Gas Smokers – Natural Gas Smokers Buying Guide

In this guide, I will be showing you my favorite gas smoker out there! That way you’ll have an easy smoking experience and feel like a true pitmaster in your outdoor kitchen!

Gas smokers are easily the most affordable smoker on the market. Not only do they produce great BBQ you can cook for a crowd with ease!

In the end, I have put some tips for looking after your new smoker. Plus some questions that I always get asked!

Don’t have time to read the whole article? I have summarized my top picks here for you

Smoker ImageProduct InfoCheck The Latest Price
my smoke vault on the patio
All-Round Gas Smoker
Dimensions: 24 x 56 x 24
Cooking Space: 903 sq meters

Check The Latest Price of the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24
Smoke Hollow 44241GW The Best Gas Smoker
Entertainers Dream Smoker
Dimensions: 51 x 56 x 24
Cooking Space: 7 Cubic feet
Check The Latest Price of the Smoke Hollow 44241GW
Masterbuilt 20051316 natural gas smoker
High Tech Gas Smoker
Dimensions: 22 x 28 x 52
Cooking Space: 965 sq meters
Check The Latest Price of The Masterbuilt 20051316
Dyna Glo DGY784BDP gas smoker
Value For Money
Dimensions: 27 x 46 x 19
Cooking Space: 784 sq meters
Check The Latest Price of the Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP

I think anyone can easily master a gas or propane smoker.

I’ve found both natural gas and propane smokers can produce tender and succulent meat and vegetables.

Cooking with gas is similar to cooking with electric smokers, most models these days even have push-start ignition. It is a very easy ‘set and forget style of cooking.

When I first wanted to buy a smoker I had no clue in the world what I was looking for.  

Now that I have been doing it for decades all my friends and family ask for help. So I decided to put together this encyclopedia of information!

Below I have tried my best to pass on everything I have learned.

I hope that it helps you find your perfect smoker!

My Top Rated Gas Smoker Models

“If you are looking for a smoker with set-it-forget-it simplicity and good flavor, on a modest budget, go gas.”

Meathead Goldwyn, Amazing Ribs

1. Camp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Gas Smoker

My Pick For The All Round Gas Smoker


  • Height: 30 in
  • Width: 24 in
  • Depth: 16 in
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Cooking Room: 903 sq in

I know the Camp Chef Smoke Vault is one of the most popular gas smoker models.

You will find it in lots of backyards right across the country (even my mom has one). This is because it is affordable, easy to use and has enough space to cook for a big cookout we do!

This smoker is for the backyard smoker who loves cooking a wide range of food at a very reasonable price.

It comes in two sizes, 18 inches, and 24 inches. Today I will focus on the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 inch model.

Not only that is I love that it can be converted to become a natural gas smoker. That means you won’t be changing propane bottles mid-cook!

Natural gas is easier, cheaper and in my opinion, actually delivered a better cook.

Side note: Our Camp Chef Smoke Vault was easily transferred to natural gas within a few hours

Want to stop worrying about empty propane tanks and save some cash? Then go for the Camp Chef Smoke Vault.

What I Liked

  1. It has refrigerator doors: So you can use it as an oven too. I was able to smoke ribs as well as cook a pizza IN IT. The pizza surprisingly came out delicious, it had a crispy bottom and melted cheese, we were absolutely shocked too!

    I haven’t tried it but we have heard rumors you can bake a cake in it too!
  2. Easy for us to assemble. The Camp Chef Smoke Vault is known for its easy assembly. We had it together in 30 minutes.

