How to Tuck Turkey Wings (4 Simple Steps to Tuck in Turkey Wings)

Tucking the turkey wings is an important step in the preparation.

Give me a chance to quickly share this technique.

So you can end up with the most delicious smoked turkey.

For all the family at the next thanksgiving.


Simple Steps – Lets Tuck Those Turkey Wings

This is a simple step guide.

Because tucking the bird wings is a basic cooking technique and doesn’t take up your time.

So you can focus on more important things.

Like if your homemade gravy is seasoned enough.

Well, is it?

What You Will Need

– Whole bird or turkey (this can be applied to chicken wings too)

– Piece of kitchen twine

– Sharpe knife

– Carving board/roasting rack

– Paper towel

– Kitchen gloves

Step 1 – Preparing the Turkey

Put on your kitchen gloves when handling raw meat.

Ready the turkey.

The chest cavity should be cleaned of giblets and stuffed to your preference.

Place the bird on a clean carving board or roasting rack so it is secure.

Tip: If you are doing this on a carving board then put a piece of damp towel between the board and your kitchen top.

Have the knife and twine

Grab the wings that are sticking out from the body of the entire bird.


Step 2 – Tucking the Wings

– Grab the wings that protrude out from the body of the entire bird.

– In a forward motion, pinch the wing tips and tuck them under the front breast meat.

The weight of the turkey should hold down the wings and stop them from popping back out.

Step 3 – Tieing Turkey

Once you have tucked the wings we need to secure them with twine.

– Estimate the length of twine you will need to wrap around the entire bird with the wings tucked.

– Cut the twine with your knife.

– Start from the breasts and wrap around the whole turkey.

– Pull tight and then wrap the remaining two sides of the twine around the turkey legs and pull them together.

– Tie a knot like you should a shoelace around the legs.

Step 4 – Cook Your Turkey

I hope these basic steps have helped you understand how to tuck in your bird’s wings.

– Cook the turkey to your preference for a best-tasting bird with crispy skin!

Tip: Always use a meat thermometer in the thickest part of your turkey. This is to measure the internal temps accurately.

Why Are We Tucking Turkey Wings?

The simple reason we want to tuck the wings is to avoid burning and help form a crispier turkey skin.

Leaving the wings spread from the body will burn them.

This is because they cook much quicker than the body.

Tucking the wings protects them from the heat and helps form a crispy skin from the dripping fat.

Tieing it also makes the bird easier to handle and maintains shape.

Maintaining shape is important for such a big bird when carving all that tender meat!


What Cooking Method Should I Tuck the Wings?

The cooking method is really up to you.

Smoking, roasting, or evening frying.

Tuck those wings every time!

Food Safety Advice When Handling Raw Meat

You will have to handle the turkey more than usual if you tuck and wrap the wings.

Always be proactive on what surfaces the raw meat touches.

While also paying attention to where your contaminated hands go.

You should wash your hands thoroughly after handling or use gloves and then disregard them.


Be conscious of any surfaces or other food items in the vicinity.

Lastly, use specific kitchen items just for raw meat.

This will build muscle memory and conscientiousness in the future.


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Happy cooking!

Smoke On!


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