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Louisiana Pellet Grill LG900 (Tested Sept 2018)

The Louisiana Grill LG 900 is your classic barrel-shaped pellet grill. It is just like the heavy duty BBQ of past years but outperforms some of the most expensive grills on the market.

This unit has the modern technology with ​a strong and sturdy build. We found it could smoke and grill slow and low, to give us flavors similar to our favorite smokehouses and restaurants.

What makes this even better is that this is all done with just a push of a button. When we tried it, all we had to do was load up the pellets set our desired temperature and it handled the rest. The unit regulated the temperature or maintain it for hours.

Louisana Pellet Grill LG900

We noted it had a 5-degree increment digital controller, with a meat temperature probe built in. Something you don't typically see in this price range.

Let's see if the Louisiana LG900 Grill is the one you have been searching for!

Louisana Pellet Grill LG900
'Best Pellet Smoker with Built in Thermometer'

Key Features

Digital Control Center
The digital control center in this grill allows you to set the temperature between 180°F to 600°F. This is undoubtedly a superb temperature range for grilling all kinds of meats and vegetables. We used the built-in digital display for getting an accurate temperature reading each and every time.

Stong and Sturdy Construction
The grill is built with heavy duty 14 gauge steel for durability and strength. The core material here is stainless steel upon which has been powder coated. This grill should last years with the correct maintenance

Searing Option
The Louisiana Grill gives you the opportunity to sear and then grill your meat, which allows you to smoke your food to perfection.

Spacious Cooking Area
With a spacious cooking space, we didn’t have to worry about cooking for a crowd. The cooking surface measuring 913 square inches, 633 square inches main and 280 square inches upper.

Spacious Hopper with Option to Extend
We have found that the size of the hopper can affect the set and forget feature. Some smokers need to be refilled multiple times thought a cook which can defeat the whole feature. The Louisiana Grill LG 900 has a 14 lbs. pellet hopper that can fuel up to 8 hours of cooking

Accurate Temp Reading With Meat Probe
After testing the accuracy of the smoker, we also tested the meat probe. We found it was completely accurate with + - 1 degree.

Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grate
The grates are made of high-quality porcelain coated cast iron. Having porcelain coated grates not only makes it more durable but means the grill was much easier to clean.

Cold Smoke Cabinet
You are also able to cold smoke with the Louisiana LG 900. This has an enormous space for cold smoking as well as for warming. It is perfectly positioned on the right side of the unit.

What I Liked

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    Accurate Temperature control – the unit allows you to control the temperature from 170 to 600 f. 
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    Great Mobility – the unit features durable wheels which made moving the LG 900 effortless.
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    Spacious Cooking Area – the unit gives you a wider cooking area of 913 sq in.
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    Programmable Meat Probe. Allows for  easy monitoring and adjusting the heat to maintain the desired cooking temperature once obtained.
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    High quality materials. The unit is made from the heavy duty 14 gauge steel that is powder coated.

What I Didn't Like

  • Heating it takes a relatively long time to reach the desired temperature for this unit, but once obtained it is retained well.

Ease of Use

An amateur will appreciate a pellet grill because they are relatively easy to get started and maintain. This unit is so easy to use, you will have it out every weekend.

To light this bad girl up, all you need to do is fill the hopper with the pellets, plug your smoker into 110V outlet, push the start button and it is all set. It only took us about 5 minutes to obtain a smoky fire.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Cleaning and maintenance the Louisiana pellet grill is simple. You will find the upper cooking grid is removable. You can put this in the dishwasher with non-caustic cleanser. Being able to remove this rack makes cleaning the inside a breeze. We recommend you just do it after each cook and it will take you no longer than 10 minutes each time.

Removal of the ash after cooking is quite easy all you need do it is empty the drawer and swept it. Unlike most unit uses fewer pellets due to the convection heat feature. We also found that we only every 2 – 3 uses.

Warranty Details

Louisiana Pellet Grills comes with a 5 years warranty period from the purchase date. The warranty is however limited against the defects and workmanship on all its steel parts.

Note: All the electrical components of the unit are given a 3 year limited warranty period.

Do You Get Value For Money?

With top quality constructions and a range of feature, the Louisiana pellet grill absolutely manages to deliver value for money.

It has many features that other smokers in this price range don’t have. Not only that you are practically getting a commercial quality product at a domestic price.

Not only do you get quality materials but you get features such as the increment digital controller, with a meat temperature probe built in. Something you don't typically see in this price range.

Final Thoughts

As you know, nothing beats the grilled and smokey flavors of a BBQ. This is one of our recommendations for both novices and advanced grill masters.

You will be using this grill for years to come. Its sturdy materials and high tech electronics make this grill an absolute steal.

Frequently Asked Questions

is the temperature even across the grate, or does it vary from one side to the other?
The temperature is pretty even.

Does this come with the Full Function Programmable Meat Probe?
Yes, it does. You put the probe in the meat, set the internal temperature and it does the rest

Does this pellet grill require assembly when it arrives
Yes, it does. It took me about 45 minutes to assemble. Worth the wait though

How many BTU's
According to the manufactures, web site the Louisiana Grill LG 900 is rated at 48,000 BTUs.

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