    I like the sturdy build and the fact that the all the parts fit together tightly, especially the doors. This helped keep a consistent cooking environment for me.
  3. Convertible to Natural Gas Smoker: I was also able to convert this smoker to natural gas. This is one of our favorite features! Not have to worry about propane tanks running out half way through a cook is GOLD!
  4. Temperature Range: I liked it temperature range from 160 – 500 degrees! Although I read in the manual that Camp Chef does discourage smoking over temperatures of 350. But that didnt matter to me. It had the perfectt range to cook to cook low and slow or even cook a ‘wood fired’ pizza.
  5. Heavy Duty Wood Tray: I found that the heavy duty wood tray held lots of heat and produced consist smoke, without burning all the wood. I tend to go for wood chunks when using this smoker.
  6. Has a push button ignition to light: I just turn the gas on and pushed the ignition button at the front to start the burner. This seems to work day in day out with no issues.
  7. The good range of different size racks: The smoker came with 2 main racks and 1 seafood/ jerky rack. The seafood rack allowed you to cook smaller items like jalapeno poppers.

What I Did’nt Like

  1. The Camp Chef has some weight behind it, don’t expect to be lifting it by yourself

Everything I have smoked in this bad boy has come out bloody delicious.I love the fact that you can easily convert it into a natural gas smoker. If you decide to convert it, make sure you have a permanent spot in your yard picked out.

I would recommend this smoker for anyone who is planning on setting up a smoker at home for the long haul.

2. Smoke Hollow 44241GW Gas Smoker

My Pick For The Entertainers Dream Gas Smoker


  • Height: 60 in
  • Width: 33 in
  • Depth: 24.5 in
  • Weight: 113 lbs
  • Cooking Space: 7 cubic feet

The Smoke Hollow Pro Series 44 inch is what I consider a bloody top-of-the-line gas smoker. It has all the features I needed to create the smokey flavors with ease (at a reasonable price).

This smoker is actually very similar to the Smoke Hollow 44241GW, however, the Smoke Hollow 44 pro series has a letter W in the end, which stands for a window located on the door of the smoker.

I found having this window is a game changer!

This the largest smoker on offer from Smoke Hollow. Ive found with some brands cases that would mean it is an existing design just made bigger.

Unfortunately, that usually means quantity over quality. That is not the case, I thought it was thoughtfully designed to handle a lot of food but still cooks it well.

I would recommend also having a look at them if you enjoy the set and forget style of cooking!

Who Is This Smoker For?

This is a smoker that would best suit the backyard pitmaster, who loves getting the whole neighborhood over for a feast.

What I Liked

  • Front Window: The large front window allowed me to see exactly what is going on inside the smoker without having to open it. 
  • Huge Cooking Space: I managed to fit 5 smoking racks in it! I was able to cook enough food plus leftovers for a group of 16 adults and 4 kids!

    It is our go-to if we are cooking for a big event.
  • Dual Burners: It two 12 000 BTU burners. Having the two burners gave me the ability to cook different cuts of meat to perfection. When I am running two burners I could easily maintain a high cooking temperature of 345 degrees. Having thesedual burners, I could cook everything from fish and chicken wings to multiple racks of ribs at the same time.
  • Good Strong Handles: I found that some smokers have flimsy handles. Not this one, the strong handles on both sides of the smoker allowed me and my buddies to move it about the backyard before a cookout.
  • Dual Wood Chip Pans: Although the wood chip pans are on the slightly small side you do get 2 of them. This is enough space to hold enough chips for 3 hours of continuous smoking.

    This is more than enough time to watch the game, socialize or hang around with the family. There is no need to continuously check the wood chip levels.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. Only takes wood chips not chunks.
  2. The legs are flimsy, this is only a big concern if you are lifting the unit around though.

Not everyone needs a gas smoker with 7 cubic feet of total cooking room. But I like having a large unit for a big cookout. This smoker will fit (and cook) all the meat I need.

Do you cook a lot but don’t get that much time to get down to your local butcher like me? I would recommend ordering your meat online and having it delivered to your door.

It is not the cheapest gas smoker on the market. But once you take into account how many people you can cook for and the genuine quality of the unit, you won’t find it hard to justify splashing out.

4. Masterbuilt 20051316 Propane Smoker

My Pick For The Advanced Gas Smoker


  • Height: 52 in
  • Width: 28 in
  • Depth: 23 in
  • Weight: 90 lbs

This smoker is perfect for those who love to cook for a large crowd. I used it for Thanksgiving and got 2 turkeys in it and a whole bunch of sides! 

