Traeger Grill Startup Instructions (How To Fire Up Your Traeger Grill)

Have you just purchased your Traeger Pellet Grill? Want to understand how to correctly fire it up for the first time?

I will be explaining the whole process from start to finish


What Exactly Do We Mean by ‘Startup’

Think of your Traeger as an engine, there are intricate grill components that quite literally need a bit of warming up.

The startup is a preheat cycle procedure you should follow before cooking. Follow the correct startup steps on your Traeger grills model the first time you use it.


Why Is It Important to Do a Proper Startup on Your Treager?

Like any machine, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidance, this will ensure you are being safe.

It will also ensure the longevity of your Traeger pellet smoker, as well as the internal components.

Following the correct startup can also have an effect throughout the cooking. Maintaining a constant and correct temperature is vital for a successful BBQ.

Are you willing to jeopardize it with temperature swings or hot spots? There is also the matter of the fuel being consistent.

Wood pellets are funneled down to the ignition chamber by the auger.

The startup will ensure there are no auger jams and allow the correct amount of fuel to be in the chamber.


Do I Need to Do Anything Before the Startup?

There are 3 main things you should do before your initial startup.

Understand the model of your Traeger pellet grill.

– Have it correctly assembled.

– That it is clean and ready to use from the previous use.


Know What Traeger Pellet Grill You Have

There are a variety of ranges and models of Treagers, each of these will have nuances.

Nuances range from technology, size, and even features. This is important to know the model as this will impact the startup.

To find your model do the following;

Check your packaging before you assemble (if just brought new)

– If already assembled, open up your hopper lid.

– Look for a bar code sticker which is located underneath the words “attention serial”.

The first alpha/numeric combination is the model number.


Assembly of Your Traeger Grill

This is for first-time users who have just purchased a Traeger cooking grill.

You will need to have properly and completely assembled your machine, do this according to your instruction manual.

Make sure you have taken care to know that it is assembled properly.

The Grill Cleanliness

The cleanliness of your machine is important, again, you should follow the official guidelines from Traeger.

At least clean out your grease trap and pellet hopper, There shouldn’t be any debris on the grill grates from previous cooks either.


Do You Have a Wifire-Enabled Grill?

A WiFire pellet grill is newer and has more efficient and easy-to-use technology They have a quicker and more efficient startup cycle.

Which gets you to your desired cooking temperatures quicker!

Has your wifi gone offline, see this resource on how to fix it.

List of Wifire-Enabled Grills

– Traeger Pro 575

– Traeger Pro 780

– Century 885

– Silverton 620

– Silverton 810

– Ironwood 650

– Ironwood 885

– Timberline 850

– Timberline 1300

Do You Have a AC Grill?

AC stands for Alternating Current.

The models with AC are older and powered differently compared to the newer ones.

They are also known as non-Wifire grills.

Although still efficient grill features and mechanically sound…

The grill temperature may take a little longer to achieve.

There is also the question of whether you have closed-lid startup grills or an open-lid.

List of AC Grills

– Timberline XL

– Ironwood XL

– Ironwood+

– Silverton

– Century 22

– Century 34

– Eastwood 22

– Eastwood 34

– Heartland

– Homestead

– Junior

– Mesa

– Prairie

– Ranger

– Ridgeland

– Select

– Tailgater

– Texas Elite

What Is the Difference Between AC & Wifire?

The startup process between AC & WiFire is new technology.

I don’t want to bore you with more grill model lists or a grill comparison.

The power and internal grill components work more efficiently in a WiFire grill.

This doesn’t mean that the older models are bad.

They just need a little more time to achieve greatness!

Don’t we all sometimes?


Does the Size of Your Traeger Grill Matter for the Startup?

Yes, the size of your grill can affect the startup time.

The larger ranges like the Timberline or Timberline XL take a little bit longer to heat.

This is due to the large area in your grill.

Always startup with the lid closed on these ranges.


Should I Have the Lid Closed or Open During the Startup?

 Most of the Traeger grills produced since 2016 require a closed-lid start-up procedure.

It will always be AC.

This makes it effortless by trapping the heat inside.

To acquire the desired temperature.

An open-lid startup is for grills that have a smoke setting.

You should leave the lid off while the fan kicks in and burns off any initial debris or old wood pellets.

How to Start a Wifire-Enabled Grill

– Make sure all the internal grill components (heat baffle, drip tray, grill grates) are inside the grill and installed correctly.

– Close the grill lid.

Plug in and turn on your grill.

– Turn the dial to your desired temperature and press the dial.

– Press Ignite, its take 3-4 minutes for the grill to ignite

– The grill should reach the set temperature within 15 minutes.

– The temperature will display on the controller screen and the Traeger App.

If you are having problems with the grill igniting there is a full guide here.

How to Start an AC Grill

– Find the model number.


– Most grills produced since 2016 require a closed-lid startup procedure.

– To make the process more effortless.

– The internal grill components (heat baffle, drip tray, grill grates) are inside the grill. and installed correctly.

– Close the grill lid.

– Plug in and turn on your grill.

– Turn the temperature dial to the desired temperature. After about 2 minutes, whiteish-gray smoke should come out of the chimney.

– The grill should reach the desired temperature within 15 minutes.

– The current temperature will display on the controller as it preheats. For best results, wait at least 10 minutes before placing food on the grill.

– Start Traegering!


– If the grill requires an open-lid start-up, follow these steps:

– When ready to cook, ensure all the internal grill components (heat baffle, drip tray, grill grates) are inside the grill.

– Plug in and turn on your grill.

– With the lid open, set your Traeger grill to the SMOKE setting. You will hear the fan running.

– Wait roughly 5 minutes for the fire to ignite and establish. You will hear a difference in the fan once the flame gets rolling.

– Wait for an additional 5-10 minutes, keeping the lid open.

– Close the lid.

– Set the temperature to the desired temperature.

– Allow the grill to preheat for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

When you finish cooking always go through the full shutdown cycle.

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