Pit Boss Fan Stays On (Why It Happens And How To Fix It)

Are you wondering why your Pit Boss fan keeps running while cooking and even after shutting it down?

It’s normal for the fan of your grill to run while it is in use.

Sometimes, it may even continue to run for 4 – 10 minutes after shutting down the grill. There’s no need to panic or worry if you experience this on your Pit Boss grill.

In this post, we will look into the reasons why your Pit Boss fan blade stays on and what you can do to fix it.

But before we go into that, let’s begin with the function of the fan and how it works.

The Role And Function Of The Fan On Pit Boss Grills

The induction fan on pellet grills is one of the most important grill components. It helps in enhancing the cooking performance of the grill.

Also, It helps the fire in the cooking chamber to flow evenly.

Your grill will stop working if the fan stops working. Once that happens, you will have to fix or replace the fan. For that, we recommend contacting the Pit Boss customer care team first.

Now that you know the role of the convection/induction fan on Pit Boss gas grills, we will look into the possible reasons why the fan won’t shut off and how to go about it.

Reasons Why Your Grill’s Fan Won’t Shut Off

Here are the five reason your fan may not turn off on your Pit Boss grill.

The Grill Is Cooking

If you are cooking and the fan continues to roll, it means the fan is in optimal condition and doing its job.

As long as there is food on the grill, the fan will keep working to circulate air within the chamber.

Normally, pellet grills are designed to use indirect heat for cooking, barbecuing, and smoking food. So, the fan circulates air within the chamber once the sear plate is closed.

Furthermore, the fan supplies oxygen to the grill which allows it to cook food evenly and thoroughly while in use.

It also helps minimize the number of pellets used, thereby helping you to spend less on pellets.

The Grill Is On

The auger and induction fan motor are generally designed to start running immediately after the grill is turned on with the extension cord connected to an electrical outlet.

Pellets get are then fed into the firepot by the auger, then the firepot’s rod ignites the pellets.

This is where the fan comes in by supplying air to aid combustion (as well as the flame broiler sliders)

You just need to understand that the fan won’t shut off as long as your grill is working.

The Pit Boss grill and other wood pellet grills are designed that way. There’s nothing to worry about here.

Incomplete Shutdown Procedure

After using your grill to cook for a 12-hour cook or more, it’s normal for the fan to continue to run for about 10 minutes or more after shutting down the pellet grill unit from the access panel control board.

If the pellet grill is correctly shut down, the fan will eventually come to a stop.

However, if the shutdown procedure is not properly done, the fan may continue to run.

So, to prevent this from happening, always ensure that you shut down your Pit Boss pellet grill unit properly after every use.

From the control board screenset the grill temperature control to the minimum after cooking, then lift the grill lid.

Once you do that, the temperature of the grill will cool down gradually with the fan still running.

Finally, when the fan eventually stops running, turn off the power button from the control panel.

That’s it! The shutdown cycle is complete.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the power cord from the power outlet or power source after shutting it down.

Never try to force it to stop. Doing so may lead to expensive repairs. Always allow it to stop on its own.

Also, after shutting down the grill from the setting button, don’t cover it right away since it will still be hot.

Wait for some time to allow it to cool off to ambient temperature before you cover it. This is very important.

Is There Any Particular Way The Pit Boss Fan Should Sound?

This is one question many Pit Boss users, especially beginners would like to get an answer for.

Well, the Pit Boss fan is usually a bit noisy due to its continuous running and pellet supply.

It sounds similar to an oscillating house fan. You can move the grill a little further away from your house if you cannot withstand the sound produced by the motor spins of the fan.

With a good meat thermometer, you don’t need to stand beside the grill throughout the cooking process. You can just check on it from time to time.

On the other hand, if your grill is making a loud squealing, scraping, or awkward sound, then there is something wrong with it.

It would be best to contact the Pit Boss customer care or a technician if you ever notice such. We recommend contacting the Pit Boss customer service team first.

So, these are the reasons why your Pit Boss fan is still running even after shutting down your grill.

The fan plays is an essential component and it plays an important role in the cooking process.

It helps ensure an even flow of fire in the chamber, leading to an evenly cooked meal.

To get the best from your Pit Boss grill, always ensure that the fan is working perfectly and in optimal condition.

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