BBQ, Grilling and Meat Smoking Tips & Techniques

The 10 Best Places to Buy Meat Online

There is far more to grilling than meats the eye. The more I learn, the more questions that I have.

Whenever I learn something new it will end up in here.

It could be anything from how to clean a grill the right way to everything that you need to know about cooking for a crowd.

I hope these little hints, guides and how-to’s help you along your BBQ journey. Looking for hardware recommendations and guides? Check out my favorites!

Charlies Guides To The Best BBQ Joints in America

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Is Memphis your favorite city for BBQ? You have to try all of these spots at least once!

Best BBQ in Austin Texas

Austin is a mecca for BBQ joints – Here are the essential places you need to eat at.

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How To Cooking Guides

Grill Times and Temperatures

Your Guide To Grill Times and Temperatures

A little unsure how long different meats should take to cook? No problem! Here is a breakdown and guidelines for each different type of foods out there.

BBQ and Beer Pairing Guide

The Ultimate BBQ Food and Beer Pairing Guide

Sometimes nothing beats a beer and some tasty BBQ. However not all beers are created equal. Here is a breakdown of what beer pairs best with what food.

How To BBQ, Grill and Smoke Guides