Can You Use A Traeger In The Rain (Yes But You Need to Read This First)

Want to use your Traeger but its raining? There is nothing like juicy, succulent smoked meat on a rainy, dreary day. But you might have some concerns whether you the rain with affect the performance, the safety of cooking in the rain and if it might damage your smoker.

Below I show you exactly how to use your Traeger grill in the rainy weather, I focus on the safety and tips to ensure your cooks work out perfectly. So whether your just starting out or a pro pitmaster, you’ll know exactly how to handle these rainy days when you want to grill

Using A Traeger Grill In The Rain

You can use your Traeger grill in the rain, Traeger Grills are protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical. In other words, a grill can function in the rain, but don’t place a grill over a sprinkler or leave the lid open when raining. Below we will discuss the issues you might encounter then some tips for grilling in the rain.

Tips for Grilling in Rainy Weather

  • Choose a location under cover if possible. Make sure you also check for wind direction.
  • Cook to temperature rather than by time.
  • Make sure your firepot is free of sawdust and ash for easier ignition.

What Is A Traeger Pellet Grill?

The Traeger grill is made for the outdoors and utilizes wood pellets for fuel with electrical ignition. These smokers do most of the work so you don’t have to and can be left unattended for hours of cooking time. 

Below I have broken down the components for one of these mean machines. So you can expand your know-how preparation when BBQ’ing in rainy weather.

What Effects Do Wet Weather Conditions Have On A Traeger Grill?

So how do heavy or light rain conditions affect cooking on your pellet smoker? 

The Barrel Frame

  • The frame of the pellet grill is waterproof but very heavy rain can seep in if not covered properly.
  • The frame of the pellet grill is rustproof but excess water can speed up the effects and get behind the coating.

The Hopper & Hardwood Pellets

  • The hopper lid needs to be closed so water does not get in but note that heavy rain can still potentially get through the seals. 
  • If water gets into the hopper and on the pellets, they will expand and get wet.
  • Expanded wet pellets will jam the rotating auger and not ignite rendering your smoker useless.

Electrical Components

  • The most notable issue would be electricity and water. Not only is an electrical current potentially deadly for you but a power surge will damage the components in the electronic control panel.
  • Heavy water exposure on the LCD screen can short circuit the electrical connections.

Ignition & Cooking Chamber

  • Slower time to ignite and heat up due to more increased humidity.

Grease Trap & Waste

Excess waste mixed with water will fill up your bucket which is responsible to help keep it clean.

A dirty overflowing bucket will damage the grill and could even cause a grease fire the next time you use it dry.

What Are The Ways To Protect Your Traeger Pellet Grill In Bad Weather?

So what are the ways to protect yourself and the grill when in heavy or light rain?

The Barrel & Pellet Hopper

  • Put a ventilated awning above your grill which will stop any direct rain.
  • Buy a waterproof grill cover for when you’re not using it. 

The Hopper & Hardwood Pellets

  • Keep the hopper closed and not in direct rain.
  • Buy good pellet quality.
  • Remove any unused pellets from the hopper after cooking.
  • Check for and remove wet pellets before turning on the grill.

Electrical Components

  • The 120v power plug needs to be safely inserted at a dry PowerPoint with a waterproof extension cord if exposed outside.
  • Make sure the extension cord is not obstructed.
  • Do not use the LCD screen with wet hands.
  • Use a surge protector.

Ignition & Cooking Chamber

  • Prime your pellet grill.
  • Set a higher cooking temperature when in the rain.

Grease Trap & Waste

Key Advice To Note

How to Shut Down Traeger?

When you finish cooking you must run the shut down cycle.

This ensures the longevity of your grill.

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Happy Grilling In The Rain

I hope I’ve helped highlight and troubleshoot some issues that may arise when wanting to use your Traeger grill in bad weather. 

Just remember that we BBQers can’t be stopped that easily but also remain safety conscious so at least we can continue grilling!

Until next time.

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