By now you will all know how much I love Masterbuilt products. This smoker is no different. It has all the Masterbuilt quality craftsmanship and detail I expected.

This is one of the most advanced smokers I have got a chance to play with, it did not disappoint. 

I even had the confidence to let this smoker work overnight while I slept without a worry in the world.

I loved the 1000 square inches of space. I did 2 turkeys and 4 different sides in it!! 

It’s a serious smoker for the serious backyard smoker.

What I Liked About it

Safety shut off:  I liked that this smoker has a safety valve that shuts off the burner if the flame goes out (perfect for when I use it overnight). This is what makes it a true set and forget unit. I find it concerning more units don’t include this feature.

Strong burners: I was able to maintain high temps in this smoker at 300 degrees for hours due to its high BTU OF 16,000

Thermostat controlled: No need for us to watch over this smoker all day. It used its thermostat to control the burner and maintain our desired temperature. The temperature also reminded steady throughout the cook.

Huge cooking area: This is our go-to when I was cooking for a group of friends, it can handle enough food to feed 15 – 20 people. That’s 16 whole chickens, 4 whole turkeys, 8 racks of ribs, 44 burgers, or 8 pork butts! You will never ever go hungry with this unit around.

Wood chip tray in an accessible spot: The wood chip tray was mounted on the lower door, This helped us keep the heat, moisture, and smoke inside the smoker.

What We Don’t Like About it

  • Movability: The wheels are not the biggest, but they did allow me to easily move the smoker on paved surfaces. Just make sure you disconnect the gas bottle first!

The Masterbuilt Thermotemp X-Large is my most advanced home smoker and was a top quality investment.

It is made for those who wish to enjoy producing delicious BBQ for lots of people but don’t want to tend to the smoker all day.

It is one of the safest smokers on the market today. I think it’s great to have that great peace of mind. Especially if you are cooking for the extended family or loved ones.

This smoker also comes in a smaller 30-inch design, this would be more suited to your everyday family smoker who loves a top of the range product

5. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP Propane Smoker

My Pick For The Cheapest Gas Smoker


  1. Height: 46 in
  2. Width: 27 in
  3. Weight: 54 lbs
  4. Cooking Room: 784 sq in

Do you need a smoker that can cook batches of chicken wings as well as your new brisket recipe? Or just a smaller unit that you can use outdoors no matter where you are?

I found this smoker was crafted out of heavy-duty steel. It has a 15,000 BTU burner, porcelain-coated enamel wood chip, and water pans.

I liked that I could adjust the racks. That meant I was able to feed 12 hungry adults with this smoker.

I could easily fit this smoker in my pick-up, as well as my wife’s station wagon. Plus it was only 54 pounds, so it was very easy to move around by myself.

The double door design meant I got a tight seal once I started smoking. I liked that I could easily change the airflow/smoke/temperature with the air dampers in the top and side.

It seemed to be a quality smoker and I was quite surprised about how inexpensive it was.

So this is the unit I recommend to friends and family, who are looking for a quality smoker at a low price.

What I Liked About It

  • Has a strong burner:  The burner combined with the incredibly well-insulated walls ensures I kept an consistent temperature even it was snowing outside.
  • Good smoke production: This smoker did an outstanding job of creating smoke and maintaining temperature to my desired levels. Like other smokers in this list, this is a set and forget unit.
  • Able to adjust the racks: Included were 4 food racks. I managed to configure it to feed 12 hungry adults at my wife’s 40th. There were a few racks of chicken wings,  pork butt, and a small brisket.
  • Sliding Dampers: On the top and bottom of the smoker, you will find sliding dampers which I could manually adjust to control the smoke, temperature, and moisture levels inside the chamber.
  • Water & Wood Chip Pans: The wood chip and water pans are easily accessible from the bottom door. Both pans are constructed of heavy gauge enamel steel. This helps lock in heat and ensures that your pans will not corrode or break.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Thermometer can read +/- 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the heat from the smoker is distributed towards the front where the end of the internal thermometer is.

