Grill Review: The Fire Magic Aurora A540i

Fire Magic has carved a solid name for itself as a top-quality luxury grill.

I have found that these grills have the ability to cook dozens of pounds of meat, all day, every day.

They craft sturdy units and are famous for providing an even distribution of heat allowing you to cook your cuts perfectly every time!

When friends and family want a BIG grill that performs well, I tell them Fire Magic is my favorite!

Let’s find out why it’s such an impressive grill!

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The Fire Magic Aurora A540i Gas Grill

The Fire Magic Aurora A540i is a blessing from heaven for all those who want to find a grill to light the fire for their inner backyard pitmaster.

Its combination of usability, performance, and durability will help make even the most inexperienced griller to backyard pitmaster status.

We were genuinely impressed with the Aurora A540i and it scored the highest in our grilling experience.

It generated and sustained consistent heat a lot better than other ‘luxury’ style grill models.

One of the most prominent features of this grill is a digital thermometer with a meat probe. It helps you from under-cooking meat and prevents the risk of bacteria.

The ‘Built-In Thermometer’ becomes your new best friend when it comes to cooking perfect, tender meat.

As the name suggests the Fire Magic Aurora A540i has an ample 540 square inches of primary grilling area. It is more than enough to deal with large groups of friends and family members.

If the Fire Magic range is a little too pricy, check out my Genesis II LX S-340 or Weber Genesis E330 review, they will be a little more in your price range!

Fire Magic Aurora A540i Review


  • Dimensions: 22 X 32 X 19.5 inches

  • Weight: 200 Pounds

  • Primary Cooking Space: 540 Square Inches

  • Cooking Space: 768 square inches

  • Fuel Type: It is a natural gas grill, but also requires a 120V power source

  • Burners: One infrared burner

  • BTU Output: Its E Burners produce a total of 60,000 BTUs

  • Wheels: It doesn’t have wheels

My Favorite Features

  • Three Main Burners: Do you know it has three main burners that assist this Fire Magic grill in producing 60,000 BTUs? Usually, normal grills rely on 1-2 burners, but this isn’t the case with A540i. It has one main infrared and two cast stainless steel E burners. The E burners are excellent for searing and help eliminate flare-ups.

  • V Pattern Flavor Grids: The developers of Fire Magic Aurora Grill have used a flavor grid heat dispersing system. These V Pattern Flavor Grids facilitate you in cooking in more ways than you can imagine. For example, it evenly distributes the flames across the entire cooking surface.

  • Rounded Oven Hood: Rounded oven hood not only makes it look contemporary but also assists with convection cooking. A rounded oven hood helps by cooking around 30 percent faster than more traditional designs. In addition, a rounded hood aids in keeping your meat moist and juicier than more traditional designs.

  • Electronic Ignition System: It has a 120V electric hot surface ignition system. It is hard to find an electric ignition system in built-in gas grills. It is an added benefit with flash tube back up. Just make sure you have a 120V power source for a reliable startup every time.

  • 12 Inch Firebox: For those who want a little 3more versatility with their cooking the A540i will impress you. This unit has an extra-deep 12-inch firebox. Almost all the other close competitors aren’t offering this kind of depth. This is something that you can utilize time and time again for convection cooking.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: This grill is made with high-quality 304 cast stainless steel. For that reason, it is immensely durable and is going to be your lifelong friend. Some of its components like brass valves and back burner are covered with a 15-year warranty too. The overall design of this grill is quite elegant and engineered for personal customization.

  • Interior Halogen Lights: If you are a person who loves night parties and nighttime grilling, you are in luck. The Aurora A540i has interior halogen lights with a back-lit blue LED. They give you an incredible experience and make your night more magical. They also help you ensure you are keeping your cooks to the highest quality, even when the light is low.

Ease of Use

If you have used a stovetop to cook, you can use this grill as well. Once you push the start button, it becomes ready to cook within a few minutes.

You don’t need to wait longer like charcoal grills which take a good 15 to 45 minutes.

This is great news for those who don’t have as much time as they would like but still love getting out and about in the backyard and cooking a good feed.

All you need is to operate the burners through each burner’s individual knob. It will start providing the desired temperate in no time.

