Traeger Low Temp Error (Easy Troubleshooting Guide)

Temperature swings can happen when you’re using your Traeger.

There are a variety of factors as to why yours can’t keep a constant internal temperature.

But what if you have an error code displayed on your Traeger pellet grill?

Don’t worry!

Below you’ll find out the common causes and how to fix it!


What Is a Traeger Error Code?

Error codes are displayed on the digital display on the control panel if there is a fault.

Think of a Traeger Pellet Grill as a computer.

It is programmed to diagnose potential issues to help you solve them.

There are a variety of codes however today we are focusing specifically on the LEr code.

Low-Temperature Error Code

The LEr stands for ‘Low-Temperature Error Code’.

This occurs if your Traeger turns off from a stalemate of consistent temperature.

Or precisely if it goes lower than 125°F.

What Are the Common Issues for a Traeger Low Temp Error?

I have broken down a coherent list of potential issues and fixes.

Starting with the most common and easy.

If you are unsure or want an official diagnostic then you should contact Traeger directly.

Read until the end for some safety and warranty advice.

Good luck!


Starting Your Traeger Correctly

Remember that starting up your Traeger is like a computer.

I’m not being ironic when suggesting you should turn it on and off again!

The LER Error Code is programmed to WiFIRE-enabled Traeger Grills.

These require the lid to be closed when igniting.

– Turn your grill off and wait 1 minute.

– Make sure the lid is down.

– Set your temperature controller to your desired correct temperature.

– Ignite.

Cold Weather Conditions

I admire anyone who braves the elements but from time to time it can be too cold to grill.

If the outside ambient temperature is below zero then the cold air will prevent ignition.

One way to try and prevent this is by buying an insulated blanket.

Putting the blanket over your Traeger grill will insulate it against the cold air.

And help it retain the heat.

Other things to try are;

– Position your grill in direct sunlight.

– Buy a wind guard.

Note: Buy an official pellet grill blanket, do not use anything that could catch on fire.

Bad Maintenance

It is important to look after and maintain your Traeger grill.

This ranges from cleaning to emptying the drip tray and fire pot.

You should always make sure you are following the correct cool-down process.

This will automatically set the maximum temperature setting.

Which can burn off food residue.

– Clean thoroughly every 30 hours of cooking.

– Remove excess grease buildup and food residue after every use.

– Set the cool-down option after every cook.

– Empty the drip tray and fire pot after use.

Bad Quality or Wet Pellets

Bad pellets can have a lot to do with your grill being too cold.

You can’t start the grilling process without pellets.

They will not ignite if they are wet or poorly made.

Or cause an internal pellet jam.

Low-grade pellets are sold and marketed for pellet grills.

These wood pellets tend to be made from cheaper materials and are not pressed correctly.

– Good pellet quality is indicated by them being dry, dense, and shiny.

– Make sure they move freely through the hopper and auger.

– Remove any wet or bad pellets.

– Prime the grill after replacing the pellets.

Note: Grilling for a long time?

It also could just be the pellet level within the auger tube.

Make sure you monitor this throughout the cooking process!

Faulty Electrical Components

From a loose connection, a faulty temperature probe, or a temp probe that needs to be calibrated.

You don’t always need electrical skills to fix internal components.

Below are some more technical issues.

That might be preventing your grill from firing up!


RTD Probe

The RTD probe is a heat sensor.

Responsible for communicating the internal temperature to the temperature controller.

This could be damaged and have a loose or bad connection.

– Check there is no visible damage to the RTD sensor which is located at the cooking temperature.

– Look for bends, cracks, or chips.

– No damage? You will need to test the ambient temperature.

– Make note of your temperature reading and compare it to the other device.

– Are they drastically different on the grill?

– A new sensor will need to be ordered and replaced.

Induction Fan Issue

The induction fan spreads the hot air evenly through your cooking chamber.

– Don’t hear the fan?

– Check that air is being moved in the cooking chamber and if not, then the fan is not working.

– If the fan does not turn on then inform Traeger customer service.

Traeger Warranty Policy Notes

– Check your warranty policy and warranty claims.

– There is a three-year warranty period for all Traeger models.

– Contact Traeger’s customer service department if you are unsure.

– Be aware of how consequential damages may affect your warranty coverage.


Safety Notes Before Fixing Your Traeger Grill

Notes of safety before attempting to troubleshoot and fix your ignition problems.

– Ensure the power cord or cable is completely removed from the power source outlet.

– Do not fix when the grill grates are hot.

– Give yourself appropriate space.

– Make sure you have the appropriate tools ready.

– Always refer to your instruction manual and manufacturer instructions.

– Have a clean and safe designated area for removed parts.

– Be aware of pinch points.

– If you are unsure then contact the Traeger customer service team via

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