6. Char-Broil Big Easy Infrared

Char Broil Infrared Cooker

I enjoyed using this unit however, we couldn’t include it in our top 3 as it’s not strictly a smoker.

I love that they have managed to pack in so many great features in such a small unit. My sister lives in an apartment and has one of these on her balcony. She let me try it out.

I think it is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space like my sis.

I was able to create some delicious BBQ with it. We did a roast turkey and some wings for my nephew’s 3rd birthday.


  • Height: 36.2 in
  • Width: 23.4 in
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Cooking Room: 180 sq in & 25 lbs capacity for roasting

What We Liked

  • Good grilling space: I was able to fit a whole turkey in it as well as wings and some sides.
  • No dry turkey! The main feature of this all-in-one grill is its infrared heating system. Your food is heated via the inner wall which radiates natural infrared heat. We all know that turkey can come out dry but it didn’t when we used this one.
  • Could get the same flavors as our charcoal smoker: I was able to add some wood chips The wood trip tray holds up to a whopping half a pound of chips. We found that this gave our turkey a similar flavor to when we use our charcoal smoker.
  • No air dampers or water pans needed: Due to the infrared heating technology, there is no need for a water pan. This means less clean-up and maintenance required. This is good for my sister as she doesn’t want to be clean up grease and oil from her balcony.

What We Didnt Like

  1. Though there is no digital temperature display, however we found the knob does accurately indicate the temperature

This unit is especially for people who are short on space and don’t want to have forgo having the option to smoke, grill, or roast.

Despite being a jack of trades it helped us some quality BBQ for our party.

This is a great smoker and may have made the top 3 if it had larger grill space and was a dedicated smoker.

7. Weber Genesis E-330

Weber Genesis E-330

I am a Weber fanboy from way back! They are well-known for building some highest quality units on the market, and the Genesis E-330 was no exception to that, It didn’t disappoint me!

I also loved we were able to hook it up to our natural gas.

Let see if this top-notch grill and smoker is the answer to your answer BBQ wishes!


  • Height: 24.2 in
  • Width: 25.6 in
  • Weight: 116 lbs
  • Cooking Room: 424 sq in

What I  Liked About it

  • Fuel Choice: When I used this unit we had the choice of propane or natural gas. We hooked it up to our gas lines. That way we could take advantage of super-cheap natural gas and never have to worry about running out of gas. We liked that it came 10-foot flexible hose for the natural gas connection.
  • Extra Work Space: The E-330 had two side tables, which we like as we could continue prepping as other meat was cooking.
  • Enormous Grill Space: This grill is immense, I have over 5077 square inches of primary grill area and a warming rack that measures 130 square inches! We managed to feed 12 hungry teenagers at my son’s pool party with it!

What I Did’nt Liked About it

  1. This is a big grill so it may not suit smaller spaces.

You might find that there are many grill/ gas smokers on the market at a lower price, however, none give you the same value for money this one does.

It will last for years to come, it is easy to use and is made by a company with a top reputation
This is a unit made for the true lovers of grilling and smoking!

8. Smoke Hollow 44241G2

Smoke Hollow 4421G2 Gas Smoker

This was one of the largest gas smokers I have tried, It has some serious cooking areas.

I really like the two-door configuration, I found it was really air-tight. So I didn’t lose any heat or smoker during my cook. I also enjoyed having the window, I like being able to watch the cook without having to open the doors


  • Height: 60 in
  • Width: 33 in
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Cooking Area: 6.5 cubic feet

What I Liked

  • Large Cooking Area: With its 6 cubic feet of capacity, I was able to cook for a large party. I had 13 hungry adults and 4 kids to feed.  
  • Two 12,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burners. The heating unit worked brilliantly. It held the temperature well thought our entire cook.  
  • Can Get to Temperature Quickly: Since this gas smoker has two burners, it was able to get to temperature quickly
  • Double-door mechanism: this helped  prevent smoke or heat loss during my cook.


