The Louisiana Grill LG 900

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The Louisiana Grill LG 900 is your classic horizontal barrel-shaped pellet grill.

It is like the traditional heavy-duty barrel smoker of past years. But its has been crafted with some 21st-century technology upgrades.

It is a mid-range costing unit that I believe outperforms some of the more expensive pellet grills. I would put it in the same category as the Pit Boss Pro Series 820.

This unit has modern technology with a strong and sturdy heavy-duty build. I have no doubts that it will be a permanent addition to your backyard set up for years to come.

Let’s take a deeper look into the Louisiana Pellet Grill LG 900 and see if it is the one you need in your backyard.

Louisiana Grill LG 900 Pellet Grill


The Louisiana Grill LG 900 was made for those who love to cook for a lot of people, and need a versatile grill.

We found it can smoke slow & low as well as‘char broil’ a steak. The kids even got the pizza stone out and made a delicious pizza! It can do all this due to its wide temperature range of 180 – 600°F.

The results for each different style of cooking were surprisingly good. My wife compares the cook to our favorite smokehouse (although I claim that as my expertise).

What makes this unit more appealing is that cooking is essentially done with a push of a button (meaning more time with the kids). I have also the pellet grill for our Thanksgiving turkey. So when my crazy family arrives I have more time to spend with them.

When we tried it, all we had to do was load up the pellets set our desired temperature. The unit basically handled the rest. The LG900 regulated temperatures within 5 degrees when tested against my iGrill2.

It has a 5-degree increment, digital controller. This makes setting and changing your temperature as easy as pressing a button. You also get a meat temperature probe built in. Something you don’t typically see in this price range.

The LG900 is a large unit that performs as well if not better than other smaller pellet smokers out there.


  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 66.9 x 43.3 inches

  • Total Cooking Space: 913 square inches

  • Weight: 168 pounds

  • Cooking Racks: 7

  • Thermometer: One ambient thermometer and 1 meat thermometer

  • Wheels: 4 wheels. 2 lockable 360° rotating smaller and 2 fixed larger wheels

  • Hopper Capacity: 14 pound standard hopper

  • Grease Catch Can: Yes

  • Temperature Range: 170F – 600F (5 degree increments)

  • Main Construction: 14 gauge heavy duty steel

My Favorite Features of The Louisiana Grill LG 90

  • Digital Control Center: Using the digital controls you can set the temperature between 180 – 600° Fahrenheit. This is a wide temperature range that lets you cook everything from low & slow brisket to a pizza on a pizza stone. The built-in digital display is very easy & clear to read. You can read the internal temperature at a glance.

  • Strong and Sturdy Construction: The grills built with heavy duty 14 gauge steel and is very durable. The stainless steel has been powder coated. This helps fight against general wear & tear as well as rust. You can feel how sturdy this unit is when wheeling it around. With other smokers that are around the same weight you can often feel the steel start to flex or bend. The Louisiana feels solid. This is also thanks to the bottom storage tray that works like a brace. With the correct maintenance and storage, this grill should last for 10s of years.

  • Searing Option: The Louisiana Pellet Grill is a versatile pellet smoker. It gives you the opportunity to sear & grill. Perfect for giving the finishing touches to your low & slow cooks. Searing steaks or quickly cook a batch of chicken wings. It is also a great place to cook your vegetables for side dishes. The high temperature range is one of my favorite things about this unit. It allows you to cook many different styles of food. I would go so far to say it can even replace several of your other backyard units.

  • Spacious Cooking Area: With a spacious main cooking space, we didn’t have to worry at all about cooking for a crowd. The cooking surface measures 913 square inches. That breaks down into 633 square inches of main cooking space and 280 square inches secondary cooking space.

  • Large Hopper with Option to Extend: The size of the hopper can affect the set and forget function of some pellet smokers. Some smokers need to be refilled multiple times through a long cook. I think that defeats the whole purpose of set and forget cooking. The Louisiana Grill LG 900 has a 14 lb pellet hopper that can fuel up to 8 hours of cooking. This is long enough for most of the cooks that I have done to this point. If 8 hours is not quite enough cooking time there are optional hopper upgrades. An upgrade will allow you to cook for 12+ hours!

  • Accurate Temp Reading With Meat Probe: We tested the smokers thermometer and the meat probe. The smokers thermometer stayed within 5 degrees when tested against my iGrill2. Considering the iGrill 2 was inside the unit itself and the LG900s is mounted on the front I thought this was good. The internal meat probe stayed within 3 degrees of my Thermopen when cooking a brisket.

  • Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grate: The grates are made of high-quality porcelain coated cast iron. Porcelain coated grates not only makes the unit durable but means the grill was much easier to clean. Even after cooking several steaks and finishing off a rack of ribs slathered in sauce.

  • Cold Smoke Cabinet: You are also able to cold smoke with the Louisiana LG 900. This has an enormous space for cold smoking. It is perfectly positioned on the right side of the unit. This is great for keeping sides warm, or for cold smoking a whole side of salmon.

Setting Up The Louisiana Grill 900

The beauty of any pellet smoker is how user-friendly it is. The Louisiana Grill LG 900 is no exception.

The initial setup is fairly straightforward. You will need a screwdriver, wrench, and a level for set up. The LG900 is possible to set up alone. However, because of its size & weight, I would recommend setting this up with someone.

The owner’s manual goes into great detail about all aspects of the unit. Including unboxing, assembly, operating instructions, cooking guides, shut down, and troubleshooting. The owner’s manual also has a breakdown of the digital controller and all its different functions.

For those who are new to pellet smokers the owner’s manual also explains how the pellet smoker works, diagrams included.

Made in The USA

Yoder smokers are made here in the USA. It is always nice to support local businesses.

See the full list of pellet grills made in the USA here.

Is The Louisiana LG900 Easy To Use?

Once set up the LG900 is very easy to prepare and cook with. Before diving right into your first cook you will need to do a grill burn-off.

Essentially this burns of anything foreign inside the grill and makes it safe to use. This takes around 30 – 40 minutes but only needs to be done once.

Once you have finished the grill burn off you are good to get your first cook underway. All you need to do is fill your hopper up with pellets and press the power button. This will initiate the start-up cycle.

The start up cycle will basically do everything for you. Around 20 minutes later once the unit is pre-heated you will be ready to put in your meat. Simple.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the Louisiana Grill LG 900 is simple & easy – the way cleaning should be!

This unit has been constructed to be as easy to clean as possible. This is one of the reasons I love this pellet smoker.

The cooking grids should be cleaned after every use. To do this all you need to do is keep the unit running on high for 10 minutes after you have finished cooking. This will burn off anything leftover or burnt onto the grids. If there is anything stuck simply give a quick once over with a safe grill brush.

To keep the meat probes in the best condition you should also wash them after every use. This is as simple as washing with hot soapy water.

Every 2 – 3 uses you should clean the burn grate and the burn pot. This is another simple task which only requires you to scoop out or vacuum up any debris that has accumulated. At this stage you will also want to clean out the grease bucket, simply discard and wash with warm soapy water.

Every 5 or so cooks you should empty out the main barrel. This is as simple as scooping out the leftover debris. You should also clean the air exhaust vents. Simply scrub with a soft washcloth and warm soapy water. The flame broiler should also be done at the same time, all you need to do is scrape clean with a solid grill scraper.

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Warranty Details

The Louisiana Grill LG 900 comes with a 5 year warranty period from the purchase date from the manufacturer.

However, the warranty is limited against the defects and workmanship on all its steel parts only.

Note: All the electrical components of the unit are given a 3 year limited warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the temperature even across the grate, or does it vary from one side to the other?
Answer: The temperature is pretty even.

Question:​Does this come with the Full Function Programmable Meat Probe?
Answer: Yes, it does. You put the probe in the meat, set the internal temperature and it does the rest.

Question: How long does a Lousina grill take to get hot
Answer: It took about 35 for the grill to get the grilling temp I set.

Question: Does this pellet grill require assembly when it arrives?/
Answer: Yes, it does. It took me about 45 minutes to assemble. Worth the wait though.

Question: How many BTU’s?
Answer: According to the manufactures, web site the Louisiana Grill LG 900 is rated at 48,000 BTUs.

Pros and Cons

LG 900 Pros

  1. Maintains an accurate temperature.

  2. Durable wheels make moving this big heavy unit around very easy.

  3. The large cooking area gives you endless options in what you can cook.

  4. The programmable meat probe is a huge bonus, you can always ensure you are cooking your food to the exact temperature you love.

  5. High quality durable construction.

LG 900 Cons

  1. Since it is a large unit it does take a long time to pre heat, however, once it has come to temperature it retains heat really well.

