Pellet Smoker Review: Camp Chef PG24 [September 2023]

We love a barbecue cookout! It means good music, great food, and some amazing company.

But, sometimes, hosting a great barbecue party can be a hard job. Maintaining temperature, understanding wood flavors, and cooking time can be difficult.

This smoker makes me feel like a pro, especially when I pulled that juicy brisket out in front of our friends!

That is why we loved the Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Smoker, its set and forget feature, as well as the built-in thermometer. It can help you eliminate any guesswork.

In this article, you will see the main features we liked as well as, the functions, and specifications of the grill.

The Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill

Key Features

The Camp Chef PG24 pellet grill and smoker BBQ comes with a bunch of features to help make your grilling and smoking process much easier and hassle-free.

Here are some of the top features of the unit.

  • Temperature: The top feature of any pellet grill is its temperature range. The Chef Camp PG24 Pellet grill can go from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This range of temperature made it ideal for cooking our brisket or more delicate proteins like salmon. Protein with equal fines like of the mainstream beef. It has a digital temperature control that takes it upon itself it maintains a consistent temp without you having to fiddle with it that much. It also comes with a stainless steel probe that let you detect the temperature and doneness.

    Now that takes the guesswork out of the rare to medium-rare conundrum.

  • Digital Temp Control System With LED Screen: 
    We loved a digital temperature controlling unit and the Chef Camp PG24 has a top-quality one. It allowed us to set the optimum temperature for the kind of meat we were cooking. Once we set the temperature, we could go relax, because the smoker will automatically burn pellets for reaching the determined temperature inside the chamber.

    The LED temperature readout will help us monitor the temperature accurately. This is highly effective if you want perfect smoking. Especially when it sends updates to us via WIFI!

  • Automatic Hopper and Auger: 
    Not having to worry about loading the unit with pellets is fantastic. The Chef Camp PG24 has an automatic pellet auger that channels pellets into the firepot when it deems necessary to increase the temperature.

  • Large Capacity Pellet Hopper: 
    The size of the pellet hopper is vital to us, especially if we are going for a set and forget model. You don’t want to set and forget then head back over every hour to add more pellets. I like to get it started then throw in the meat and then hang out with my family.

    This unit has a huge hopper, which we only had to fill once per day long smoking session. I put a picture below of how big the pellet hopper actually is!

  • Portability: 
    When we buy a smoker we want to know if we will be able to move it! This smoker sports two durable wheels with feel really strong and study and made it really easy to move about in our yard.

  • Easy Clean Out:
     Let’s move on to the cleaning part. Cleaning is a nightmarish term for many as smoking and grilling generate lots of grease and fat that are hard to clean. This smoker offers an excellent option for easy clean out.

    Everyone know that cleaning a smoker or BBQ can turn in a dirty nightmare. These unit generate grease, fat and food debris that is hate to get rid of. However Chef Camp have included a few ingenious features to make cleaning much easier. The smart cleaning is made easy by interior design that allows the inside grease and fat to channel outside into a bucket.

    You can easily change or clean the bucket when needed.

  • Removable Ash Cup:
     Another dirty put of the cleaning process can be removing the ash. The Camp Chef has put a knob on the exterior of the unit, all you need to do is pull on it and The pellet ash inside the firebox can be released into this ash bucket. Once the ash is in the bucket, you can easily empty it.

  • Stainless Steel Food Temperature Probe: 
    Opening the cooking chamber often and checking the temperature of the meat can be very counter productive to producing a consistent smoke and temperature. There is a temperature probe inside the cooking chamber which takes the reading of the cooking meat and thus, allows the user to keep track of the temperature.

    There is no need to get worried about the external temperature that would dry the meat as the camber need not be opened till the meat is cooked.

  • Power Outage Bypass: 
    A very important longevity and safety is the power outage bypass. The relight feature in this Grill can be bypassed at any time when the power goes off. By bypassing the feature, the wear a of the hot rod is reduced.

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Is the Camp Chef PG24 Easy to Use?

At first, I found this unit seems a little complex to use. But once I used it for the first time, it becomes quite easy.

The assembly of the unit is very simple. If you have any trouble, there is an assembly video tutorial from the manufacturer’s site for easier assembly. We found that there are only a few things that need assembly.

The grill already comes with a hopper and fan attached as well as the wires. The only things that need to be assembled and tightened are the chimney, the lid handle, the shelf, and the legs.

Once you get to using the Chef Camp Pellet Smoker it has to be one of the easiest pellet smokers to use auto-ignition set and forget, it actually makes you want to use. It’s the ingenious cleaning features that really make it a winner.

Cleaning and Maintaining

Anyone who’s tried cleaning a pellet grill before understands just how difficult it is to get all the ash out after use.

This unit gives you easier access to the burn pot. It also features a trap door that allows you to clean the unit without having to dig through the ashes and grease. Cleaning the unit is generally much easier as compared to the typical charcoal grills.

The Camp Chef design has made cleaning a pellet grill the easiest its ever been. Having used them before it can be hard work to the grill of all the ashes once cooking is finished.

One of the features is a lever that when pulled releases ash directly into a bucket under the unit, no need to take it apart!

Camp Chef Warranty Details

The manufacturer’s warranty covers all the components of the stoves, ovens, fire pits, and smokers.

The warranty makes sure the unit is free from workmanship defects for a period of one year from the purchase date. Should you encounter a problem with the unit, you have a period of 90 days to return it.

Note: The warranty, however, excludes the finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What size are the cooking racks?
Answer: 22″ wide X 14″ deep

Question: Can this unit be hooked up to natural gas?
Answer: Yes, You can buy the conversion kit for $51.99

Question: Is this model large enough for a whole brisket?
Answer: Yes, you can actually put 4, 10-12 lb briskets in this model

Pros and Cons


  1. Nice and easy assembly with the added bonus of a helpful manufactures video tutorial.
  2. A removable top rack that not only increases space but makes cleaning easier.
  3. Offers high cooking temperatures.
  4. Large cooking space of 560 cubic inches with the smokestack at the back.
  5. Set and forget.


  1. Sometimes, ashes are blown to the bottom of the Grill and needs vacuuming to clean them all.

Wrapping it Up

Are you are looking forward to or smoking at a higher level than what’s practiced by typical home chefs?

Then the unit gives you value for money.

There are some of the great features of the unit, most of which are absent in other BBQs in the market.

Overall Rating: 4.6 / 5

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