Though bear in mind if you are working on the desired temperature, particularly as a beginner, it is imperative to check the meat with a digital thermometer before deciding whether it is cooked or not.

You can use this grill as a smoker too, this does take a tad more DIY skills but is well worth it for the amazing flavor it can produce. It is better to have some professional assistance before opting for it.


What makes the Fire Magic Aurora A540i Gas Grill so special? First, it is an extremely durable unit that offers exceptional performance. You won’t encounter any kind of trouble after years of use. Second, it has commercial quality heavy-duty burners, which are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Besides, its solid stainless steel construction enhances its performance and life by providing utter protection to its interior structural components. It acts as a strong wall and works greatly well in extreme weather conditions and prevents small issues like corrosion.

It is not only the construction which is stainless steel, but the bezels are stainless steel too with solid knobs. In a way, you are protected from all aspects for the long term. All of these smart design features prove this model can stand the test of time, especially if you are a little like me and love keeping your grill well maintained and clean.

The best thing is you can transport it rather comfortably. It is built for travel and you can fit it into your car truck in seconds. It combines the size you need with the portability you want. You can carry it comfortably for tailgating, picnics, or camping.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Even if you are a BBQ pitmaster, it is necessary to keep your grill clean. Always remember; ‘A clean grill is a happy grill’ Having a clean grill always assists in creating a good, delicious meal.

However, there are a few things you need, such as a heavy-duty grill scraper, work gloves, microfiber cloth, dish soap, warm water, and a large plastic bucket.

Before cleaning the grill, canvass all of its parts carefully. Determine what you need to clean or what components may need replacing to make it work as efficiently as possible. So, start by turning off the gas supply to the grill. Locate the gas supply valve.

You can find it at the bottom rather comfortably. Turn it clockwise to turn it off. When the grill has had time to cool and it is not too hot to touch, start disassembling the grill. Next, fill the basket with soapy water and scrub away the buildup present on the grates.

For a deep clean, remove the metal plates of the burner too and clean them through dish soap and grill scraper. It is indeed better to clean these plates time and time again if you want them to disperse the heat evenly.

Don’t forget to check the sides and underside of the lid as well and keep them clean on a constant basis, as heat usually damages the paint which can lead to rusting and corrosion.

Fire Magic Warranty

In order to build a quality relationship with their customers, Fire Magic is offering one of the industry’s best warranty programs.

  • Cooking Grids & Stainless Steel Housing – Lifetime Warranty.

  • Brass Burners, Brass Valves, Inner Liners – 15 Year Warranty.

  • Fire Magic Electric Grills – Ten Year Warranty.

  • Flavor Grids, Infrared Burners, Thermometer – Five Year Warranty.

  • Fire Magic Side Burners – Three Year Warranty.

  • Fire Magic Ignition System and Grill Accessories – One Year Warranty.

On the whole, it can become an investment that can last a lifetime. But it is better to contact the Fire Magic customer support team first to avail their warranty program.

Do You Get Value For Money?

Although it is one of the most pricey 3 burner grills on the market, I would not hesitate to say it is a good value in the long run.

From its material to ease-of-use and warranty, everything excels with the Fire Magic Aurora A540i.

What We Did and Did’nt Like


  1. Fantastic temperature control with the digital remote
  2. A turbo heat up system, which can get to high temperatures in very cold climates
  3. Large cooking space
  4. Helpful customer care
  5.  Free IOS and Andriod App to get you cooking from the couch
  6. Very versatile, use it as a bbq, grill, smoker or even pizza oven
  7. Accurate thermal sensor


  1. You need to reload the hopper every 5 – 6 hours on long smokes
  2. The hole for the thermometer is very small and only suited to the standard thermometer that comes wit the unit
  3. The app is not very user friendly and can take a long time to figure out 

Charlies Rating

Aside from its overall construction material and durable components, the key thing which they love the most is enough space for cooking.

You can use this for decent-sized backyard parties or the whole family. It has the incredible ability to cook a large amount of meat at once.

Perhaps, that’s why the Fire Magic developers call it a 5-way cooking system and promote its versatility specifically.

Its superior technology also transcends the expectations of those who demand the best.

Fire magic 540i

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