Traeger Grill Shutdown Cycle (See How It Works)

Just purchased one of Traeger’s fancy pellet grills?

Do you want to get some insider information on its additional features?

Well, you’re in the right place!

I’m going to break down the shutdown cycle feature on your grill.

I’ll also quickly add that you could argue that this cycle is as important as punching the power switch!

How Does A Traeger Grill Shutdown Cycle Work?

So how does the shutdown cycle work on a Traeger grill?

The shutdown cycle is for grill maintenance and safety.

When you active the shutdown cycle it tells the grill you have stopped cooking.

These grills can be going for 10 hours or more and get very hot during this period.

The grill will stop any ignition process on the pellets.

Then the internal fan will go for a further 15 ensuring there is no heat source and the heated air and smoke are dispersed.

Note: Looking for the Trager grill start up instructions? see the resource here.

When Should You Use The Traeger Shutdown Cycle?

When would you use the shutdown cycle?

The really obvious time is when your food has finished cooking and you don’t need it.

You should do this when your food is finished, not after you’ve eaten. 

You will more likely forget about it with a full stomach and forgetting it’s on is dangerous.

Why You Should Use The Traeger Shutdown Cycle

So why should you use the Traeger shutdown cycle?

If you do not follow the shutdown procedure it could result in a fault within the Traeger grill.

This could affect it not working correctly in the future or displaying LEr errors

Or/and you seriously hurting yourself.

How Do I Initiate The Shutdown Cycle?

So how do you set the shutdown cycle?

On the majority of the Traeger grill range, the shutdown cycle is located next to the power switch on the temperature dial.

You will be able to see it written on the actual frame. 

Turn the temperature knob to the line where the words are and this will start the process.

What If My Traeger Grill Has No Shutdown Cycle?

What happens if your Traeger grill doesn’t have a shutdown cycle?

You should always refer to the customer service manual to check but you can make sure you stop the ignition.

Check there are no pellets still on fire, and wait until it has cooled. 

How Does A Traeger Grill Work?

So how does it work? 

A Traeger grill utilizes various components which include the following:

The Barrel Frame

The barrel frame is made from steel with water and heatproof primer on the grill cover.

The Traeger pellet grill barrel holds the grill grate and the cooking chamber.

On the frame, there are also the legs which are on wheels, and a pellet hopper.

The Hopper & Hardwood Pellets

Wood pellets are fed into the hopper which is then fed into the ignition chamber by an auger.

Note: The flavor of the wood pellet acts as a seasoning process for whatever you cooking or smoking.

Electrical Components

The grill turns on by a power switch in a 120v electrical outlet which turns it on.

When the power outlet is on, various features are enabled which include the below:

  • Silver power button
  • Prime button
  • Cooking temperature and temperature controller 
  • P setting
  • Meat probe
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Pellet sensor and wood pellets auger mechanism
  • Pellet Ignition and fan
  • Shutdown procedure and shutdown button

Ignition, Fan & Cooking Chamber

The ignition chamber is where the wood pellets are ignited by electricity and are the heat source for cooking in the cooking chamber.

The fan will spread the heated air and smoke up to the cooking chamber.

The cooking chamber is where you add your ingredients to a grill grate.

It is also where grill temperature is controlled.

Is your Trager not igniting? See the common causes here.

Grease Trap & Waste

The grease trap and grease drip tray enable waste to be captured and cleaned easily.

See how to clean the grease trap here. It is important you do this regularly.

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