Best Propane Smokers for 2017

When using a gas smoker anyone can produce delicious meals. The gas smoker (also known as a propane smoker) can produce tender full of flavour and juicy meat and vegetables. In the propane smoker, these authentic flavours can be achieved in just a few hours.

Cooking with gas is similar to electric smokers. Most products are push start ignition, therefore it’s a set and forget, style of cooking. This type of smokers suits someone who doesn’t want to spend all day tending to coals or adding pellets.

Propane smokers use wood chips to produce flavours. There are many options when it comes to purchasing woodchips. You can pick from standard flavours like maple or hickory really branch out and try olive or peach wood chips.

Gas Smokers don’t have any heating variable so perfect for the beginner or a seasoned professional to create authentic flavours without the hassle. Propane smokers are also very portable, so it’s possible to cook up your favourite meals out on a camping trip or just around at a neighbor’s place.

Top 4 Propane Smokers 

Chef Smoke Vault 24

Masterbuilt 20051311

Char Broil Big Easy

Smoke Hollow Smoke Pro

Gas Smoker Model



Masterbuilt 20051311


43.5 x 21.4 21.1 inches

58.3 lbs


Char-Broil The Big  Easy


23.4 x 23.1 x 36.2 inches

62 lbs


Smoke Hollow Smoker Pro Series


33 x 24.5 x 60 inches

112 lbs

Black/ Grey

Chef Smoke Vault 24

17 x 25 x 30.5 inches

74.6 lbs

Black/ Grey

Masterbuilt 20051311

The Masterbuilt Propane Smoker 20051311 or also known as the Masterbuilt Gas Smoker has a very generous capacity comes with a total of 717 square inches of smoking space as well as 4 chrome racks. This large smoker allows you to load it up with large or long cuts of meats. This gas smoker is a fantastic buy for any first-time smoker. However,  it’s not just for beginners, many long-time enthusiasts favour the Masterbuilt. This is due to its quality built and user-friendly interface. To start it up, it just an easy push button igniter.

The Masterbuilt Propane Smoker comes with a firm locking door with particularly tight seams and an inner liner, all of which serve to hold more warmth and smoke, its capacity to hold a temperature; the quality of its temperature gauge; and, most importantly, the excellent smoked meats it produces.

This is an inexpensive, but high-quality smoker that has a large cavity is well-constructed and even has some nice details that are often missing in some of the more expensive models. Due to its size Masterbuilt 20051311

the Masterbuilt is also a portable  propane smoker

Masterbuilt 20051311 Pros

Char Broil Big Easy

The Char Broil Big Easy does more than just smoke your food its a Smoker, Roaster and Grill (SRG) making it a smoker grill combination. It may not strictly be a meat smoker however, it performs that well in the gas smoking class it had to be included. It has an infrared cooking system to make sure your food cooks evenly. The Char Broil Big easy has a TRU-infrared system which means that between the outer wall and inner wall there is a fully enclosed, specifically produced propane burner. The heated inner wall radiates natural infrared heat that penetrates food evenly and seals the juices inside.

Char-Broil Big Easy has a pull-out smoker box to add your wood chips for a deep smoky flavour. It also comes with a big drop-in basket and hooks to roast large items. Its large cooking space allows you can fit a 25lb turkey in the basket or hang spare ribs on the supplied stainless steel hooks and roast until they’re crisp and juicy.The supplied meat thermometer indicates when the food has reached the perfect temperature.

The overall design of the big easy grill features a porcelain coated hood and cool-touch handles for a Char-broil big easy gas smokersolid and durable construction. The unit measures 18 x 24 x 36 inches, so you shouldn’t have a problem transporting it.

Char Broil Big Easy Pros

Smoke Hollow Smoker Pro Series

The Smoke Hollow Pro Series LP Gas Smoker 44” is a premium gas smoker with all the features. 6 cubic feet of cooking space, enough room for 5 racks. The Pro Series has two external wood chip trays so your able to load externally which can reduce loss of temperature.

The Smoke Hollow Smoker Pro Series comes with two stainless steel burners which can be operatedSmoke Hollow Smoker Pro Series 11 independently for optimum performance and temperature control.

Smoke Hollow Smoker Pros Series Pros

Chef Smoke Vault 24

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 comes in two sizes the 18 inches and 24 inches, this will focus on the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24 inch. The Smoke Vault 24 is a vertical smoker with a temperature range from 150 to 500 degrees.The cooking space is 903 square inches (around 35 steaks) or a few slabs of ribs lay flat out on the racks. The Smoke Vault has a refrigerator type door which allows it to be not only a smoker but an oven as well. Therefore can be used for smoking ribs as well as cooking dessert.

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault is known for it easy assembly. You can see this in the Smoke Vault as Chef Smoke Vault 24is built very sturdy and well made all the parts fit together tightly. You are also able to convert this  smoker to natural gas, this unique feature is only available  on the Camp Chef Smokers.

Camp Chef Smoke Vault Pros

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying A Gas Smoker?

Ease of Use

You may want to look for a smoker with Separate doors for the lower part of the cooking cabinet and the cooking chamber. This  enables you to easily check on the flame or replenish water or smoking fuel without losing smoke or heat. This can ensure smoking your food is a much easier process


Make sure you assess whether you routinely cook for crowds just a few. Buying a smoking gas smoker means it will be easily transportable. You should pick a smoker that can easily accommodate all the food you want to smoke.


If you are a home chef then a mid-range gas smoker might be ideal for you. Good quality mid range gas smokers start at around $150. Investing in a good quality product will ensure your smoker produces enough smoke but also lasts you many years.


Assess the quality of construction, as smokers in the lower price ranges are often thin and flimsy. You will find that the materials in which your smoker is produced will have a major impact on the level of quality of your smoker.. Try to purchase a smoker that is made from thick steel and is properly insulated. If the smoker you choose is made from thin metal, it will lose heat.

How to Use A Gas Smoker