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The Best Grill Brush (Alternatives to The Wire Bristle Brush)

Having the best grill brush is not something that a lot of people take great pride in. However, I think that it is an essential to cooking great tasting food. Not to mention prolonging the life of your grill.

There is nothing worse than taking off your grill cover and looking at a filthy grill, its also not a good look when you have guests over either! Your grill is an expensive piece of equipment and you need to take good care of it. The first step to having a clean grill is getting a decent grill brush.

However buying a grill brush is simply, not that simple. The more traditional wire brush has started becoming less popular due to the risk of ingesting a rouge wire bristle, and the fact that the can damage porcelain and stainless steel surfaces.

So what are the other options out there for a decent grill brush that won't damage your family or your grill?

Best Grill Brush

The Best Grill Brush Alternatives

The Chargon

  • Rope for hanging off grill
  • Simple design
  • Perfect for round or rod shaped grills
  • Durable construction
  • No chemicals needed 
The Chargon Grill Cleaner

The Chargon is one of the most simple grill cleaning tools on the planet. However, whoever said simplicity was a bad thing?

You get a decent clean around the whole grill grate with the Chargon, however, keep in mind due to the shape of the head you must have a round/ rod-shaped grill for best results.

The Chargon has an extremely sturdy construction and boasts a rosewood handle which is kept in place with four rivets. No matter how caked on your carbon is, the Chargon will handle all the pressure you can give it.

The Grillstone Cleaning Block

  • 100% Chemical free
  • Interchangeable Cleaning blocks
  • Perfect for round or rod shaped grills
  • Constructed from 95% recycled Glass
  • You can buy new block heads seperate 
Grtillstone Cleaning Block

The Grillstone Cleaning Block is a great option for you guys out there who like to use fewer chemicals and are environmentally friendly. They are constructed from 95% recycled glass. That gives them a very similar feel and finish as a pumice stone.

Because I do most of my grilling for my family I love the idea of using chemical free products, the Grillstone Cleaning Block is also 100% chemical free and non-toxic!

To start with the cleaning blocks can be a little awkward, however, after a clean or two the blocks mold to the shape of your grill. This makes cleaning a whole lot easier than straight out of the packet. You can also buy new blocks on their own to slide into the handle, so you don't have to buy a whole new kit every time.


  • Durable steel construction
  • No chemicals needed
  • Rope to hang off grill
  • Perfect for round or rod shaped grills
  • Simple design

As the name suggests, Grillfloss is like dental floss for your grill. It’s another super simple, yet very effective design which gives you an extremely thorough clean. Another added bonus is that there are no chemicals or masty bristles with this product.

The Grill floss is specifically designed to tackle round/ rod shaped grills, and even though it can only clean one rod at a time is a fantastic product. The stainless steel construction is durable and can handle anything that you can throw at it.

If you are like me and don’t mind taking your time to get the job done right (and also find cleaning your grill somewhat therapeutic) the Grillfloss is a fantastic product for you. It gets the job done well and is a good ‘bang-for-your-buck’ cleaning product.


  • Wire brush style without the harmful wires
  • Gives your grill more flavour
  • All natural construction
  • Durable srcaper
  • No chemicals needed 

If you are a fan of the traditional wire brush, you will love the Grillbadger. It's a recycled grill cleaning brush that is constructed using all natural fibers. So there is no chance that you will get any nasty grill in your food.

The only downside to the Grillbadger is that the bristles don’t like direct flame or to much heat, so you can’t start cleaning right away after you have been using your grill. But to be honest, id rather eat anyway!

The wooden handle is very sturdy and it took all the pressure I could give it to clean my grill. The scraper is held in place by two screws, which are more than enough for the pressure that is applied.

A bonus of the Grillbadger is that the Palmyra bristles actually absorb oils on the grill and disperse it back out over the grill to help season your grill. Over time this adds more flavor to your grill.

The Great Scrape

  • Rope for hanging off grill
  • Simple design
  • Perfect for round or rod shaped grills
  • Durable construction
  • No chemicals needed 
The Great Scrape Grill Cleaner

Have you ever considered using a scraper to clean your grill? This might sound weird but use a wooden scraper actually cleans your grill really well. Like the cleaning bock, the Great Scrape will take on the shape of your grill making it easier to clean.

I find this tool best for a flat surface, making it perfect for a smoker.

The plus side of using a wooden scraper is that it will not damage stainless or porcelain surfaces, and it does not have any bristles or parts that can end up in your food.

Do note that to keep this product in optimum condition some care is required. Every now and then you will need to give her a good coating of oil to preserve the wood. If you don’t mind a little TLC this is a great tool.

​My Final Thoughts

​After saving for year to get one of the best charcoal smokers, the last thing I want to do is damage it!

I sure you feel the same way, so if you have any questions about the type of brush you should use for your smoker please don't hesitate to ask! I feel like I have pretty much owned them all at some point!

Happy Smoking 


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