Why Does My Pit Boss Keep Blowing Fuses (3 Reasons + Easy Fixes)

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Are you wondering why does the Pit Boss keeps blowing fuses?

There is nothing as annoying as having all your food prepped and your smoker isn’t ready to go!

The Pit Boss blows fuses due to one of the following issues, amp load, faulty igniter, defective auger, or defective circuit breaker.

In this article, I will be showing you what has helped me identify and fix the problem.

Why Does My Pit Boss Keep Blowing Fuses?

If your Pit Boss grill keeps blowing fuses, it indicates that there is an overload in amp load or a shorted wire in the wiring. When the grill is started up, it requires more wattage, and if any of the three main components draw more power than normal, it can cause the fuse to blow.

It’s also possible that a fuse has blown in your home’s circuit breaker instead of the grill, although this is less likely.

Troubleshooting a Pit Boss grill can be a challenge, but it’s a normal part of using electrical grills. In this article, we will explore the fuse size used by the grill, the reasons why it may blow, what to do when it happens, and how to replace the fuse.

Reasons Why Your Pit Boss Keep Blowing Fuses

Reason 1: Amp Load

If the electricity supply is higher than needed or there is an overflow of current from the power supply board, the fuse would likely blow.


Call up an electrician to examine the main power supply system of your home.  If you detect anything strange, take care of it immediately.

Reason 2: Faulty Ignitor 

The ignitor is another major component of the pit boss. It consumes about 120V, 2.6AMPs and, 200W of electricity.

However, when it is faulty, it consumes more electricity and blows up the fuse, and the power cord gets damaged.


The simple solution is replacing the faulty ignitor. You could contact our customer care to get a new ignitor, and we would ship it to you immediately.

See How to Change It:

  •  Bring out the frames and grill grates from the smoker grill
  • Use a Philip screwdriver and remove the screws on the firepot
  • Once seeing the ignitor, unscrew it from its position
  • Now, pull it out, passing it through burn-tube 
  • Detach the bottom plate from the bottom of the hopper access panel
  • Detach all wirings and remove the faulty ignitor
  • Now, install a new pit boss ignitor by reversing this procedure

Now you rest assured that your ignitor is working well! 

Reason 3: Defective Pit Boss Pellet Grill Auger

At startup, the pit boss auger grill consumes about 120V, 0.22 Amp of electricity to ignite and feed pellets into the firebox.

However, after running for a while, the grill will only draw like 50W of electricity. So if the auger motor is faulty, it may use a higher supply of electricity than needed, causing the fuse to blow up.


  • Locate the auger 
  • Unscrew the bolts holding it in place
  • Remove the wires connected to it
  • Pull out the auger
  • Reverse the procedure fix in the new auger

You can also clean the temperature probe; you should clean the temperature probe to remove any fabric causing any hindrances.

Reason 4: Defaulting Circuit Breaker

The pit boss already consumes high watts of electricity, 300-500 watts. This is unlike 1200-1800 watts which smaller ovens consume.

If the central circuit breaker of your house trips, it would cause a power outage of some parts of your house. This causes the unaffected areas to generate too much electricity.

If your pit boss smoker is in such an area, most definitely, a bit of power higher than needed can cause it to trip.


  • Locate the gray metal box of the circuit breaker of your house
  • Open its side panel and locate the tripped breaker
  • Look to identify the breaker that has shifted from the ON position (the faulty breaker).
  • Now turn off all electrical appliances in your house, then push the tripped breaker to the ON position.

After this, you would experience an ideal power supply in your house and save your pit boss fuse from blowing up.

Reason 5: Draft Fan Problems

The draft fan is one of the major components of a pit boss grill. It consumes about 120v, 0.1 AMP power at 50/60 Hz.

The fuse will blow if the draft fan pulls more than this amount of electrical power, or if the air intake of the burn pot is not enough to maintain the desired temperature.


  • Locate the draft fan
  • Disconnect all wiring connections there 
  • Remove the screws holding it
  • Disconnect the Molex connector and then remove the fan
  • Reverse the procedure to fix in the new draft fan

How to Identify The Culprit Behind Pit Boss Fuse Blowing

We should look into a couple of components; the auger, the ignitor, and the fan with the red, purple, and yellow colors of wires, respectively.

  • Before troubleshooting your pit boss pellet grill, first, unplug the pit boss grill from the electrical outlet
  • Now set the multimeter to V and place its red probe on each of the wires
  • If any wire shows a voltage rate higher than 120V, you may declare it the faulty component.
  • Now you can change that part immediately before replacing the fuse.

How to Replace a Blown Pit Boss Grill Fuse

A Pit boss uses a 120V, 5 AMP fuse. Pellet grill replacement fuse two packs fit models like Louisiana pellet grill, pit boss grill, Traeger pellet grill, etc.

First, Where Is The Fuse Located on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

You will find it behind the control board near the wires.


  • Unplug the grill from the electrical outlet
  • Detach the nuts at the bottom of the control panel one after another
  • Remove the cover of the fuse box. Then, cut the wire ties to locate the fuse. Check if it is blown or not.
  • If it is blown, there would be a gap between the wires. Drag out the blown fuse and replace it with the new one.
  • Make sure to install it on the control board to avoid further damages.
  • Reassemble each part back to its usual place
  • You can now connect your pit boss grill back to the power supply and see if it’s working well.

It is not unusual to experience blowing fuses, especially when the fuse is getting old or any grill component is faulty. You only have to identify the cause and fix it.

I hope this article was helpful. Wave goodbye to a faulty Pit Boss now!

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