Pit Boss Meat Probe Instructions (Super Simple Steps)

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Stay tuned for some pro(be) tips and simple steps on how to get the most from a digital probe food thermometer!

How to Use Pit Boss Meat Probe?

To use your Pit Boss meat probe, first you will need to insert it into the plug-in holes, then run the wires through the access slot, and insert the grill into the thickest part of the meat. You can see the below how I have insert the probe into the steak.

This is a just an overview of how to use the probe, you’ll find detailed instructions below.

Where Can I Find the Meat Probe on My Pit Boss?

The meat probes look like metal headphone wires with the end being sharper and able to poke into whatever you want to measure. 

These heatproof wires feed into the probe slot (receptacle) located on the main controller board on the digital display.

There are many different models in the Pit Boss range and will do my best to generically cover them all. 

I will say though that there are more ‘fancier’ versions that have a Wi-Fi control board with wireless sensors, and other cool stuff like a handheld thermometer you can monitor from your sofa!

How to Use a Pit Boss Meat Probe

Below are the fundamental steps and information to shed some light (heat) on the probe functionality in our Pit Boss pellet grill.

Following these steps will ensure your meat cooks perfectly each and every time.

Inspect the Meat Probes

The first thing you want to do and even before powering the Pit Boss is to check and inspect for any physical damage. 

Look for any rips or tears and knots. 

Inserting Into a Receptacle

The second step before powering is to insert the probe into the receptacles. 

There are generally 2 slots in a Pit Boss and they will be labeled on the control panel.

It makes a clicking sound when fully inserted like any other electronic cable.

The sharper end goes into the meat by the way so don’t go stabbing into metal as it doesn’t work.

Inserting the Probe(s) Into Your Food

Next, take the meat that you have prepared.

For the most accurate reading, insert the probe end into the thicket part of the protein.

Be careful to make sure that it doesn’t go all the way through the meat as this may touch the grill grates and give you an inaccurate reading.

When feeding the probe wire from the cooking chamber be sure to also check that no direct flames will be in contact with it. 

There is a special slot for the probe wire to go on the cooking chamber barrel known as the probe entrance hole.

Monitoring the Temperatures

Close the lid when the temperature dial on your Pit Boss is correct and has come to the required heat. 

Keep an eye on the display to ensure you do not miss it when the required internal temperature is met.

Remember, there are two different temperature readings here. 

The overall cooking temperature and then the internal meat temperature which the probes are monitoring. 

Removing the Meat Probe(s)

When the right internal temperature is displayed from the meat probes then your food is ready.

Remove the probes before you take off the meat so they don’t unnecessarily pull away from the receptacle housing.

Cleaning the Probe(s)

Once you have powered down your Pit Boss you can remove the probes and clean the end we inserted into the food. 

I use warm soapy water with some washing-up liquid to remove the grease and then ensure they are dried thoroughly.

See the full guide to cleaning Pit Boss meat probes

Replacing the Meat Probe(s)

The probes are easy to replace and available online. 

I would recommend keeping some spare in case the ones you have a malfunction.

How to Use Meat Probes On Pit Boss

By using a digital probe food thermometers in conjunction with a pellet grill it is easy to achieve safe internal temperatures for your meats becomes effortless.

This approach not only expedites the cooking process but also enhances safety by eliminating the need to repeatedly lift the lid, which would otherwise cause temperature fluctuations and heighten the risk of burns.

Having Problems With Your Meat Probe?

Having problems getting a correct reading from your meat probe?

See the Pit Boss Temp Probe Problems guide here.

How to Pre-Activate the Pit Boss & Probe Sensor?

So how do we activate the meat probe?

Powering the Pit Boss & Meat Probe(s)

Firstly, if you haven’t plugged the pellet grill into the power source then the digital temperature probe will not work. 

In fact, the whole thing won’t work so go and plug it in now!

Priming the Pit Boss

Another step in this process is to prime the Pit Boss.

Priming is a start-up function that makes sure enough of the fuel is ready to be ignited and creates a heat source. 

Without priming the pellet grill won’t function as there will be no heat in the cooking chamber.

What Will Stop the Meat Probe From Functioning?

Before we start using the probe it would be great if we analyzed what could cause an inaccurate readout.


The obvious one would be physical or electrical damage to the probe.

The latter is harder to diagnose but any rips or tears to the thermometer probe cables will stop a temperature from being achieved.

No Power to Pit Boss

I know I’ve certainly done it! Forgot to switch the on button when you’ve inserted it in the plug!

 Make sure that you have working power to the whole device otherwise the meat probe will not work.

Bad Weather

Freezing ambient temperature outside can affect your sensor and may even disrupt enough heat getting to your Pit Boss cooking chamber.

Check the weather before grilling in severe conditions that affect the Pit Boss and maybe leave it a day or two!

Safety to Note When Using a Pit Boss Temperature Probe

Below I have noted some safety to think about when handling the meat probes.

Remember, if you think something is wrong, especially on the electrical side, then have a professional take a look.

 Check the warranty and contact Pit Boss customer service.

– Handling hot probes and food you are at risk of burning yourself

– Extreme rainy weather and electrical items do not mix 

– If you are making any adjustments then make sure that the power is off on your Pit Boss

– Keep an eye on children as they will likely pull on them

What Is a Meat Probe?

So what is a ‘meat probe’? 

The digital meat probes are the hardware that comes with the Pit Boss. 

Effectively these are just temperature probes that are used to monitor accurate temperature readouts and then feed back the information on a digital readout.

I’m sure we’ve all seen a temperature gauge before as we use them on our cars, phones, etc but I do say there is a bit of a specialty when it comes to grilling!. 

What Is the Function of a Meat Probe on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill & Smoker?

What is so special about the functionality of a probe on my Pit Boss?

Well, if I was a reductionist I would argue that cooking is all about control of the elements and time. 

Not to mention that there can be serious health consequences if we don’t achieve safe temperatures within food, specifically meat! 

Knowing how to adequately use cooking probe thermometers that provide accurate readings makes cooking a more enjoyable experience and mitigates worry. 

It also lets you home in your technique and gets the best out of the hard-earned money you have spent on food. 

I have highlighted the reasons below:

  1. Safe knowing your food is cooked at the right temperature
  2. Better cooked and tastier food to enjoy
  3. Easier and enjoyable cooking experience that saves time
  4. If you’re spending money on a grill why not understand how it works

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