Traeger Failed to Ignite – (Reasons Why Traeger Won’t Ignite)

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From time to time internal components will fail. This is the case for most things, including a Traeger pellet grill.

From a loose connection or using poor quality pellets. There are many reasons why your Traeger grill won’t ignite.

Let me help!

Traeger Grill Doesn’t Ignite?

There are lots of potential reasons why your Traeger pellet grill doesn’t fire up.

There is not a one size fits all solution. I have done my best to break down the usual suspects and give you some fixing tips.

But some of these might be beyond your capability as there are many intricate components. Bear in mind that you are likely going to have to contact customer service for parts. This could be anything from a new induction fan or a spare fuse.

Note: Looking for the Trager grill start up instructions? see the resource here.


Safety Notes Before Fixing Your Traeger Grill

Notes of safety before attempting to troubleshoot and fix your ignition problems.

– Make sure the power cord or power cable is completely removed from the power source outlet.

– Do not fix when the grill grates are hot.

– Give yourself appropriate space.

– Make sure you have the appropriate tools ready.

– Always refer to your instruction manual.

– Have a clean and safe designated area for removed parts.

– Be aware of pinch points.

– If you are unsure then contact Traeger customer service.

Warranty Policy Notes

– Check your warranty policy and warranty claims.

– There is a three-year warranty period for all Traeger models.

– Contact Traeger’s customer service department if you are unsure.

– Be aware of how consequential damages may affect your warranty coverage.


What Are the Common Issues for a Traeger Grill Not Igniting?

Below are the likely culprits with fixes for why it isn’t igniting.

Note: Make sure that your grill has power running to it when you have tried to ignite. Make sure your grill is disconnected before you troubleshoot or attempt a fix.

Ignite Button Not Working

To initiate your pellet smoker to heat up you have to start by pressing the ignite button.

If it was working properly then the controller display should read “igniting”. The process of igniting takes 3-4 minutes for most Traeger models.

Did you press the button but nothing happened on the controller screen?

Or was there input lag?

If this happens you can follow these steps;

– Loosen the bottom-right screw of the controller. It is sometimes tightened too much during manufacturing.

– Try the button again.

– If it still doesn’t work, contact Traeger customer service.


Is There an Error Code?

There are error messages that pop up on display to indicate the cause of a problem. Make sure you have the Traeger pellet grill hooked up to your power outlets before checking.

If there is no power supply to your grill then you can’t see the error messages. Most of these error message warnings will need you to contact customer service.

This is because new parts are required or a specialist fix. The positive from this is that you can identify the exact issue and get it dealt with.

See more about the LEr error here

Ignition Error Warnings

Below are the error warnings attributed to ignition failures.

Follow the directions below.

Hot Rod/Heat Baffle or Igniter Disconnected Warning

These errors highlight that the main igniter and hot rod are disconnected or broken.

If this happens you can follow these steps;

– Unscrew the 4 screws on each corner of the controller.

– Check the orange wire, black wire and white wires are securely in each housing.

– If they are loose, reconnect.

– If they are connected then contact Traeger customer service.


RTD Probe Disconnected Warning

A faulty temperature probe can disrupt your grill. By not monitoring the correct temperature. It might be that your grill is heating up but no signal is reaching the control panel.

If this happens you can follow these steps;

– Check if there is heat radiating from your ignition rod.

– If there is then contact customer service for a new sensor.

– If there is no heat then contact customer service.

Failed to Ignite Warning

There is a set timeframe that your Traeger Grill will fire up after pushing the ignition button.

It doesn’t come to temperature within this time. It will trigger the failed-to-ignite warning. Before checking out the below common reasons, make sure that your hot rod is heating.

The tip will be visible in the firepot.

– Press the ignition button.

– Hold your hand a few inches over the hot rod without touching it.

If you feel the heat then move on to the below.

If there is no heat then contact customer service.

Jammed Auger

A jammed auger motor is a very common reason for your Traeger grill not coming to temperature. An auger jam is easily fixed by just clearing the excess pellets, ash, or debris from the auger shaft.

Always prime the grill when you want to start cooking. This will initiate a constant flow of wood pellets for burning.

A constant pellet ratio is important, for maintaining the temperature in your Traeger wood pellet grill.

Low-Quality Pellets

One of the most common reasons the auger can jam is because wet pellets on from low pellet quality. Make sure that you have removed any unburned pellets left in the hopper from previous use.

Or in bad weather conditions. Learn how to spot low-grade pellets (crumbly, naturally damp, discoloration).

These wooden pellets are the consistent fuel for your Traeger. Without them, there is no heat! So go with high-quality pellets from the start.


Slow Ignition Error Warning

A slow ignition error will indicate that it is taking longer than usual to come up to temperature.

Consider the weather conditions before using the grill.

Using WiFi?

If your using the wifi feature is the grill online or offline?

Faulty Induction Fan

An induction fan moves the hot air and smoke around the cooking chamber. This is a crucial part of helping maintain the constant and correct set temperature.

If your induction fan does not work then this can be a reason why you don’t have heat. The easiest indication is noise.

If you can’t hear the fan then it’s not working. If this happens then contact customer support for a new one.

Do You Have Fuel?

Make sure you have enough pellets in the hopper. If you have ran out of pellets it will fail to ignite.

Blown Fuses

There are various fuses under the control panel. Before attempting to change a fuse, make sure there is no power to the grill.

If this happens you can follow these steps;

– Remove the screws on the control panel.

– Check for any physical damage on the fuse cylinders.

If there is any black or burning indication it will need to be replaced.

Dirt or Grease Build Up

The simple reason why your Traeger grill isn’t igniting is that it is in poor condition.

Take care and clean it after every use.

Empty the grease tray and bucket.

Check the hopper for pellet debris.

Wipe down housings and buttons to avoid them sticking.

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