Traeger Grill Offline (WIFI Issues)

Having connection issues with your Traeger pellet grill?

Technology can be helpful but sometimes it can be frustrating!

Like if your Traeger app goes offline

If you’re having trouble with the connection, no need to stress.

My troubleshooting steps will get you back online in no time!


How Your Traeger Device App Works

I want to explain briefly how a WiFi-enabled Traeger Pellet Grill works.

It is built with a computer that processes information.

 Giving you a better grilling experience.

Whether it be monitoring temperatures or even turning it on remotely.

This information is fed to your phone app via a WiFi signal.

For a successful connection, your Traeger & phone need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

There are also technical issues that can prevent it from working properly.

From app settings to the signal strength.

Below I have covered step instructions from start to finish.

While also covering any issues that can cause the Traeger WiFi to go offline.

I have also added some policy notes at the end.

Connecting to Your Traeger – A Step-By-Step Process Guide

Download the Traeger App on Your Mobile Device

– Make sure your phone is connected to your WiFi network.

– Go to the Andriod or Apple App Store and find the current app version.

– Sign in to your Traeger account or create a new one.  


Connect via the Pairing Process to Your Traeger

– Turn on your Treager via the power switch.

– Locate the QR code which will be on the pellet hopper lid.

– In the app, tap select the + sign to add a new grill and select “I have a QR code”.

– Scan the code.

– It will then ask for your WiFi network password.

– Input your WiFi password for successful pairing.

Note: Your Treager should be up to 30ft from your WiFi network router for a consistent signal.

My Traeger Grill Is Offline – Troubleshooting Guide

Is Your WiFi Connected to the Internet?

No internet will cause the Treager Grill to be offline.

You can check this by attempting to go online on another device.

If the webpage doesn’t connect then do a WiFi reset and wait 10 minutes.

If you are still offline, you will need to contact your internet service provider.


Incorrect WiFi Network Password

It could be as simple as a wrong password.

We all make mistakes!

Make sure you check if your password is case-sensitive.

Have You Changed Your Internet Service Provider or Network Password?

Changed the WiFi settings or your internet provider?

This will stop the original connection to your paired devices.

Your Treager or phone will not automatically connect to a new network.

If you have changed ISP or the network password you will need to connect again.

As per the initial directions above.

Reset the WiFi on Your Traeger Grill

Multiple devices on networks can sometimes disrupt the signal.

Which can result in your Traeger going offline.

A simple reset can put things right.

– Power cycle your grill and select the menu button on the controller.

– Scroll to WiFi information.

– Press and hold the ignite button for 10 seconds.

– Power cycle again.

– Connect on the app as per the initial directions above.


Have You Installed a New WiFi Module on Your Treager?

There are lots of upgrades that can be installed in your Traeger pellet grill.

One of these is the WiFi module.

If you have installed a new one then you will need to connect to it again.

As it will have a different network configuration.

Follow the initial directions above.

App & Device Settings Outdated

A common reason for your pellet grill being offline is out-of-date software.

This is likely to happen if you have been using the app for a reasonable time.

There are updates and newer released versions of the Traeger App.

So the older versions may get incompatible with any connected devices.

– Go to the Account Name tab at the top in the Traeger App.

– Compare your current app version with the version on the app store.

– If it is out-of-date you can select the current version in the store, which will update automatically.

Cleaning the Device Cache

The cache is information needlessly automatically stored.

This varies by device so I have addressed both Apple and Andriod.

Having a high cache can stop the app from working.

This is because there isn’t enough memory.


– Delete and re-install the Treager app.


– Sign out of the Traeger App.

– Navigate to device settings on your Android phone and then to the Treager app.

– Go to storage and then clear cache data.

– Sign back in.

Traeger Warranty Policy Notes

Fixing a WiFi issue is usually relatively simple.

I hope I have helped you with my guide.

I want to end with some policy notes.

This is just in case there might be a technical fault.

Or if you plan on installing a new part on your Traeger.

– Check your warranty policy and warranty claims.

– There is a three-year warranty period for all Traeger models.

– Contact Traeger’s customer service department if you are unsure.

– Be aware of how consequential damages may affect your warranty coverage.

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