  1. There are some minor issues with door seals, which can result in some heat lost. Though it can easily be overcome by including some sealing element in the gap of the door.

Coming out of one of the most trusted brands, I think that this smoker is top-notch quality. Plus it has one of the biggest cooking capacities I’ve seen.

9. Camp Chef 18″ Smoker

Camp Chef Vertical Propane Smoker

This gas smoker is relatively inexpensive compared to what it could do.

I managed to fit a turkey, wings, and some sides in it in on go! Plus it can run on natural gas!

We converted ours to a natural gas smoker, which makes using it even cheaper (natural gas costs way less).


  • Height: 30 in
  • Width: 18 in
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Size: 630 sq in

What I Liked About I

  • Can Convert to Natural Gas: I converted it to natural gas. That means you cant move it around the yard. However, it reduced our propane costs dramatically so I don’t mind!.
  • Holds Temperatures Well: Once I got to my desired temperature with this smoker, it maintained that temperature and I didn’t experience any fluctuations.
  • The door thermometer appears to be well-calibrated:  When tested against our thermometer it was always within 5 degrees
  • Convenient Push to Start: It was simple for us to get it started. I did’nt even need a lighter or any prior knowledge of smokers to get this one going.

Camp Chef 18 Pros

  1. Easy to clean up, everything is removable which is handy for cleaning.
  2. Easy Conversion to Natural Gas.
  3. Easy to move about however your not going to put your back out.
  4. Built using quality construction materials and techniques. Making it lightweight, yet sturdy.

Camp Chef 18 Cons

  1. Additional assembly required

Not only does the Camp Chef look fantastic in my backyard, but it also produces some of the succulent smokey meat I’ve ever cooked.

It is made of really high-quality materials and built to bloody last (I’ve had mine for over 4 years). I really like that unit is air tight, this means no heat or smoke escape, I think that is why the food is always top-notch.

2. The Masterbuilt 20051311 Gas Smoker

The Runner Up For


  • Height: 43.5 in
  • Width: 21.1 in
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Cooking Space: 717 sq in

I liked that the unit that has a very quick setup and I found it easy to use.

I think this vertical style gas smoker has been designed to for people to cook great BBQ with minimal prior experience.

The smokers had 4 removable racks. That meant I was able to fit 4 racks full of juicy pork ribs.

Plus at Thanksgiving I managed to fit in a a whole turkey and some smoked baked beans

I liked that the two door construction allowed me to top up the wood chips and water pan, without disturbing the main cooking chamber.

This keeps in all my heat and smoke, allowing my cooking environment to stay the same.

The push button ignition started with ease every time for me. Plus the temperature gauge was accurate when tested against my secondary thermometers.

It comes in 2 different sizes, the 30 inches, and the larger 40 inches. The smaller 30 was perfect when I just had small cookouts. I used the bigger 40-inch unit when I catered for my sisters 40th birthday

What We Did and Didn’t Like


  1. They have make it affordable: It’s an affordable unit to for me to buy, use and maintain.
  2. Perfect For beginners & long time smokers: I like smoker that are simple to use & has a user-friendly interface. I found that this smoker ticks both those boxes. This gas smoker is a fantastic buy for any first-time smoker. Many long-time pitmasters also favor the Masterbuilt.
  3. Temperature probe allows for accurate cooking. After crossing checking with my thermometer, I found the temperature probe displaying the correct temps
  4. Top quality build: This gas smoker came with a firm locking door with tight seams and an inner liner. This high quality door means it was holding my desired temperature and smoke well.
  5. Huge inside: It had 717 square inches of cooking space. I was able to load it up with large and long cuts of meats. This is perfect when I was feeding a crowd of around 15 -20 my sisters 40th birthday party.
  6. Two Door Design: I find with with many vertical style smokers, there is usually only one access point to the smoker, when you need to refill the wood chips or water pan and you open the main door you lose a lot of heat and smoke, not ideal when you are trying to smoke.


