How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap (8 Easy Steps)

Cleaning your Traeger grease trap is one of those jobs no one likes doing.

But, it is a necessary step to get rid of food debris and maintain grill upkeep. 

Still dreading it?

No problem. 

We’ve broken down the steps for how to clean a Traeger grease trap as well as all the other steps you might need to know. 

Have a read of the article below and discover the best way to clean!

What Is a Traeger Grease Trap?

The grease trap is a crucial part of your Traeger grill that helps it to function. 

The grease trap is a barrier that traps grease and food particles. 

The grease trap helps to redirect the cold smoke towards the heat shield or chimney. 

Why Should I Clean the Traeger Grease Trap Anyway?

Firstly, grills start to rust after several years, so it’s important to keep them as clean as possible.

Secondly, the grease buildup will make the grill less effective at cooking.

This will also result in more pellets being used, costing more money over time. 

Not Cleaning It Can Causes Errors

You might find that if there is a build in the grease trap can cause LEr error.

This is when the unit shuts its self down and displays a low-temperature error.

To prevent this from happening ensure you follow the cleaning advice set out here.

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Where Do You Find the Grease Trap on the Traeger Grill? 

The grease trap is located under the grills. 

If you follow where all the grease drippings end up, you will find a drip tray. 

This tray collects all the grease, soot, and other nasties that can build up from the grills. 

How Do I Know When to Clean the Traeger Grease Trap?

Traeger grills have warning signs that indicate when the grease trap needs to be cleaned. 

It will also remind you when the grills need to be cleaned as well.

If the reminder message is annoying you, you can always switch it off on the settings option. 

When Should I Clean the Traeger Grease Trap? 

For daily use, we recommend cleaning the grease trap every 2-3 days. 

For use every 4-5 days, we recommend cleaning the grease trap and grill grates weekly. 

You may need to clean it more often if you regularly cook greasier foods. 

What Is the Best Traeger Grease Trap Cleaner?

There are several options when it comes to grease trap cleaner.

Have a look at the options below and find what works for you. 

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are readily available and are great to use on grease traps. 

These cloths are great if the grease is not stubborn or if you’re looking for a cleaning process that isn’t as harsh. 

We recommend using a clean cloth alongside a trap cleaner or hot water to get the best possible results. 

Wire Brushes

A wire brush is a good alternative to using a microfibre cloth or a steel pot scrubber. 

It will depend on the coarseness of the cleaning brush, but it shouldn’t be too abrasive on the grill. 

We recommend using the wire brush alongside a water solution and/or a dry cloth for best results. 

Baking Soda

For a DIY option, baking soda certainly does the job. 

Create a paste by mixing baking soda with warm water. 

Apply the paste to the grease and let it dry before scrubbing excess residue. 

Black Diamond Grease Trap Treatment

This is product has special enzyme technology which removes stubborn grease faster. 

It also works as a drain opener and odor preventer. 

Black Diamond is a perfect degreaser and we are one of its biggest supporters!


It’s incredibly simple, but water works well as a stain remover. 

While it may not be able to get rid of tough stains, it is still an effective cleaner if you have nothing else available. 

Dish soap or liquid soap also works well with the water if you’d like to add something to it. 

How to Clean Traeger Grease Trap

Cleaning the Traeger grease trap is relatively simple.

Follow the steps below to ensure your grill is cleaned and ready to cook. 


1. Turn off your Traeger grill and let it cool for at least 24 hours. 

2. Clean the grease drip bucket and change the aluminum foil on the grease pan. 

3. Remove all parts from the Grease Management System (GMS). Use soapy water to soak the GMS. 

4. Use a metal spatula, sponge, or soft-bristled brush to scrape the grease off the grill. 

5. Using a microfiber cloth or some paper towel, remove the extra grease.. Clean the grills. 

6. Use a degreaser, trap cleaner, or other treatment and apply it to the traps. 

7. Wipe the traps with a damp cloth or towel until it is completely clean. 

8. Let the traps dry completely before putting them back in the Traeger again.

What to Do if the Grease Trap Hasn’t Been Properly Cleaned?

Sometimes life gets in the way, we get busy and the grease builds up. 

In this case, simply cleaning the grease trap by hand may not be an option. 

You may need to hire professional grease cleaners in order to restore the grill to working order. 

Grease Fires

In the case that a grease trap has not been properly cleaned, you could have a serious fire hazard on your hands. 

Grease and oil can easily catch alight and not only burn the food but also injure people. 

Over time it can damage basic features of the Traeger and you will have difficulty getting it to cook food. 

Future Maintenance

Traeger offers additional accessories that are great if you want to look after the condition of your grill. 

We’ve listed one in particular that is a worthwhile investment if you use your grill on a regular basis. 

Traeger Grill Covers

These covers are made with stainless steel which protects the grills from rain and sun damage. 

Traeger offers a range of different covers that fit each different model. 

These covers will not only protect your Traeger, but it will also ensure that it lasts much longer. 

Cleaning Traeger grease traps doesn’t have to be painful.

While there’s a lot to consider, the cleaning steps are simple and easy to follow. 

It is also crucial to maintain all the other parts of your grill so that you don’t have other issues down the line. 

Regular cleaning and checking for maintenance will stop a buildup of grease. 

What do you find is the best way to clean your Traeger grease trap?

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