Traeger Pellet Box Smoking (Is it Normal and How Much to Expect?)

If the pellet box on your Traeger grill starts smoking it is important to act quickly.

A smoking pellet hopper is usually down to an airflow issue.

However excessive smoke and fire are cause for concern.

Today we will not only understand the main causes of a smoking pellet

But also how to deal with them.

I have also included some safety and warranty notes.

So be sure to read till the end to be prepared if this happens.


Help! The Pellet Box on My Traeger Grill Is Smoking

Cooking your favorite Traeger recipe, and our pellet box starts smoking? Don’t panic.

A wood pellet grill is designed to smoke.

The first thing you need to determine is if there is an active fire in your hopper.

Fires in pellet grills are dangerous.

If you see flames then cut the power at the plug socket if safe to do so.

Call emergency services if required.

Common Causes for a Smoking Pellet Box

From backburn because of unused pellets to electrical faults with the fan.

Below are the common issues and fixes when it comes to excess smoke.

Pellet Box Smoking During Cooking

Has your Traeger hopper started smoking during the cooking process?

A common issue of the fan not working.

There is a fan that blows hot air and smoke into your cooking chamber.

If the fan is faulty it won’t create the right pressure or flow.

Smoke will then leave through the hopper.

To test your fan, do the following;

– Turn off your Traeger grill.

– Remove any wood chips from your hopper and auger tube.

– Ensure your Traeger is on a flat surface or move it to one.

– Turn it back on and initiate the startup process.

– Listen for the sound of the fan.

– Feel if there is airflow coming up into the cooking chamber.


My Fan Is Working

– Make sure any unused pellets in the ignition chamber and burn pot are disregarded.

– Initiate shutdown cycle.

– Check other potential smoke sources like the drip tray or excessive grease.

– Fill the hopper halfway with your favorite type of pellet.

– Start again.

My Fan Isn’t Working

– Contact Traeger customer service via

Pellet Box Smoking During Shutdown Procedure

Backburn is common, especially in non-WiFire Traeger grills.

Backburn happens when the pellets in the auger start to smolder to the smoke point.

This smoke will then travel up through the pellets and out the top of the hopper.

If this isn’t dealt with quickly it can turn into a fire.

– Set your Traeger grill to SMOKE.

– Wait until the ambient temperature in the cooking chamber drops below 200°F.

– Set the shutdown cycle.

– Make sure the hopper lid is closed.

If the temperature is dropped to below 200°F it is almost impossible for the wood chips to catch fire.

Shutting the lid will also starve oxygen.

Traeger Warranty Policy Notes

– Check your warranty policy and warranty claims.

– There is a three-year warranty period for all Traeger models.

– Contact Traeger’s customer service department if you are unsure.

– Be aware of how consequential damages may affect your warranty coverage.


Safety Notes for a Smoking Pellet Box

The below safety guidelines are if there isn’t an active fire.

If your Traeger grill has caught fire, keep away and call emergency services.

– Initiate the shutdown cycle.

– Ensure the power cord or cable is completely removed from the power source outlet.

– Consider buying a fire extinguisher to keep nearby.

– Close the grill and hopper lid to reduce oxygen airflow.

– Keep your Traeger Pellet grill in a ventilated area, away from ignition sources.

– If your pellet smoker has been damaged then contact the Traeger customer service team on;

Smoke On!


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