Pit Boss Meat Probe Common Issue (+ How to Fix Them)

Is your Pit Boss meat probe not working?

You might find that its taking longer than normal for food to reach a certain temperature.

You might be second-guessing the accuracy of the meat probe.

Fortunately, we have all the problems you can expect with a meat probe and how to troubleshoot them. 

MPC (Meat Probe Control)

The meat probe is controlled by the MPC.

It is designed to allow users to set and control the temperature and the speed at which wood pellets are fed into the smoker.

Error Codes 

There are three different error messages; the ErH code, the ErP code, the Err code, and the ER1 otherwise known as ERL

ERH Error Code

The ErH code is a signal that indicates a problem with the temperature control of the grill.

There are two possible causes; either the temperature probe wire isn’t connected properly, or the grill is overheating. 

If it’s an overheating issue, turn off the grill and remove the pellets from the firebox. 

Check that the temperature control system and the internal temperature probe wire have a good connection.

In case there is damage to the wire connections, you’ll need to replace the probe wire. If the wires are loose, you can firmly reconnect them to the control panel. 

ERP Error Code

Conversely, the ErP message means that the temperature dial was still turned on when the grill had connected to the AC power.

You can solve the ErP error code by turning the temperature dial off. Then wait 2 minutes before setting the temperature dial back to your desired target. 

ERL Error Code

This common error code just means that there’s something not quite right with the igniter or temperature probe in your unit.

Err Error Code – Dirty Temp Probe

The most common reason for seeing the Err error code is a dirty temperature probe.

Make sure you clean your temp probe regularly. When it isn’t clean it can provide inaccurate temperature reads.

All The Pit Boss Error Codes

Want to see a comprehensive list of Pit Boss error codes?

See all the error codes here.

Meat Probe Instructions 

If you haven’t used a meat probe before, make sure you read the Pit Boss meat probe instruction guide. This will help you get the best out of your grill.

Temperature Swing

One of the most common temperature issues from the Pit Boss grill is the fluctuations in the temperature. This can be caused by many factors.

This includes problems like a dirty grill and opened grill lid, old pellets, a dirty temperature probe, etc.

You’ll need to check the pellet grill for all of these issues. Keep your grates clean to prevent auger jams, grease fires, flaming out, and severe temperature fluctuation when cooking.

When cooking, always place the grill in an area that isn’t very cold or windy. Ambient temperature can significantly affect the grill temperature control.

Also, avoid keeping the smoker under direct sunlight since they can cause the cooking temperature to rise.

Never use old pellets as well. They create ashes that cover the temperature sensors. This makes it difficult to consistently regulate the grill’s temperature.

The Grill Isn’t Heating Up to the Desired Temperature 

It’s frustrating to cook when the grill doesn’t heat up properly. You can test some of these methods to solve the issue: 

  • Unplug the appliance from the power outlet. 
  • Plug the cord back in to see if anything happens. 
  • Look at the circuit breaker to see whether the GFI circuit had been tripped
  • Turn the temperature dial off and then turn to the smoke P setting. 

If these steps don’t help, you can clean the igniter using a brush. In the event that nothing works, call the Pit Boss customer service team and let them help you. 

Grill Auger Won’t Move 

A motionless auger means that the is an auger jam in the grill. As a result, the motor doesn’t quite have enough power delivery, or the motor may be entirely non-functioning. 

Auger jams may occur when the pellets absorb enough pellets where it swells, causing lumps of broken-down pellets in the auger and causing a jam. 

Consequently, the auger motor won’t rotate. 

In this case, you’ll need to detach the pellet hopper and remove the bolts and screws holding the auger in place. Once the auger is removed, you can clean it using sandpaper and paper towels to remove the grime. 

Blank LCD Screen

If the LCD screen appears blank, check that the grill is plugged in.

Another cause could be that the circuit board fuse is tripped. In this case, you’ll need to call the manufacturer to have this replaced. 

Also, take a look at the extension cord. If the cord is longer than 25 feet, the grill may have insufficient voltage to the grill. 

Grill Won’t Start

There are many reasons a grill isn’t starting. Try removing the grease tray and cooking grate so that you can check the igniter.

Try turning the unit on again. If nothing happens, swap the 5 amp fuse on the back of the control panel. 

Check the auger since the cooking grate and tray are out of the way. Remove any lingering pellets

Temperature Setting Isn’t Generating Heat 

The grill’s temperature setting allows you to easily dial in the right level of heat you need for cooking. However, if you see inaccurate temperature readings, that could be a big problem. 

Make sure that enough oxygen flows into the firepot. Adjust the P-setting according to the temperature you have set on the dial. 

Troubleshooting the Pit Boss grill is straightforward and manageable.

Once you can identify the problem, it’s easy to look for potential solutions.

Hopefully, we’ve given you the blueprint to overcome these mechanical or electrical errors when they arise. 

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