St. Patrick’s Day, BBQ, Grilling and Smoking Recipes (12 Delicious and Simple Recipes)

Are you looking for delicious BBQ recipes for St Patrick’s day? Whether or not you have Irish heritage, celebrating Saint Patrick the patron saint is a great holiday to celebrate!

Below we have our favorite recipes for St Paddy’s day especially if your planning on having a few Guinness’s. They will ensure you are able to enjoy the festivities all day.

Smoked Mash Potatoes

You have to honour the mighty potatoes and this is the way we know how! Mashing them, covering with cheese and bacon and smoking to perfection!

Find The Smoked Mash Potato Recipe Here

Irish Flank Steak

This flank steak is melt is in the mouth, all you need to do is marinade it first. Then throw it on the BBQ and your in for a feast.

Find The Brisket Nacho Recipe Here


Smoked Shoulder of Lamb

Who could resist juicy fall apart lamb on St Paddy’s day, just ensure you have some delicious sides to go along side it.

Find The Smoked Shoulder of Lamb Recipe Here

Corned Beef Loaded Nachos

Everyone loves nachos! But imagine how much better these are topped with smoked brisket! Its a perfect dish to soak up all that beer!

Tip: You can replace the brisket with smoked chicken breasts should you choose if you don’t want to spend the whole day before cooking.

Find The Brisket Nacho Recipe Here


Smashed Meatballs Slider

These sliders are perfect with a few Guinness’s, just make sure you put out all your favourite toppings. We like to go for greens ones, like guacamole, jalapenos and spinach.

Find The Smashed Meatball Sliders Recipe Here

Smoked Rack Of Ribs

These is nothing like a juicy rack of ribs! We like to spray bottle filled with apple juice or apple cider vinegar. This will keep them tender!

Find The Recipe Here


Smoked Lamb Chops

These delicious lamb chops will have your guests drooling. Cover these beauties with yellow mustard, fresh garlic, and paprika before throwing them on your smoker’s grill grates.

Find The Recipe Here


Smoked Beer Can Chicken

Speaking of beers, this is one way to recycle all those cans! This a technique used to lock in the moisture and provide a juicy chicken.

Find The Recipe Here


Smoked Corned Beef

Corned beef is a traditional Irish meal! Plus its easy to prepare ahead of time. Serve it with boiled cabbage, mashed potatoes and mustard.

Find The Recipe Here


Corned Beef Hash

This hash recipe is perfect for all that leftover corned beef. I thought I would include the hash so you have a plan for the morning after celebrating.

Find The Recipe Here

Smoked Shepard’s Pie

If you haven’t tried a shepherd’s pie you are missing out This winter warmer is the epitome of comfort food.


Find The Recipe Here

 What will you cooking up for St Paddys day?

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