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Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 August 2018 (This One Has Some Surprises)

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24" is one of the best natural gas smokers on the market.

With an incredible 20,000 BTU burner and fully adjustable heat-control dials, we managed to smoke some bloody tasty meat with it. That includes ribs, salmon and beer can chicken. We even managed to make a cake in the Camp Chef!

We have found that some cabinet gas smokers have a poor temperature range however, this is where the Camp Chef excels. It has a temperature range from 160 to 400 degrees F. 

If you're on the fence about the Camp Chef, let's see if this review can give you a little more clarity. 

Key Features

Convertible to Natural Gas
I love that you are able to convert the Camp Chef to become a natural gas smoker.
Cooking and not having to worry about propane tanks running out half way through a cook is much more relaxing!

You know that feeling you are headed outside to start up the BBQ and you remember that you were meant to fill up the gas bottle after your last cook. Well, another expensive trip to the gas station is in order before you can get cooking. Well not with natural gas, you have an endless supply of gas.

It also is so much cheaper to use natural gas instead of propane and better for the environment.

Huge Cooking Space
The cooking space in the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 is a vast 903 square inches. During one big cookout, we noted that is enough room for around 35 steaks or 5-6 slabs of ribs lay flat out. This makes the Camp Chef a smoker to help feed the masses or just the family.

Three Modifiable Damper Valves
Sometimes you can’t predict what the weather will do. If you are smoking outside it can turn your cook into a challenge.

You never know which way the wind is going to turn, how warm the sun will be or what the ambient temperatures will do. All these factors mean you might need more or less venting. The Camp Chef has really efficient vents which will ensure you navigate the all the elements easily.

Versatile Door Set Up
The Smoke Vault 24 has a refrigerator type door which allows you to use not only as a smoker but an oven as well. We love that you're able to smoke your brisket as well as a cook a pizza. The pizza surprisingly came out delicious, it had perfectly melted cheese and a crispy bottom

Easy Assembly
Don’t stress if you're not a handyman, this smoker took us only 45 minutes to put together and at no stretch, are we handy. We found the instructions to be highly detailed as well as some good resources on their site.

What I Liked

  • check
    The push start ignition to light
  • check
    Can be converted to a natural gas smoker
  • check
    The wood pan can hold enough wood for two hours
  • check
    Strong and sturdy doors
  • check
    Spacious interior 

What I Didn't Like

  • It has been noted that some packages arrive damaged due to the way the unit is packed. 
  • Assembly is required

Cleaning and Maintenance 

It easy to clean the Camp Chef because the racks are removable. Having the ability to easily give it a good clean each time has ensured that you won't need to do much additional maintenance.

Below are some handy tips for cleaning
When cleaning the cooking racks and the water tray, use hot and soapy water and then ensure they are completely dry. We always coat the cooking grids and water bowl lightly using cooking spray or cooking oil afterward
For cleaning the exterior, a damp cloth is all that is required. Do not use spray-wash with a water hose.
Always carefully remove the greased pan, dispose of any grease and wash it thoroughly. Once it is done, coat the smoker’s interior using cooking spray or cooking oil.

Warranty Details

All the components of the Camp Chef are covered by a 1-year warranty, which begins from the day of purchase. For the accessories, the same warranty is applicable for a period of 90 days.Overall, it was seen that the Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault certainly is value for money. The price point may see slightly higher than other similar size gas smoker, but it makes up for that in terms of its functionality, performance, and durability. 

Do You Get Value For Money?

Overall, it was seen that the Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault certainly is value for money. The price point may see slightly higher than other similar size gas smoker, but it makes up for that in terms of its functionality, performance, and durability. 

Final Thoughts

The Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault is 100% worth the investment.
The Camp Chef company has definitely delivered a durable and functional product to the market. If you find that this unit fits your budget and requirements then it is the best smoker you will ever get.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the cooking racks?
14 inches deep, 22 inches long

Can this unit be hooked up to natural gas?
You can get a conversion kit. It is advisable to get an expert to assist you with this.

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