Pit Boss ERL (ER1) Code [What it Means, How to Prevent It and & Fixing It]

Is your Pit Boss smoker is showing you an error message?

Don’t worry, the ErL error code (sometimes also called the ER1) is the most common Pit Boss error code, and while it’s frustrating, it’s not impossible to fix.

Want to know what the ERL code means?

The ERL code means that there’s something not quite right with the igniter or temperature probe in your unit.

Let me show you how to fix it!

Is Your Pit Boss Grill Displaying Er1 or ErL Code?

If you’re at a loss for what to do, remember that Pit Boss has a reliable customer service team on hand to assist you. Below are the contact details for the team at Pit Boss

Contact Information for Pit Boss

Office HoursPST Monday – Sunday 8 am – 8 pm
Phone Number1-877-303-3135

However, there might be a simple to resolve this error code. So we’ll go over what ‘Er1’ indicates, how to troubleshoot it and how to fix it. We will also be introducing some preventative measures that you might want to try out.

Note: if your unit is displaying the ERH code, I have more information on this here.

What Does The ER1 Error Code Mean?

There are times when you’ll be using your Pit Boss Pellet Grill to cook and an Er1 error code will appear on the control board display. This is a common issue that can easily be remedied. 

This common error code just means that there’s something not quite right with the igniter or temperature probe in your unit.

The temp probe which is placed near the back wall of the smoker, tells you how hot the inside of the cooking chamber is.

Temperature readings are used by the pellet grill or smoker to determine how much pellets need to be fed through.

This is important because the correct amount of pellets must be fed through in order to maintain the current temperature.

Hence, the Er1 or ErL error number merely means that the temperature sensor is no longer correctly connected to the smoker controller.

Note: If your temp light is blinking, that usually means it’s struggling with getting to temp and might have another issue.

All The Pit Boss Error Codes

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Is There A Way For Me to Fix This Er1 Code On My Pit Boss Grill

Now that we know what’s causing this error code, it’s time to learn how to troubleshoot and get rid of it.

While there are actually a few different causes for this code, the most common trigger is a dirty temperature probe.

Over the course of several cooking sessions, the interior of an electrical pellet grill is bound to become dirty.

After all, over time it gets filled with ash residue, grease, and other food remnants.

Unfortunately, because the grill temperature probe is in the cooking chamber, most of this debris can wind up covering it as well. To make matters worse, once the smoker cools down, this mixture of oil and ash will inevitably solidify around the sensor.

How to Troubleshoot Issue — Step by Step Guide

A pellet smoker functions like this.

It will keep the flow of pellets going until the temperature probe sends back the desired temperature reading — meaning the temperature you’ve set. This is how the temperature control of your appliance is maintained. 

So, what causes a temperature malfunction? Well, one can occur if the sensor is unable to register accurate temperature measurements.

After that, your Pit Boss will engage the necessary safety measures. And this includes shutting down as well as displaying the appropriate grill error codes.

So, how do you remedy a dirty temperature probe? Cleaning the interior of your grill, including the temperature sensors, is an important part of maintaining your grill. And here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Shut down the smoker, unplug it from the electrical outlet, and wait for it to cool down.

Step 2: Look beneath your Pit Boss grill to see if there are any wires that are out of place. In particular, you pay particular attention to the temperature probe wires. It’s important that those aren’t loose.

Step 3: Take a look at the temperature probe. Is it damaged or dirty? 

If the sensors are covered in grease or dirt, then it’s very likely that it just needs to be cleaned. After cleaning the probe, the error code should also disappear once you power up your smoker again.

How Do I Clean It?

 It’s quite easy to make an easy DIY cleaning solution out of regular home items.

All you’ll need is some water and white vinegar. Just make a solution out of the two ingredients and wipe the dirt and grime away with it, using a clean cloth. 

The ratio for the cleaning solution should be one part water to one part vinegar. 

After that you’ll probably want to also get rid of any excess ash in the grill. It’s also a good idea to vacuum up any debris.

Is the RTTD Temperature Sensor the Issue? How Do I Test It?

 To test whether your sensor is functioning as it should, you’ll first need to invest in a digital infrared thermometer.

These actually aren’t too expensive. A good quality one should only set you back about $50.

After you’ve probably cleaned the surface of the sensor, just aim the IR temperature gun at the it during a cook.

Then compare the temperature readings from your infrared thermometer to the readings that are being displayed on the Pit Boss controller board. 

If the temperature readings aren’t the same, then you’ll know that there’s an issue with the grill’s temperature probe. 

Replacing the Pit Boss RTD Probe

This process is super simple! You should see that there are two screws keeping the temperature probe connected. Just unscrew those and you should be able to remove it from the cooking chamber. 

After that just take your new temperature probe and screw it in place properly. You should also plug the wires back into place so that it’s properly hooked up the controller. 

Before attempting to make repairs on your smoker, please refer to the official Pit Boss instructions.

You don’t want to hurt yourself in the process of it all.

Are There Any Ways to Prevent The ER1 Error?

 The best preventative measure would be to always perform the necessary general maintenance on your Pit Boss grill or smoker.

We understand that cleaning the appliance after every single cook can be a little cumbersome. However, it’s the easiest way to prevent that error code from appearing.

And if a dirty temperature sensor doesn’t seem to be the cause of the error code, then you can always contact Pit Boss’s customer service team.

The brand always provides excellent customer support, so feel free to reach out to them if you aren’t able to remedy the issue by yourself.

Just make sure that you’re always keeping up with your grill’s general maintenance and the Er1 code shouldn’t be much of a problem! 

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