  1. The wood chip tray is not the best. It is better to use an iron skillet. This will help evenly distribute heat and not burn your wood chip.

I found it to be well-constructed and even has some nice details that are often missing in some of the more expensive models.

Due to its size, the 30 inch Masterbuilt 20051311 could also be used as a portable smoker if you have a pickup truck.

I would highly recommend this gas smoker to anyone who is looking to buy their first smoker or someone who wants to add to their collection.

Need Help Picking a Gas Smoker?

Don’t worry, I am here to help.

You might have noticed that there is a lot of smoker and BBQ sites out there on the web. Each will claim to give you the most accurate information. However, I have personally cooked on all the propane or gas smoker units I have recommended above. It was a big (delicious) job but someone had to do it.

What to Consider When Buying a Gas Smoker

Now you are convinced that you can’t cook another meal any other way, the next step is determining which gas smoker you need.

You will find that some cheaper gas smokers will have features that some of the more expensive ones don’t and vice versa. It is very important to understand what you want when you are browsing.

What to consider when buying a smoker

  • Who are you cooking for?
    Do regularly host big cookouts or is it just you and the family? You should pick a smoker that can easily accommodate all the food you want to smoke. There is no point wasting fuel to fire up a big smoker each time you want to cook for 4 people. Make sure you also think about what you want to cook. A rack of ribs can take up a lot of space and many smokers won’t have the surface area for them to lay flat.

  • Separate doors:
    You may want to look for a smoker with separate doors. Mainly for the lower part of the cooking cabinet and the cooking chamber. This enables you to easily check on the flame, replenish water or fuel without losing smoke or heat.

  • What do you want to spend?:
    Think about what you want to spend. smokers can range from $100 – $10,000. If you are a home chef then a mid-range gas smoker might be ideal for you. Good quality mid-range smokers start at around $150. Investing in a good quality product will ensure your smoker produces delicious BBQ but also lasts you many years.

    Quality construction and leaking smoking:
    Many smokers on the market are made from thin, flimsy metal. Plus if the doors aren’t air-tight you will be losing precious smoke and heat. Try to purchase a smoker that is made from thick steel and is properly insulated.
  • How involved in the cooking process do you want to be:
    Do you want to spend the whole day watching over the fire or coals? Some people live for this and would happily spend the whole weekend with the smoker. But what do you want to do?

Compared to charcoal smokers, gas smokers are extremely easy to use. No need to monitor the coals, just turn on the gas and flick the switch. If you are familiar with pellet smokers you will love propane smokers, they are more suited to the ‘set and forget type of home cook.

Gas grills sales passed charcoal smoker grills in 1994 and are now almost 60% of all grills sold are gas.

Meathead Goldwyn, Amazing Ribs

How Do Gas Smokers Work

Propane smokers are simple to use. All models have a gas burner that is connected to a gas bottle.

There is usually a burner at the very bottom of the unit, that has jets. Above that burner is a small self with a pan for wood chips or chunks. then above that is the spot for a water pan.

Above all of those items is your shelving for food. As the wood smolders the smoke and heat rise. It then surrounds your food and both adds a smoky flavor and increases the internal temperature of the food.

“For a simpler method that uses wood for smoking, many barbecue chefs are embracing gas smoking, which generates heat by burning gas/propane”.

Aaron Franklin – Franklins BBQ
aaron franjklin ready to start meat smoking

How Much Propane Does A Gas Smoker Use?

This is a little bit of a complicated question because several variables can come into play with each gas smokers model. However, it can be broken down into the following:

A 20lb tank of propane used in a device with a 15,400 BTU rating will burn out in around 28 hours. However, this is at full burn. In reality, you will never be cooking at full bore for long periods.

In reality, once your grill or smoker has reached temperature you will be running at roughly 15% to 25% of its 15,400 BTU capacity. This means that you should get around 4 – 5 times more burn time than the 28 hours at full burn.

What is A Natural Gas Smoker?

