How to Bake on a Pit Boss (Cakes, Bread, Pizza and Pies)

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You’re probably familiar with smoking meat and veggies on pellet grills, but can you bake on them? Yes, you can! And fortunately, they’re ridiculously easy to do. 

In this article, we’ll cover how to use your Pit Boss pellet grill to make delicious baked goods such as bread and pizza!

What Can You Bake on Pit Boss Grills?

It may be surprising that the Pit Boss pellet grill can function as a convection oven, meaning you’ll be able to bake in them.

There’s nothing you can’t do with a pellet grill.

They’re great for making smoked, baked potatoes to add as a side dish or even a full pizza. 

Not to mention, every possible dessert or bakery item can be baked with the Pit Boss grill as well. This includes cakes, brownies, bread, pies, cookies, frozen pizza, biscuits, and even bread pudding. 

The time baking and temperature will vary depending on the food baked. 

Steps to Baking With a Pit Boss Pellet Grill

By baking in the Pit Boss grill, your baked goods will obtain a nice smoky flavor while cooking perfectly.

Here are things to consider when baking on the smoker: 

  • Always use a pie crust shield if you’re baking anything with a crust like a pie or a quiche. This minimizes the risk of the edges burning and keeps your baked goods in pristine condition. 
  • Like any oven, always preheat the grill as you’re preparing the basic ingredients. This ensures your smoker is preheated properly before baking. 

Follow a Recipe 

If you’re a barbecue beginner who’s just learning the ropes with your Pit Boss grill, now’s not the time to get experimental.

Instead, follow a proven recipe that you’re already comfortable with.

This allows you to have a point of reference throughout the various stages of the baking process. 

Then you can compare the results with conventional ovens. 

Use an Aluminum Pan or Baking Tray 

Whether you’re baking bread or any other food, it’s best to place it on a tray or pan. These can be easily cleaned and prevent the grill from getting dirty. 

Choose the Right Pellets

Instead of using strong smoking wood like hickory or mesquite, try using fruitier and sweeter ones. Our favorites are cherry blend hardwood pellets. These pellets have a subtly sweet flavor with a hint of tartiness.

However, each pellet type has its own unique aroma and flavors. The apple blend hardwood pellets provide a distinct fruitiness. The mildly sweet flavor of these pellets is ideal for baked goods. 

Maple wood gives a more subtle taste, and pecan is nuttier. Also make sure your pellets aren’t damp, as you may find that the Pit Boss will not be smoking much, you want to use fresh pellets or ensure your smoker is covered when not in use.

Use a Thermometer

By using a thermometer, you can actively check the internal temperature of the baked goods to ensure it’s baked to perfection. 

Each food item may have a different baking temperature that it needs to reach before it signifies that it’s ready.

Here are some example temperatures to use as baking guidelines: 

  • Bread – 180°F to 210°F
  • Quick bread – 200°F
  • Cupcake and cake – 200°F to 209°F
  • Pies – 170°F to 175°F
  • Cheesecakes – 150°F

Place Away From the Heat Source

It’s best to place your baked goods on the top shelf since it’s further away from the heat source. As a result, you’ll minimize the risk of accidentally burning your food.

If you’re making a pie, the last thing you want is the insides bursting apart. 

Avoid Opening the Lid 

As mentioned, you want to use barbecue thermometers to check the internal temperature.

Opening the lid will change the baking temperature and prevent the desert from baking.

Furthermore, it can be caused your baked good to fall apart completely. 

Using the Pellet Smoker as an Oven

It’s quite simple to use your pellet grill as an oven.

There’s a temperature control where you set your desired cooking temperature. 

Once the temperature is set, the sensor in the grill sends a signal to the auger system to deliver the optimal amount of wood pellets into the firepot.

Like smoking meat, using the pellet grill will infuse some nice smoke flavors into your food. 

What Temperature Should You Bake at?

You can use some of these guidelines to determine which temperatures to set based on your food items.

Since the grill cooks faster than the oven, monitor the internal temperature to prevent the baked item from collapsing.

Desserts are much more delicate, so the temperature needs to be right.

  • Pound cake: 325°F and 50 to 60 minutes baking time 
  • Biscuits: 400°F and 10 to 15 minutes baking time 
  • Cookies: 350°F and 15 to 25 minutes baking time 
  • Apple cake: 325°F and 45 minutes baking time 
  • Quiche: 350°F and 30 to 40 minutes baking time
  • Cookies: 350°F and 15 to 25 minutes baking time 
  • Yeast rolls: 400 to 425°F and 15 to 25 minutes baking time
  • Pie crust: 350°F and 5 to 10 minutes baking time
  • Cheesecake: 325°F and 30 to 50 minutes baking time 

Keep in mind that the baking temperature varies depending on the altitude, ingredients, pan, and grill size. Make sure always to use indirect heat as well. 

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Every seasoned Pitmaster knows how to use their equipment. And that means delicious baking foods as well.

If you’re a beginner, learning different grill topics can help you to better use your Pit Boss grill to make the delicious food you enjoy most.

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