How to Tenderize Chicken Breast for A Perfectly Even Cook

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how to tenderize chicken

Why You Need to Tenderize Chicken Breasts?

You might find chicken breasts hard to cook. If you cook them past 165°F or 73◦c they tend to taste somewhat dry cardboard. It can be hard to ensure the centre is cooked with the thinner edges becoming dry or even blacken. Whether you’re using an oven, cooktop or gas smoker, find out here how to tenderize chicken breasts to ensure you’re getting an even cook every time.

To tenderize chicken breasts you can try adding some moisture by injecting the breast with a liquid. You can also try marinating them, however, the thick part it can be hard for the moisture to penetrate, you might find that it will bearly get past the surface. You might also find that will that large bulge it doesn’t fit well on a sandwich or on as a burger. Another problem with chicken breasts is that the skin shrinks as you cook it, you might find that your brine or marinade may not have been able to to get past the skin.

There is an easy solution to this overcooked chicken, you can pound the chicken breast flat. When you marinate or brine now the moisture will be able to penetrate the meat evenly on all sides. The method can be really handy when you’re preparing many chicken items such as chicken scallopine, chicken cutlets, or chicken roll-ups.

How to Slice A Chicken Breast

For anyone wondering how to slice a chicken breast, first place the breast on a chopping board flat, then you place your hand on the top of the breast and cut with a sharp knife through the middle of the breast, this should produce two even pieces of chicken. Be sure to use caution when using a knife and always practice safe barbequing.

How to Tenderize Chicken

First, decide if you want the skin on or off.  If you really like skins, try sprinkling the skins with salt and pepper and cut them into 2cm squares or 1/2”. Cook them slowly in a hot pan until they are crispy. These work well as a garnish.

Cover the meat before you pound it. Wrapped the meat in plastic wrap or a ziplock bag this keeps the juices in the meat. Don’t use waxed paper or foil as this can tear. A ziplock bag can be handy if you are going to brine or marinate the meat.

How to Pound Chicken Without a Mallet

If your wondering how to pound chicken without a mallet try using a saucepan or skillet. Rolling pin and mallets tend to tear the meat. Don’t hit it like a hammer just gently hit the thicker part of the breast, continue until it 2-3 cm or 3/4”.

If you do decide to tenderize your chicken make sure you adjust your timing. You will find it cooks much faster this way.

Final Thoughts

No one likes a dry piece of chicken, even my boys who are like human garbage cans, gave me a look when I served up dry chicken breasts. They knew I could do better and so did I. I set off on the never-ending portal that is the internet and discovered the way to the juicy chicken breasts out there. I thought I would share my knowledge with you, we can all enjoy this bloody delight cut!

For those of you who are new to the smoking, grilling and barbequing world, I have compiled a list of the blogs that I have been referencing for the past few years to get me where I am today. This list I call the best BBQ blogs of 2018, I highly recommend you give them a look. They are full of recipes, reviews and tips & tricks from some of the best in the game.

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