Pit Boss Error Codes (Full List + Causes + Solutions)

Is your Pit Boss showing an error code? Don’t worry, this is normal!

Below, we have laid out all the common error codes for a Pit Boss. Then we will show you how to fix the problem and/or prevent it from happening again! If you are looking for the PDF for the whole list of error codes, stroll to the bottom and download it.

What Are Pit Boss Error Codes?

If you own a Pit Boss, you would know they’re reliable and easy to use. However, error codes may appear on the grill’s control board display from time to time. There are about nine common codes that will usually pop up.

These codes have a solution to them, so do not fret. Plus, these codes will indicate which part or section of your pellet grill needs checking, cleaning, or fixing. For example, you might need to replace some parts, clear away build-up dirt, or cool down your entire Pit Boss smoker. 

We’ll review some of the most common error messages that may appear on your Pit Boss and show you how to fix them, too.

Error Code Er1

The error code Er1 means the grill probe is not making a connection. You can check this, or if you don’t feel comfortable, contact Pit Boss customer service. Remove the hopper access panel and see if there is any damage. Make sure the probe wire connections are firmly connected to the digital access board.

Error Code Er2 — There’s an Issue With the Ignition

The Er2 code means that the grill has failed to reach a minimum temperature of 130°F during the start-up cycle. There are four reasons this can happen. I have listed them below for instructions on how to fix the issue.

Auger Feed System Is Jammed:
Check if the auger feed system is jammed. Remove the cooking components from the grill barrel, turn the temperature dial to SMOKE, and look at the auger feed system.

Remove the acres on the front-facing panel of the hopper above and below the digital control board. Lift it slightly and carefully forward. Look at the auger feed motor rotation. Call Pit Boss customer care for a replacement part if it is not working correctly. You can see how to replace the ignition here.

Igniter Failure:
Remove the cooking component from the barrel. Turn the temper control dial to SMOKE and visually inspect the igniter. Confirm if the igniter is working by placing your hand above the burnt pot and feeling for warmth.

You must confirm that the igniter protrudes approximately .5 inches in the burn pot. If it is not operating properly, follow the Manual Start-up Procedure. You must also call customer care for assistance or a replacement part.

Not Enough Air Flow Through Burn Pot
Check the burn pot for ash buildup or obstructions. If there is ash buildup, follow the maintenance and care instructions for buildup. Ensure the fan is working properly and the air intake isn’t blocked.

Auger Is Not Primed:
Before you use the grill, you must ensure the hopper is empty, and then the auger must be primed to allow the pellets to fill the burnt pot. To prime the hopper, follow the instructions under Hopper Priming Procedure,

Error Code ErH — It’s Too Hot!

Two triggers will trigger this code: an issue with excess fuel or a grease fire. 

To clear this ErH code, you should immediately shut off your unit. Then, follow the Care and Maintenance steps. Then, you’ll remove the pellets and confirm the parts’ location. To clear the error, turn the dial OFF, open the lid, wait 3-4 minutes, and select the temperature you want. 

Error Code ErP — Did You Shut Your Pit Boss Smoker Down Correctly?

You should not panic at all if your grill flashes an ErP code. This issue can easily be fixed. After this, the code indicates that your Pit Boss wasn’t shut off properly or there might have been a power outage. You might have switched off the power switch on the wall socket before ensuring the grill was properly turned off. 

Press the smoker’s power button to easily remedy this problem by turning off the pellet smoker. After that, you’ll want to wait two minutes before turning the appliance back on.

Er3 Error Code

The Er3 error code indicates that the fire has gone out. Check the hopper for fuel and see if there is a blockage to the feed system. If there are enough pellets and that isn’t the issue, you need to remove them from the hopper and follow the Care and Maintenance instructions below. Then, check the grill probe and clean it if it is dirty.

Check the burn pot for ash buildup or obstructions. Check the fan and ensure it works correctly and the air intake isn’t blocked. Also, check the auger motor to ensure it is operational and that the auger tube isn’t blocked.

Nop Smoker Error Code — What Does It Mean?

This code is related to the smoker’s meat probe. These probes will allow you to monitor your meats’ internal temperature while cooking. The simple solution to this problem is to check that the wires for these probes are connected properly.

