Grill Review: Fire Magic Aurora A660i

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I loved the Fire Magic Aurora’s sleek, superior design. I found it to be engineered for convenience, usability, and to cook EPIC food.

I found that this grill was made of high-quality stainless steel. It is has cast stainless steel “E” burners, which are capable of putting out up to 25,000 BTU each.

This cooker is well constructed and offered us simple and easy cooking. But it was still able to tackle difficult cooks like brisket.

That’s is why it was named one of my best smokers/grills of 2022 Let’s get into it and check out the Fire Magic Aurora A660i.

Fire Magic Aurora 660i Gas Grill

About Fire Magic Grills

Fire Magic Grills all started about 75 years ago when Harold Keck, the founder of Magic Grills had a vision of what he thought modern outdoor entertaining could be, or more so what it should be.

His vision eventually ended in him launching a new brand and a brand new, very different approach to the outdoor barbecue scene.

The driving force behind the company is still the same as it was when the company first began.

Since his original vision back in 1937, Fire Magic has been making some of the best luxury outdoor cooking equipment in the game. ​​​​

“engineering brilliance and a true passion for for creating and delivering quality products that meet all of their diverse customers demanding needs.”

Fire Magic Grills Logo

The Fire Magic Aurora A660i Grill Review

Need A Grill With Space? Look No Further

Specifications of the Fire Magic Aurora A660i

  • Weight: 208 lbs

  • Dimensions: 32 x 23.5 x 12 inches

  • Primary Cooking Space: 660 Square Inches (30 x 22 inches)

  • Total Grilling Space: 935 square inches (30 x 8 inches)

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas

  • Manufactured: USA

  • Thermometers: Analog Or Digital

  • Knobs: Comfort Touch

  • Backburner: Stainless Steel

  • Main Construction: Stainless Steel

  • Main Burner BTU: 75,000

  • Backburner BTU: 18,000 

  • Additional Features: Rotisserie, Magic View Window

Key Features of the Fire Magic Aurora A660i

  • Stainless Steel Back Burner: Also optional is the stainless steel back burner, along with a complete kit for rotisserie, and a polished stainless steel cover to protect it. While the burner comes in handy on quite a few occasions, it seems to me that the rotisserie kit would be a special treat and great for fun feasts and parties. It can add an extra flare to any occasion.

  • Gourmet Face: This grill comes with quite a few features and that’s not leaving out the feature of beauty. You get a seamless control panel with this model that comes with a satin finish. Should you want to complete the look you can even chose to switch to a digital thermometer rather than the analog thermometer that comes with it for a fully upgraded look.

  • Diamond Sear Cooking Grids: This lovely grill comes with a marvelous cooking area that is made up of 304 stainless steel trapezoid shaped cooking grids that allow for a greater cooking surface and ensures even heating and a great sear on any food. This is especially lovely on a great steak or pork chop, you can get a nice and even sear along with beautiful grill marks that leave your mouth watering.

  • Hot Surface Ignition:The Fire Magic Aurora A660i comes with hot surface electric ignition that ensures a reliable and easy lighting for each use of the grill. It is important to note however, that this does mean you need a powers supply. For this particular model the power supply needs at least 120 Volt A.

  • Optional Magic View Window: The Fire Magic Aurora A660i Grill has the option of adding a window. When the window is added a grill top thermometer is added at no cost to the buyer. The window comes in handy during any cookout for anyone, especially those that occasionally lose track of time and need to check up on how the food is coming along, the window allows you to do so without opening the lid and releasing the heat inside of the grill.

Ease of Setup

The setup for the Fire Magic Aurora A660i isn’t too difficult.

As with anything it’s a very simple process provided you follow the instructions inside the owner’s manual.

The set up instructions are easy to follow and form unboxing to grilling you should not expect to take more than 1.5 – 2 hours (or 3 beer).

That being said if you run into any problems or issues during the setup process of the Fire Magic Aurora A660i, there are quite a few online videos that make quick work of it, you can check out here 🙂

Ease of Use

The Fire Magic Aurora A660i Grill is a super easy grill to use.

After setting it up all you really need to do is ensure that you have access to a power supply of at least 120 Volt AC and then you can easily ignite it with electric ignition.

The electric ignition and i easy to use and ensures a reliable way of lighting your grill time and time again.

During the cooking process, if you have the optional window (which I highly recommend) you can easily peek through to watch your food and make sure it’s cooking as desired. This is great because you don’t lose any heat or smoke (if you are using your grill as a smoker)

The thermometer will tell you what temperature your grill is at. Compared to my iGrill 2 thermometer the temperature only fluctuates by 10 degrees.

Overall it is a very user friendly grill and is perfect for everyone from beginner to expert.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance for this particular grill is pretty simple.

Like most grills the grates can be cleaned with a non wire grill scraper and then a damp washcloth with lots of warm soapy water.

The entirety of the grill can be washed with a washcloth and a soap. Any normal dish soap will work along with hot water. Do make sure that you wait for the grill to cool before cleaning!

There are tools, such as a grill scraper, that can be purchased separately that can make the cleaning and maintenance that much easier.


Not only does the A660i look good , it is a grill made to be durable and reliable.

The A660i is a great grill for cooking evenly and steadily. It has been made with quality stainless and is built to last.

Overall the unit is made of stainless steel and can easily stand up to everyday wear and tear. It was built to be able to endure the elements to a degree and can stand up to quite a bit.

It is important to note that some of the optional features, such as the window and the digital thermometer may mean you have to take a few extra steps to ensure that your grill can stand up to the weather.

I would recommend purchasing a heavy duty cover that fully covers the window and prevents rain from trickling in. This will help prolong the grills life.

Do You Get Value For Money?

With this grill you don’t get a feature packed grill, however, the features that this grill does include are all the necessities that you need to make great tasting bbq.

Since this grill is not jam packed with features you can be assured that each feature is well thought out, and well designed.

You also get a sleek design and a grill that cooks evenly across all burners. This is something that can be hard to find without sacrificing something that you really want in a grill.

With this grill there doesn’t seem to be any sacrifices. You get design, durability, and even reliable cooking.

So yes I’d say you do get your money’s worth for this luxury Fire Magic grill.

Pros and Cons of the Fire Magic Aurora A660i

A660i Pros

  1. Window and rotisserie options 

  2. A good even heated grill surface

  3. Sleek good looking unit

  4. Interior lighting

A660i Cons

  1. You do need a power supply for the unit

My Rating and Final Thoughts

Overall the Fire Magic Aurora A660i is a great luxury grill. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable and delivers great food.

The main downside is that you need a power supply, which isn’t too bad when you consider this grill was made to be permanently mounted in your backyards entertainment area. 

Fire Magic Aurora 660i Gas Grill

Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5

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