There is some confusion around the natural gas smoker and how it is fuelled. The fuel source is supplied by a utility company and the natural gas is directly piped to your house. You need to have a licensed plumber install the gas lines for your smoker. This means that your smoker can’t be moved after this.

Natural gas as a fuel option is becoming more commonplace as consumers learn of the benefits of outdoor cooking with it. I have compiled the pros and cons of using natural gas below. I am a big fan of it and are always trying to educate friends and family on it.

The Energy Content of Natural Gas

One cubic foot of propane gas has the same energy content as two cubic feet of natural gas. However, you find that it still costs more to use propane.

This difference in energy is also the main reason that a propane, gas smoker, or grill can’t be hooked up directly to a natural gas line.

How to Clean Convert Propane to Natural Gas

It is possible to convert your propane grill or smoker to natural gas and some manufacturers provide modification kits for LPG to NG. 

If you’re interested I recommend you contact your manufacturer to see if a conversion is available.

The Pros and Cons of Natural Gas

Natural Gas Pros

  1. Natural gas is automatically provided, no need to worry if your gas bottle will run out.
  2. Natural gas burns cleaner than propane does This means there is less chance of affecting the fuel affecting the taste of your food.
  3. Natural gas is much cheaper than propane (LPG). It has been found to be typically 1/6 of the price of propane (LPG).

Natural Gas Cons

  1. You will need an accredited gas professional to install a natural gas smoker/ BBQ.
  2. You may need to pay to be connected to the gas mains.
  3. You will not be able to change the position of the smoker to another location in your backyard.

Get Your Gas Smoker Working at an Optimal Level

Buying a gas smoker means you get a unit that is easy to use and at a low price.

Sometimes the quality isn’t the same as charcoal smokers mainly due to the cheaper construction.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a charcoal smoker. I have a few old tricks of the trade to share with you.

  1. Use Charcoal in Your Smoker
    You can add a few pieces of charcoal to your firebox. This helps give your food a little more of an authentic flavor.

To do this just;

Grab some foil and wrap your woodchucks

Create a pile with your charcoal where the heat comes out of

Put the foil parcel on top of the charcoal, after a few minutes you will start to see smoke.

2. Pick up a new wood chip box.
The stock wood pans that come with a gas smoker don’t often produce as much smoke a pellet smoker. I always buy a separate cast iron pan and use that instead.

You will need to experiment about where the best place to put it is. It might be directly on your burner or you might be able to put the pan on the tray.

3. Change your Fuel
Many brands recommend using wood chips. However, if you can fit them, I would go for wood chunks.

This way you only need to refill your pan every 3 hours rather than every hour.

I usually add enough wood chunks to just cover the bottom of the pan to start with.

4. Get a spare tank
I always keep a spare tank on hand when cooking with gas. You want to avoid running out midway through a cook

5. Get a Your Own Thermometer
Sure, most smokers will come with a thermometer. But unless you have tested it extensively you never really know if it calibrated properly. This way you can always correct at your preferred temperature.

Smoke On!


Author: Charlie Reeves
Hi, I’m Charlie, I have been meat-smoking and grilling for the past 15 years. I have an array of different smokers, thermometers, and have a love for finding the right wood and charcoal combo My favourite recipes are my EXTRA CRISPY smoked pork belly, juicy pulled pork, smoked brisket, duck poppers, and ANY SEAFOOD I grill).

I loves sharing his tips with beginners, helping them navigate the world of smoking. I find it’s not just about cooking; it’s a quest for that perfect smoky flavor.

You will usually find me playing with the kids, perfecting my brisket bark, or sipping beers with boys around the fire. Can’t wait to share all my delicious smoking and grilling recipes with you!

You can read more about me on our About Us page.

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  1. thanks for the information on natural gas grills! I also made some your grills recipe at home theyare very tasty, please add more thanks.

  2. Great review. I wish I saw this before I bought mine. I originally bought the large camp chef but later swapped it out for the Lynx Sonoma smoker. I figured it would be more high end and easier to monitor. I have to say that the Lynx has so for been an expensive disappointment. They make good grills but this thing is their forgotten child.

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