If they are, but the error code still appears, you might need to replace the probes entirely. 

Hopper Priming Procedure

Follow these instructions for priming the hopper the first time it is used and each time it runs out of pellets.

  1. Open the hopper lid and make sure nothing is blocking the pellet feed.
  2. Remove all cooking parts from the grill and find the Burn Pot at the bottom.
  3. Turn the Temperature Control Dial off and plug in the power cord.
  4. Set the Temperature Control Dial to Smoke. Ensure you hear the auger and feel air movement above the Burn Pot. Be careful not to touch the Burn Pot.
  5. Turn the Temperature Control Dial off when you smell the igniter burning and feel the air warming up.
  6. Fill the hopper with wood pellets.
  7. Turn the Temperature Control Dial to Smoke. Wait about 3 minutes for pellets to drop into the Burn Pot, then turn the dial off.
  8. Put back the cooking parts. Your grill is now ready to use.

Manual Start-Up Procedure

  1. Turn off the Temperature Control Dial and plug in the power cord.
  2. Make sure nothing is blocking the Burn Pot. Open the hopper lid and check for any objects. Fill the hopper with wood pellets.
  3. Open the barrel lid and take out the cooking parts. Put some pellets into the Burn Pot and add a fire starter on top. Don’t use flammable liquids like gasoline. Add more pellets.
  4. Light the Burn Pot contents with a long match or lighter and let it burn for 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t add more starter.
  5. Put back the cooking parts carefully and quickly. Then, follow step two of the Automatic Start-Up Procedure.

Care and Maintenance

Below are the care and maintenance steps for a Pit Boss pellet grill.

  1. Cleaning the Hopper Assembly:
    • Empty any remaining pellets by unscrewing the plate and sliding it out.
    • Use a brush or vacuum to clear out excess pellets and debris.
    • If you won’t be using the grill for a while, run it empty to clear out all pellets from the system.
  2. Taking Care of Probes:
    • Avoid bending or folding the probe wires to prevent damage.
    • Don’t put probes in the dishwasher or submerge them in water to prevent water damage.
    • See how to clean the temp probe on a Pit Boss, you need to use a screw driver to unscrew the bracket to access the RTD temp sensor, then use a damp soapy cloth to scrub off the thick residue, don’t get water on the electric parts and don’t yank on the sensor. Once done, reattach and screw the brackets back.
  3. Cleaning Inside Surfaces:
    • Clean the burn pot after a few uses to maintain proper ignition.
    • Use a grill brush to remove food or debris from the cooking grids, especially while they’re still warm.
    • Check and clean the grease bucket regularly.
  4. Maintaining Outside Surfaces:
    • Wipe down the grill after each use with warm, soapy water.
    • Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasive pads on the outside surfaces.
    • Consider using a grill cover for added protection against weather and pollutants, especially during long-term storage.

Pit Boss Grill 4P1 Error Code

When this code pops up, the grill’s control board is no longer syncing with the program correctly. This will most likely happen if the control board has been damaged. 

The good thing is that you’ll still be able to grill with your Pit Boss pellet grill, but the control panel’s display will most likely be inoperable. The solution involves replacing the control board or having it professionally looked at.

Error Code LL4

The error code LL4 is a programming code. It usually will only show for a few seconds then it will go away. If you see it for longer there is an issue with your control board. You will need to contact Pit Boss customer service to help with this.

Error Code L52

If you see the error code L52 appear on your Pit Boss smoker, you should turn it off and remove the plug from the wall. Then contact Pit Boss customer support.

Error Code Ls1

If you see the error code LS1 appear on your Pit Boss smoker, there is no need to worry. This is a start up code. If you have further issue with your Pit Boss contact customer support.

Pit Boss Error Code List PDF

If you prefer to look at the error codes in a pdf format, you can download this list.

Download Here: Pit Boss Error Code List PDF

And that’s it! You should now be fully knowledgeable of all the smoker error codes on your Pit Boss and know what they all mean.

While the little error messages might initially look intimidating, they’re helpful. After all, they help you determine which part of your cooking appliance needs cleaning, fixing, or replacing.

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