Pit Boss Grill ‘Err’ Error Code (What Is It and How Do I Fix This?)

Is your pellet grill showing an error code? We are going to break down the Err error code that is displayed on Pit Boss Grills.

Getting this error might worry you! However below will show you exactly why your grill is showing this error and how to prevent it!

What Do I Do? There’s an Err Error Code on My Pit Boss Grill

The ErR error code means there is an issue with the temperature probe or temperature sensor. Even though Pit Boss smokers are extremely reliable appliances, it is still common for error codes to appear on the control board display from time to time. One of the most common error messages is the Er1 error code along with the Err one.

These can hinder your cooking process, especially when you don’t know why they have popped up. However, there is no need to worry because we will be teaching you exactly how to remedy this problem.

How Do I Fix This Err Error Code?

The main trigger for this particular error code is the grill’s temperature probe. Your temperature probe isn’t able to receive proper temperature readings.

This means that it cannot properly detect the cooking temperature or ambient temperature of your Pit Boss smoker. There are four things that you may check to try and correct this problem.

1. Is the Temperature Probe Connected Properly?

The Pit Boss smoker is an electrical pellet grill. Therefore, all of its electrical connections must be fully connected for the appliance to function correctly.

Poor wire connections could be the cause of these temperature issues. To fix this, you will need to make sure that the temperature probe wire is securely connected to the controller board.

To access this section of the electrical pellet grill, you must first locate the electrical components which you can find at the base of the unit. While you are checking up on this, you might also want to double-check that none of the wires are damaged.

2. Have You Cleaned the Temperature Probe?

During your many cooks, you may find that the cooking chamber isn’t the only part of the pellet grill that ends up getting dirtier over time.

Carbon, ash, food bits, and other things will eventually start accumulating on all parts of your appliance. And the temperature probe is not exempt from this. 

Too much grime can collect on your temperature sensor. And once that happens, it won’t be able to collect accurate temperature measurements anymore. 

This is why you will need to clean your dirty temperature probe frequently if you want it to function properly. We suggest wiping it down with a soapy solution and clearing away any remaining soap suds with a clean wet cloth afterward. 

See the full guide to Cleaning Pit Boss Temperature Probe.

3. Ditch the Extension Cord or Power Strip

Sometimes you might not even be dealing with a dirty temperature sensor or a damaged temperature probe. If you can’t find any fault with the actual sensor itself, nor its wiring, then you might want to take a look at the plug. 

Is your Pit Boss grill currently connected to the wall socket? If it is not directly connected to an electrical supply. Then it might not be receiving the proper electrical wattage it needs to run properly. 

Check to see if the cord is connected to an extension cord or a multi-port power strip. These extenders may have a certain electrical output limit which may not comply with what the Pit Boss smoker requires.

In this case, plugging your electrical pellet smoker directly into the wall socket may solve all of your issues.

4. Always Try Unplugging the Pit Boss Grill

Do you know how turning your modem and powering it back up may fix a faulty Internet connection? Well, the same can apply to your malfunctioning pellet grill. 

This remedy is easy to do and it really does work sometimes. Turn the entire smoker off, unplug it from the source, and just leave it be for half an hour. 

After that, simply plug the appliance back in and power it on. Just give it a go!

What Is an RTD Temperature Sensor and How Do I Tell if It’s Broken?

While we have been referring to the Pit Boss temperature reader as a ‘temperature probe’, its official name is an RTD probe. So, what is an RTD probe, and what happens if it is broken?

RTD is an acronym for Resistance Temperature Detector. Its sole purpose is to obtain accurate temperature readings and its wire is usually made out of platinum, nickel, or copper.

The great thing about RTDs is that they have a wider temperature range. So, if you’re looking to obtain super-accurate readings for temperatures that are above 130 ℉ then you should rely on an RTD sensor to get the job done. 

In terms of checking whether it is broken or not, there are multiple tests that you can conduct. Are the digital readings on the control display appearing to be higher or lower than usual or expected? This is the most obvious and sure-fire way of checking for a faulty RTD probe.

You might want to use an infrared thermometer or temperature gun to deliver readings. These readings can be used as a ‘control’ — for a more accurate temperature comparison. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Pit Boss RTD Probe

Step 1:

To replace your existing RTD sensor, you will want to begin removing the grill hoper first. Do this by clipping the zip ties. 

Step 2:

After that, you can start to remove the RTD wires from the controller. You can do this by loosening the two flathead screws that keep it in place. Turn the wires a little bit and you’ll be able to take them out.

Step 3:

After that, use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts that keep the plate that’s just right above the RTD. This should be attached to the back of the grill.

Step 4:

Continue to unscrew the extra metal bolts that are keeping the RTD probe in place. After this, you will have fully detached the probe and its wires. 

Step 5:

To attach your new RTD, simply repeat steps 1 to 4 but in reverse. 

All The Pit Boss Error Codes

Want to see a comprehensive list of Pit Boss error codes?

See all the error codes here.

So now you know what a Pit Boss ErR error code is, what causes it, as well as how to fix it. If all else fails, you might need there might be an issue with the Pit Boss control panel instead of the temperature probe. You should contact Pit Boss’s customer care team first before deciding to replace the control display panel by yourself.

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