The 10 Best Places to Order Meat Online in 2021

Our lives are so fast paced,  it’s getting harder to make time to do the smaller things in life. But stopping by the local butcher to pick up fresh meat isn’t something that we can all do everyday. Now days with the help of technology, we can have our meat delivered with a few clicks.

It’s a strange concept to start with but to be honest it’s a good idea. I know what you are thinking, fresh meat and delivery sounds like a bad idea. But the meat companies are all over it. They strive to deliver top quality meat. Even if you live on the other side of the country.

Since they are dealing with perishable products its imperative shipping times are quick. Delivery boxes are frozen and packed in a cooler filled with dry ice. This ensures the fresh meat frozen upon arrival.

Another bonus of ordering meat online is that you can find any meat. The range is a lot bigger than your local butcher or meat market. Everything from premium beef, heirloom pork or even wild game is at your fingertips. They also offer sausages, smoked meats, and special products that you may not have heard of before.

So, the burning question is ‘which websites do I visit to get delicious meat cuts from the comfort of my room?’ Here are the best nine places to buy meat online.

Best Places to Order Meat Online Overview

The Best Mail Order Steak Companies of 2021

CompanyMust TrySite Link
Chicago Steak CompanyPremium Angus with curry sauceVisit Chicago Steak Company
Snake River FarmsKurobuta porkVisit Snake River Farms
Fossil FarmsElk BurgersVisit Fossil Farms
Harry and DavidBourbon peppercorn steaksVisit Harry and David
DebraggaLamb chopsVisit Debragga
D’artagnanAngus grass-fed beefVisit D’artagnan
Holy Grail Steak CoPrime Black AngusVisit Holy Grail Steak Co
Kansas City Steak CompanyAmerican WagyuVisit Kansas City Steak Company

The 10 Best Places to Buy Meat Online in 2021

Chicago Steak Company

My Chicago Steak Homepage

The name of this company does not account for the variety of products that are sold by it. Asides steaks, they have pork, poultry, seafood, and burgers. If you are looking for a particular type of steak, then there is a high chance that you will get it at Chicago Steak Company.

Chicago Steak Company specializes in making hand-cut and prime beef. With the largest dry-aging room in the USA, they provide the steak experience that will make you come back for more. They have one of the best techniques of cooking, grilling, and delivering steaks. It’s no surprise, as that is what you would expect from a company that seeks to keep Chicago’s tradition.

There are videos, cooking instructions, and even recipes that Chicago Steak Company includes on their website for you. You can get any wet-aged or dry-aged meat from the Chicago Steak Company.

Must Try:

Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms

If you need a high quality of tasty primed beef, then Snake River Farm should be your go-to stop. It features the Wagyu steak, Northwestern beef and Kurobuta pork. With Double R Ranch as their partners, the products that this company provides are well-marbled and mouth-watering.

Snake River Farm has been producing beef headliners since it was founded in 1968. There is no kind of steak that you need that you cannot get from this company. There is also a gift section where packages with many items are grouped and sold at the price of one steak.

Snake River Farm specializes in pork and beef, so you will have a few extras to select from. The beef this company delivers is exquisite and one of the best you can get. You can also get their recipes, a few cooking tips, and videos from Snake River Farm’s site.

Must Try:

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms

If you crave something unique and special, then you should consider getting your cuts from Fossil Farms. The online store offers a menu containing all types of steaks that you can think of. At Fossil Farms, you will find reptiles, kangaroo, Scottish game meats, and emu. You also get to pick from the fresh sausages, jerkies, and cured meats that are sold at the store.

Fossil Farms have packaged specials that you can give out to friends. These specials contain many items and are sold at the price of one. How cool is that? There are also a lot of delicious pantries like the Bourbon Barrel spices and sauces, Hoboken Eddie’s sauces that you can order for. Fossil farm specializes in exotic meats like the Iberico pork and chicken.

Must Try:

Harry and David

Harry and David

Almost everyone knows Harry and David as the company that delivers pear, vegetables, and other premium fruits. Very few people are aware that they have lots of cheese, sausage, and gift baskets for sale. Even fewer people know that they have an impressive meat array for order.

If you have a thing for very rare meat cuts, then you should consider Harry and David. They have honey duck breasts, bourbon-peppercorn steak, and stuffed shrimp, just to name a few. They have excellent delivery services at a slightly higher price than the usual.

To complement your meat steak, you can also get wines from Harry and David.

Must Try:


Debragga Home Page

Debragga is one of New York’s best online stores to get quality meat. The company was founded in the early 1920s, and for over a century, they have been providing top quality meat cuts. The endless category of steaks is very exciting for meat lovers. From dry-aged ribeye steaks to apple-raised lamb chops and grass-fed beef, Debragga provides and can deliver any meat to your homes.

The meats in their collection are mostly hand-selected and prepared. The most impressive thing about Debragga is that they ship and deliver steaks overnight. This is probably the best deal you can ever get online. The company also provides Iberico pigs and different variations of the Wagyu.

This online meat store also offers videos on how to cook the best kind of steaks.

Must Try:

  • Iberico pigs
  • American Wagyu
  • Lamb Chops


Dartagnan Online Meat Delivery

One other place where you can get the best type of steak online is D’artagnan. This company is well-known for selling fine foods and labeled products at gourmet stores.

Among the meat collection of this website, you will find the most popular kinds of cuts. However, it is the special ones that most people are after. Wild boar, venison, and guinea hen are a few rare products that D’artagnan sells to customers. The most sought-after meat cuts that D’artagnan sells are the American and Japanese Wagyu beef, as well as the Angus beef. Porcelet and fresh sausages are also available.

D’artagnan also has a variety of pantry items like mushrooms, butter, and truffles that you can order online. Like many other online meat stores, gift packages that contain many items are available. You surely will find something you would love from the meats sold by D’artagnan.

Must Try:

Holy Grail Steak Co.

Holygrail Steak Online Meat Delivery

If you like unique steaks, then Holy Grail Steak Co. should be your top choice. You get access to so many assortments and collections of steaks like the Japanese Wagyu and Kobe beef. But, that’s not all. You can get the USDA prime black Angus and so many other delicious steaks.

The delicious steaks that are sold on this site are difficult to forget. Once you try any of the steaks, you will come back for more. The available cuts are like those gotten from elite steakhouses and five-star restaurants. The delivery process is also very fast and effective.

Must Try:

Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steaks Online Meat Delivery

One of the best places to buy steaks online is the Kansas City Steak Company. If you need juicy, tasty and tender steaks delivered to your doorstep, then give this company a try. It is well known for the rich flavor of its meat cuts, and many of the steaks they sell come with sauces or spices.

All the beef sold on this site is gotten from Kansas’ stockyards. With over 80 years in the steak business, Kansas City Steak Company will stop at nothing to make sure you get the best beef and meat services available.

Must Try:

How Your Seafood Delivery Is Packed

Are you a little sceptical that your meat delivery is going to arrive in a big hot mess? Check out a video from the Fossil Farms warehouse to see how they pack your meat to ensure that their packages are kept cool and safe while in transit.

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