28 Smoking Meat Recipes for Easter

Are you looking for BBQ recipes to add to your menu for your Easter feast? We have put together our favorite barbecue recipes to enjoy with your family.

Smoked Carrots in Brown Butter

Do you want an innovative way to incorporate vegetables into your meal during Easter? Smoked carrot is a perfect side dish!

You will need brown sugar, butter, and a pinch of salt for the glaze. You can add more flavors like orange juice, cinnamon, or cayenne.

Find The Recipe Here

Smoked Rack of Lamb

Looking to impress at your Easter meal? Give this decadent smoked rack of lamb a go.

Smoked Rack of Lamb Recipe

Smoked Easter Ham

Nothing is more classic than a ham for Easter! Below is the ham recipe I use every Easter!


Find The Recipe Here

Note: If you planning on cooking turkey and ham for your holiday meal, I would start with the largest cut first

Pit Boss Smoked Trout

Like to serve up fish on Good Friday? This home smoked trout will blow the socks off any red meat fans.

See The Recipe: Pit Boss Smoked Trout

Smoked Spiral Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze

What could be be better than this juicy, succulent ham that is covered in a sticky delicious brown sugar glaze. The spiral cut gives a delicious textures as well.

Smoked Spiral Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze


Pork Crown Roast

Not only does that pork crown roast look incredible on the table, it tender, juicy and exploding with flavor.

Pork Crown Roast


Smoked Chicken Legs

Who does love juicy chicken drumsticks? I like to use a delicious rub and serve them with mac and cheese.

See The Recipe: Smoked Chicken Legs

Smoked Cod

Here is another delicious recipe for Good Friday if you prefer to eat fish. It’s an easy and delicious way to prepare your fish that will have you guests asking for your recipe.

See The Recipe: Smoked Cod Recipe

Smoked Turkey Breast

Don’t just save turkey for Thanksgiving, whip out this special recipe for you Easter as well.

See The Recipe: Smoked Turkey Breast on a Pellet Grill


Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Everyone loves sweet potatoes, but once you smoked them your guests will go crazy for them. Plus I love that it is super simple and you can just throw them in with your meat.

Find The Recipe Here

Lamb Burgers

Does your family love lamb on Easter? But do you want to try something a little different? Then try my famous lamb burgers. They have a delicious mint vinaigrette that you’ll love.

Find The Recipe Here

Lamb Shanks

What could be better than juicy, fall off the bone lamb shanks? This cut is affordable and tasty, perfect when your cooking for a crowd.

Find The Recipe Here


Smoked Venison Roast

Want to try something different this Easter? Why not give this venison roast a go? It always comes out succlent and tender.

Smoked Venison Roast Recipe

Grilled Garlic Rosemary Smashed Potatoes

Grilled smashed potato is one of the perfect barbecue recipes for Easter. The cooked red potatoes seasoned with rosemary, cloves of garlic, and a sprinkle of cheese will make you lick your plate.

You can have his meal alone or serve it as a barbecue side dish alongside your favorite entrees. 

Perfectly Smoked Ham With Truffle Mustard

This smoked ham is perfect if you cooking for a crowd or like to have leftovers. Plus the truffle mustard really gives it an indulgent kick!

Find The Christmas Ham Recipe Here

Or if your looking for a bourbon pineapple ham you need to try this recipe.


Smoked Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream 

This lightly smoked ice cream recipe is an absolute treat. The dessert is packed with flavor variations from currants, caramel, and mixed spices.

Smoked hot bun ice cream is not just a simple dessert. It is hands down my favorite.

Find The Recipe Here 

Smoked Tuna

Looking for a fish recipe for Good Friday? This smoked tuna recipe is a family favourite.

Find The Recipe Here 


Smoked Pork Chops 

Pork chops have never tasted better. This delicious pork chop recipe is packed with yummy smoky flavors that everyone will love.

Find The Recipe Here

Smoked Salmon Devilled Eggs

Smoked eggs are tastier and more flavourful than boiled eggs. The minced smoked salmon took the side dish to another level.

Try this recipe instead of the regular hard-boiled egg. You will want to have it every day.

Find The Recipe Here 

Smoked Leg Of Lamb

You can never go wrong with lamb on Easter. My favorite part about this recipe is putting it on the smoker and letting it cook away while you worry about all your sides.

Find The Recipe Here

Smoked Meatballs 

This sweet and savory combo is a great alternative to burgers. Everyone will love these smoky meatballs

Find The Recipe Here

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This bacon-wrapped chicken with sticky barbecue sauce will have your guests asking for more. You will need tender chicken breast, crisp bacon, and melted cheese for this delicacy.

If you plan to host a family gathering on Easter Sunday, this wrapped chicken with baked bacon will not disappoint.

Find The Recipe Here

Smoked Spiral Ham With Honey Glaze

This crowd-pleaser recipe makes it the best meal to serve at your Easter dinner.

Try this recipe. You will never want to eat ham any other way.

Smoked Beef Kebabs 

These smoked beef kabobs are delicious. They are marinated with spices and slow-cooked for succulence. Enjoy with veggies or dip for a delicious experience.

Find The Recipe Here

Smoked Asparagus

Smoked asparagus: crisp, smoky spears on skewers, seasoned and slow-cooked for rich flavor. Perfect on their own or as a tasty side.

See the recipe here

Smoked Lamb Shoulder

This slowly smoked lamb is the perfect option for Easter barbeque.

Find The Recipe Here 

Smoked Sweet Potatoes With Garlic Butter

Smoked sweet potatoes with garlic butter: tender, smoky spuds on skewers infused with garlic butter flavor during slow cooking. Enjoy solo or as a flavorful side dish.

Find The Recipe Here 

Cooking with your family is the best way to create memories. That is why we have compiled these Easter BBQ recipes.

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