Louisiana Grill Size Range

ImageGrill Model and LinkSmoker Size
Lousiana Grills LG700Lousiana Grills LG700707 square inches
Lousiana Grills LG900Lousiana Grills LG900913 square inches
Lousiana Grills LG1100Lousiana Grills LG11001061 square inches

Wrapping it Up on the Louisiana Grill LG 900 Grill

As you know, nothing beats the grilled and smoky flavors of a BBQ. You might also know getting that perfect flavor at home isn’t always easy.

Yet somehow the Louisiana Pellet Grill LG 900 makes creating smokehouse quality food easy & accessible. This goes for first-time smokers as well as seasoned pit bosses.

Its not the cheapest unit out there. But that is justified by its quality construction, ease of use, and delicious results.

Some pellet smokers are overdone with digital controls and features that you don’t use. The LG900 strikes a perfect balance of simplicity and tech.

Who Is This Smoker For? This smoker is for those backyard cooks who love a big cookout. If that is only for the family or everyone in the neighborhood.

The Bottom Line: If you are a backyard entertainer who wants a quality unit that will stand the test of time and create good food the Louisiana Grill LG 900 is for you.

Overall Final Rating: 4.7 / 5

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7 thoughts on “The Louisiana Grill LG 900”

  1. I bought mine at Costco because they didn’t have any Traeger grills available at the time and the LG was on sale for a couple hundred dollars off. I believe I got the LG 900 and while it does look quite nice when it’s new and with the digital display, the extra bracing for the legs and shelves and everything, I ultimately took mine back for a refund. The first issue was when I did the initial seasoning of the grates. One of the three grates bubbled up because it got too hot and melted. I called up LG and they sent me another one, which was the wrong one and was mislabeled in the box. Ok, so I called them up again and they sent me out a second one, still the wrong grate. Finally on the third try they ended up getting me the correct grate for my grill. After that I had other serious issues with the grill like the start up taking 30 minutes to get up to 350 degrees. No joke, it would take 30 minutes for my grill to get up to 350 degrees, so I called up LG again and they said it’s normal for their grills to take that long to get up to temperature. Ha! My Traeger has about 8-10 minutes to get up to 350 degrees, not 30 minutes. So then they talked me through adjusting the startup settings which then made the grill over 100 degrees hotter then the setting you would have it one, I.E. I’d have it on 350 degrees and it would be showing over 450 degrees. I adjusted the settings back to the factory settings and it still has off by over 50-75 degrees. That and the paint started wearing off/peeling after just using the grill three times. Their product is a joke, their customer service is a joke and luckily I bought it from Costco who had no issue returning it for me. I ended up buying a Traeger Silverton grill and good lord it’s hands down a much better grill. It gets up to temperature and maintains that temperature in about 10 minutes, it’s powder coated so the paint won’t flake off and rust, has a better warranty and so on. Do yourself a favor and skip on the LG, just get a Traeger.

  2. Maybe Blair got a bad one. It happens. I’d be upset with that too. I also purchased mine from Costco, but mine has been great.

    The grill heats up relatively fast. It hits 350 in about 10 min. I have not had any issues with maintaining accurate temps and the direct flame provides impressive searing. Much more than I expected.
    I’ve only had it about 3 months so can’t comment as to whether the finish will last, but I do keep mine in the garage when it’s not in use.

  3. I have had my LG900C1 series for about a week now and I love it.
    Set it and forget it. Heats up in 10 to 15 minutes, consistent heat throughout the whole process.
    I have so far smoked a Spatchcock chicken with a tray of vegetables. Delicious and trouble free.
    I have grilled Brats and even Peaches. Again trouble free.
    I have smoked a 3lb Rump Roast with baked potatoes to perfection, nice bark and smoke ring.
    Next is to try my hand at cold smoking.
    It’s only been a short time but I have nothing but good things to say about my LG900C1.

    1. Hiya Tim!

      Stoked your enjoying your louisiana pellet grill. Grilled peaches that sounds deliisssh, might have to throw some on mine this weekend! How did you go with the cold smoking? I have a guide to cold smoking salmon and would love to get some feedback on it or pics if you want to share!


  4. What’s the difference between the LG900, LG900C1, and LG900C2? I can’t find differences except on their website the LG900 is 20k BTUs and the other two are 48k BTUs. Why is that? Thank you!

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