Grill Review: The Lynx 36 Freestanding Smart Grill [September 2023]

Back in 1996, there was a moment of truth for a visionary group, the group had spent over three decades building stainless steel equipment that was commercial quality for restaurants.

Their vision was simple, apply the standards, materials, and craftsmanship to the world of home outdoor cooking.

With their craft and quality, they would ensure that each product lasted. That was the beginning of Lynx. Lynx soon earned the title of “the world’s greatest grill”.

The world of outdoor cooking has been changed forever and brought into a world of luxury with Lynx leading the way. As the company has grown so has their fanbase and their pride. 

The Lynx 36 Freestanding Smart Grill Review

​Need A Grill With Space? Look No Further

Lynx 36 Freestanding Grill

I Think the Lynx 36 Freestanding Grill is a creation of innovation. This smart grill is a pioneering technology that is automated cooking with the MyChef system has helped me succeed in any dish. Now this grill might not be for the traditionalists, competition BBQers, or those who are not so tech-savvy, however, it is one for those who demand luxury.

Not only will the Lynx 36 help you master backyard grilling, but it will also respond to voice control and smart device control. You can easily grill your favorite meals and monitor them from the comfort of your couch or sitting down by the pool with friends and family.

I understand this way of cooking is not for everyone but regardless of how you feel about this type of technology, it’s pretty darn cool, to say the least!

This model is easily mobile and features a freestanding card with foldable shelves and access doors to allow for quick access to stored items or the propane tank. It’s been durability tested and it’s safe to say that this grill passed with flying colors.

This is an expensive grill, if you are after a grill that performs just as well, but more in your price range, I highly recommend the Weber Genesis. Check out my Weber Genesis II LX S-340 review & Weber Genesis II E-330 review.


  • Dimensions: 50 x 61 x 22 inches

  • Fuel: Propane Gas

  • Main Burners: 3

  • BTU: 69,000

  • Heat Flux: 121.88

  • Secondary Grilling Space: 295 square inches

  • Primary Grilling Space: 640 square inches

  • Total Grilling Space: 935 square inches

  • Wheels: Yes

My Favorite Features

  • Tested Durability: The Lynx 36 Freestanding Smart Grill has been durability tested and has a covered and enclosed space for all of its electronic components, ensuring that they stay out of the weather and any erosion that it may try to cause. The carbon fiber vinyl cover adds an added layer of protection to your smart grill while lending an elegant style.

  • Quick Connectivity: This smart grill comes with quick connectivity that ensures you that you have a connection to your smart device almost immediately. It has a 1.5Ghz Intel Processor and 64GB of storage, not to mention 802.11N Wi-Fi. Not only will you be able to connect to Wi-Fi when you have grilling concerns or questions, but you’ll also have more than enough storage to keep all of the important things you may need on hand, such as your favorite grilling recipes, times, and temperatures.

  • Integrated Technology: With the use of your smart device, Android or Apple, you will be able to control and command your smart grill remotely. So now when you’re in charge of grilling the steaks on game day, you can make sure they’re perfectly cooked from your spot on the couch, without missing a moment of the action. The IOS app is fairly straightforward to use and has many features to explore and play with.

  • Agile Mobility: This grill is very agile and easy to move. The folding shelves and access doors make moving it a breeze. Meaning you can take this smart grill to the lake or simply the other side of your backyard without having to miss a moment with your family and friends. The wheels are fairly small so you would be best to keep this grill on a smooth concrete surface.

  • Brilliant Temperature Control: This grill also has brilliant innovation that allows it’s electro-mechanical valves to automatically maintain your desired preset surface temperature, meaning that you won’t have to waste time trying getting the grill back up to the correct temperature or have to wait for it to heat back up.

Ease of Setup

Although there are a lot of electronic parts and the user manual has a TONNE of information, the Lynx 36 Smart Grill can be a little time-consuming to set up.

The user manual covers everything from how to unbox to downloading the app to your smart device.

Should you have any problems setting up this grill, you can easily find a plethora of videos online, or get in touch with the Lynx customer service team to explain the setup process step by step.

Ease of Use

This is a new take on a grill, meaning that the ease of use really depends on the user. For those who are a little turned away or scared of technology this grill can be a little overwhelming – I mean a grill that you can talk to and get a reply from?? What the!?

While it is like most grills in the sense that it cooks and uses propane gas, it’s far, far, far more than that. This smart grill is actually smart, so smart I would say its a kid genius.

Its innovative technology allows it to be controlled by voice (using the preset voice commands) or from your favorite seat in the man cave via your smart device.

Here is where things get quite exciting, the grill actually learns how you like your meat to be cooked. You can literally tell it if the chicken is cooked you last time was to done for your liking and it will adjust its cook time and temperature to suit. (I can’t even get my wife to do that).


The Lynx 36 Freestanding Smart Grill is durability tested and it is safe to say that the grill passed the test.

Not only is this smart grill durable, but its electronic components are also enclosed in a weatherproof case underneath the grill. It also comes with a cover that is made of carbon fiber vinyl, ensuring that it is covered and elegant.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of this model is pretty easy. While you would clean it like you do most grills, with a wire grill brush or a soapy washcloth, you do need to take a bit more care considering the electronic components.

It is important to pay attention to what part of the grill your cleaning and only use a slightly dampened wash cloth when cleaning around any component of the grill that is electronic

Warranty Details

The Lynx 36 Freestanding Smart Grill has a limited lifetime warranty that covers the stainless steel body of the grill along with the burners and cooking grates.

There is a limited five-year warranty that covers the warming racks, spit rods, manifolds, and gas valves. All remaining parts are covered under limited two-year warranty.

For full details please look at the warranty.

What I Did and Did’nt Like

Favorite Things

  1. Spacious grilling area
  2. Mind blowing technology
  3. A good looking durable design
  4. Extremely easy to cool good tasting food on
  5. You can still cook traditional bbq on it

What I Did’nt Like

  1. Lots of electronic parts which can get confusing
  2. You could easily get lost in all the technology and forget your bbq roots

Overall the Lynx 36 Freestanding Smart Grill is an amazing piece of machinery.

You get a full range of traditional grill features, perfect for those days when all you want to do is grill a steak with a beer in hand and enjoy life’s greatest joy. However, you also get a plethora of groundbreaking features that essentially allow the grill to cook for you all by itself.

Not only that it listens to you, replies to you and remembers all different things about you.

Having this smart grill enables you to control and monitor your cooking from your Apple or Android smart device, and when you don’t feel like typing you can also use your voice.

Another great feature of this smart grill is the quick connectivity, which is essential for the smart to come into play. You get 802.11N Wi-Fi along with 64GB of storage to store your recipes and other pertinent information. All of this is powered by a 1.5Ghz Intel processor.

The only real downside to this beauty is for everyone. You really do need to have a love for new technology and a little bit of a geeky side.

Iv said it once and I will say it again, if I had the money for this grill there would be no hesitation in buying it – it’s fascinating, delicious and would make life very, very easy!

Lynx 36 Freestanding Grill

Overall Rating: 4.6 / 5

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