How to Use Pit Boss Smoke Stack (Modification, Adjusting and Cleaning)

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Wondering what a smoke stack is? There are so many different parts that make up a whole Pit Boss pellet grill!

To master your grill, you will want to learn about each part! Thankfully, we’ll be covering what a grill smoke stack is in this article. So keep on reading to learn all about it!

What Is a Pit Boss Smoke Stack?

The Pit Boss Smokestack is the chimney located on the side of the barrel. These can be found on both vertical smokers as well as barrel ones.

On the vertical ones, they are located at the top. Whereas, they are usually found on the side on a horizontal smoker. This grill component is important because it helps to proper airflow during your smoking session.

If you have experience using simple portable charcoal grills, then you’ll know exactly how important airflow is. After all, it has a direct impact on the cooking temperature.

To Open or Not to Open the Chimney Cover

You need to leave the chimney cover open so that there is sufficient airflow when you’re cooking. If you close it or don’t open it enough, then the poor airflow will affect the overall grill temperature.

You might be wondering how what height to set the chimney at? You want to have 2 -3 inches between the bottom of the chimney cap and the top of the chimney pipe.

Unfortunately, you can’t just open or close the cap of the chimney. The smokey chimney adjustment is actually really important. Beginner smokers might not know how to do it yet, so we’ll teach you how!

What You Should Do About the Smoker Chimney Adjustment

You will need to turn the chimney to the left or to the right in order to adjust its overall opening. Twisting it to the left will allow for more airflow to come through while turning it to the right closes it up.

Adjusting the grill’s chimney is not something that you should be doing on a regular basis. Think of it like a car’s rearview mirrors. While adjusting them correctly is important, you wouldn’t constantly be moving your mirrors as you’re driving.

We don’t have a perfect answer for you when it comes to getting the perfect opening for your pellet grill chimney. You will need to play around with it so that you get the perfect gap to suit your cooking process.

However, if you’re truly at a loss with it all, then we would suggest starting with an opening of one to two inches. From there, you can twist it slowly to the right or to the left to see what works best for your grilling needs.

You Need to Clean It — Here’s How

To ensure efficient cooking, you will need to make sure that the chimney is kept clean. While you won’t need to maintain it as often as you do your smoker’s grill grate, we would suggest that you clean it at least once every six months.

All you need to do is follow this simple guide:

Step 1: Be sure to turn off the cooking appliance and unplug it from the wall. If you’ve just finished cooking with the smoker, then let it cool completely first.

Step 2: Find an old rag that you’re okay with throwing away. Open the cap of the chimney and wipe the interior with the rag.

Step 3: Wipe the exterior too. Do your best to avoid using water in this process because the chimney is prone to rusting.

Step 4: Put the chimney cap back in place. That’s it, you’re done!

Need to Replace Your Smoke Stack?

You could use other sites like Amazon or Ebay. However, the easiest way to purchase an authentic Pit Boss smoke stack is through the official Pit Boss Website.

Pay attention to the specific grill model you have. You want to make sure that the chimney, and its cap kit, that matches your smoker perfectly.

Mastering the Temperature Control on Your Pit Boss Pellet Smoker

There are quite a number of different things that you can do to have complete control over your grill. Temperature control is super important during a cook because it will determine how nice your meats come out.

The temperature control can also have a big impact on the smoke flavor your food’s left with too.

What You Need to Do About the Pause Time

If you’re curious about the ‘P’ button on your Pit Boss pellet smoker, know that it stands for ‘Pause’. This ‘P’ setting controls the pellet cycle. The numbers range from one to seven asnd the higher the number, to more time you have between the cycles.

So, if you’re looking to increase the temperature of the grill, then you would want to lower the P setting.

Why You Need to Use an Insulated Grill Blanket

You may be wondering what an insulated grill blanket is. Well, it looks like a thick cover that fits snugly over your entire grill.

Unfortunately, since you have to use your pellet grill outdoors, it will be affected by the environment outside. For example, if it is a cold day, then the internal temperature of your grill might decrease because of freezing winds or even snow!

This blanket or insulated cover will act as a barrier that just insulates the grill so that its temperature is affected by any crazy weather.

Dual Meat Probes and Dome Thermometers

RTD Meat thermometers are absolutely crucial when it comes to cooking. This is especially true if you’re cooking something like pork butt or a juicy beef steak.

You don’t want to take your meats off the heat too soon but overcooking them is also a big ‘no no’. Now, if you’re looking for convenience, then we would suggest dome thermometers.

They just stick to the top of the grill and they give fairly accurate readings. The best thing about them is that they’re absolutely no fuss and are super easy to read.

But what if you’re absolutely serious about getting accurate temperature readings? Then you can’t go wrong with dual meat probes. These stick into the actual meats and you can get a super precise digital temperature reading at all times during your cook.

Clean Your Temp Probe to Avoid Inaccurate Readings

If you find your getting inaccurate temperature readings you might need to clean your temperature probe. Dirty probes can give off the wrong temps

What Kind of Pellets Are You Using?

You should always use 100% natural wood pellets because they burn the best and they last longer than cheap pellets. It is also important to always ensure that your pellets are completely dry.

Wet pellets can cause some serious issues for your pellet grill. Not sure meat you should pair with which wood? See the guide here.

Keep the Grill Lid Closed at All Times

This is common sense but you should never open the grill cover unless you really need to. Keeping the lid closed will trap in all the heat and whenever you open it the internal temperature drops by a lot!

So, keep patient and try to resist the urge to check up on your meats too often.

The temperature control of your pellet grill is very important.

And the smoker chimney plays a big part in maintaining and sustaining that heat for the perfect cook.

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