Traeger LEr Code (Causes + How to Fix It)

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Are you planning to cook on your Traeger, but the digital display shows an error code? Do you want to know what’s wrong without reviewing the long instruction manual?

Do you want a quick and simple troubleshooting guide to fix the error code? Well, then, you’re in the right place! I am breaking down the Traeger grill LEr code causes and how to fix them.

What Is A Traeger Grill LEr Error Code?

LEr error code on your Traeger grill is a low temperature warning.

Low-Temperature Error Code

The LEr stands for a low-temperature error code. It’s more than likely that your Traeger grill has shut off. This happens if the ambient temperature falls below 125F after 10 minutes of the grill being on. 

How Do I Know I Have a Low Error Reading On My Traeger Grill?

How do you know if you have a low error reading? First, check the LCD screen or control panel to see if you have an error message. You may not smell the beautiful aroma of whatever should be cooking away. The cooking chamber will have no heat, and the grilling process will have stopped.

What Are The Common Causes Of A Low Error Reading On My Traeger Grill?

Below is a list of the typical and common issue(s) for a low error message:

What Are The Steps To Troubleshooting A Low Error Message?

Are you asking yourself now what the steps are for troubleshooting these issues?

Before we begin I want to quickly note that you should check if there is an issue you feel is beyond your capability or you can’t figure out then it’s better to go with the experts and contact Traeger customer service.

Keep in mind that you can find step-by-step maintenance guides on the Traeger grill YouTube channel at the below link.

To Diagnosis and Fix A Low Error Reading On a Traeger Grill?

Below are of the reason you are seeing a low temperature error and how to resolve each issue.

RTD Probe Or RTD Temperature Sensor

The RTD probe is a heat sensor that is responsible for communicating the internal temperature to the temperature controller. 

If this sensor is damaged or has a loose connection, the Traeger will not work if it doesn’t have accurate temperature readouts.

How to Chceck RTD Probe Or RTD Temperature Sensor

  • Check that the sensor, which is located in the cooking chamber, has no visible damage. Look for bends, cracks, or chips.
  • If there isn’t any damage, you must test the ambient temperature after the grill has cooled down. 
  • Do you have the grill set to the correct p setting?
  • To test the ambient temperature, note your temperature reading and compare it to the outside temperature with another temperature measuring device.
  • If the grill’s ambient temperature is drastically different, a new sensor will need to be ordered and replaced.

Bad Weather Conditions

The ideal conditions would be sunny with no wind and a cold beer. If you are BBQing in cold weather or when it’s very windy, this might prevent the Traeger from coming to temperature or holding it constantly in the cooking chamber.

Note: I wrote an article about cooking on your Traeger in bad weather conditions here

Working With Bad Weather Conditions

  • Do not cook when the temperature is minus or there is extreme wind.
  • Buy a cover that will insulate when cooking.
  • Install a fixed awning with a wind guard, but ensure you have enough ventilation. 

Bad Quality Pellets

Bad pellets can contribute to your grill being too cold. Pellets are the fundamental heat source, and you can’t grill without them. If they are wet or poorly made, they will not ignite properly or cause an internal pellet jam. 

Fixing Pellet Issues

  • Check the pellets are dry and shiny and move freely through the hopper and auger.
  • Remove any wet or bad pellets.
  • Prime the grill after replacing the pellets.

A Full Fire Pot

If your firepot is full of pellets that haven’t been burnt, it may indicate that the ignition isn’t working properly.

  • This means the fire may have gone out, which sometimes can happen.
  • Clean out your fire pot and monitor it when using it again.

Shut Down Cycle

Did you run the full shut down cycle when you used the grill last?

Induction Motor Fan Issue

The induction fan moves oxygen to help ignite the pellets and spread the heated air or smoke into the cooking chamber. 

If the fan is faulty, the pellets will have a hard time igniting, and there will be no heat, which results in the error message.

  • If you don’t hear the fan or feel that air is being moved in the cooking chamber, the fan is not working.
  • If the fan does not turn on, then inform Traeger customer service.

Note: The official Traeger website for assistance is

Having Issues With Lid on Your Traeger?

Are you having trouble with the lid on your Traeger closing? See how to fix it here

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