan wiring off the control board screen. Detach the yellow wires and pull out the Molex connector. 

4. Remove the four screens that hold the fan in position. 

5. Replace the old fan with a new one. Tighten the screw that keeps the fan in its place.

6. Reconnect the yellow wires. 

7. Re-install the access panel and secure it with screws. 

If you’re struggling to install a new fan, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual or call Pit Boss Customer care for help. 

Once the fan is replaced, your Pit Boss grill fan should be working. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Wood pellet grills can have many other potential issues. We’ll cover a few of them here. 

What if My Grill Doesn’t Start?

Examine the circuit breaker. A GFI trip could mean insufficient voltage that steps of a wire trip. Try replacing the 5 amp fuse on the rear of the control panel.

If that doesn’t work, call the Pit Boss Customer Care team for a replacement part. 

What Happens if There Is a Full-blown Grease Fire in the Burn Pot? 

A grease fire can occur in the cooking chamber or burn pot, caused by overheating.

Immediately switch the grill off and wait for the flames to die out. You can douse them with kosher salt or baking soda as well. 

How Do I Fix the ErH Code? 

The ErH code indicates an issue with the temperature control of your Pit Boss Grill. Either the temperature probe wire is damaged, or the grill is overheating.

Check the wires to ensure it’s not damaged, so replace them. If the unit is overheating, turn it off and let it cool down. 

The Grill Isn’t Heating to the Right Temperature. What Should I Do? 

Examine the fan air intake, and burn the pot to ensure there aren’t obstructions to the airflow. You’ll need to remove the grease tray and cooking grates to check these parts. 

Also, check the P setting to see if it’s at the desired level.

The P setting lets you control the pause time between cycles. The higher P setting decreases the pellet supply causing more smoke and lower grill temperature. In contrast, a lower P setting does the opposite. 

What Does the Flashing Dots Mean? 

If you notice flashing dots on the LCD screen of your Pit Boss grill, it means that the grill igniter is turned on. All this means is that the Pit Boss grill is working! 

Pellets grills can be a savior to many. It makes incredibly delicious food and imparts an irresistible smoky flavor. Unfortunately, these errors can occur on rare occasions.

It’s best to be prepared and learn how to deal with these problems before they arise. 

Now you’re on your way to becoming a master technician with pellet grills. 

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