Can You Use Waxed Butcher Paper in a Smoker?

Wrapping up your meat is one of the most important parts of the smoking process. 

But what are the best types of paper to use?

Can you get away with the stuff from your local butcher shop?

Waxed butcher paper is readily available and you might be thinking this is the best option… 

But is it?

Have a read of this article on butcher paper to find out whether you can use waxed butcher paper in a smoker. 

Can You Use Waxed Butcher Paper in a Smoker?

No you can’t use waxed paper in a smoker

Waxed butcher paper is food-safe paper, but it isn’t designed for smoking. 

We recommend staying away from waxed butcher paper if you intend on smoking meat. 

Why Shouldn’t You Use Waxed Butcher Paper in a Smoker?

The paper is not designed to withstand high temperatures for a long period of time. 

This means that the wax will melt and the paper will burn when near a heat source. 

Waxed butcher paper will give your food a funny taste and potentially be a serious fire hazard. 

What Can I Use Waxed Butcher Paper For?

Just because you can’t use it in the smoker doesn’t mean it’s totally useless. 

Wax paper is cost-effective, can have direct contact with food and can replace freezer paper. 

This means that it is great for wrapping raw meats and keeping the food safe for longer. 

The Difference Between Butcher Paper (Waxed and Unwaxed)

There are two main types of butcher paper. 

Waxed Butcher Paper: is a sturdy paper that has a non-toxic food-grade wax coating on it. 

Unwaxed Butcher Paper: is uncoated butcher paper that is designed for smoking and cooking. 

While they may look very similar, make sure you check which one you have before you start smoking. 

Alternatives to Using Waxed Paper

There are plenty of alternatives you can use if you’re looking to do some smoking.

Have a look at the suggestions below, some of them may already be in your kitchen cabinet!

Unwaxed Butcher Paper

Unwaxed paper is the simplest alternative to waxed butcher paper. 

It is FDA-approved and is ideal for smoking foods like brisket as it is heat resistant. You should b wrapping your brisket when it stall, which is around 140°F usually. After that smoke the brisket wrapped until it hit 180°F.

The most common type of paper is pink butchers paper but you can also get white butcher paper or brown butcher paper. 

Aluminium Foil

Aluminum foil works well in a smoker and is another easy substitute for butcher paper. 

Tin foil can work as a moisture barrier, but can also leave a deliciously smoky flavor. 

Make sure to use non-stick heavy-duty foil so that it doesn’t rip. 

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is an alternative to aluminum foil.

It is commonly used as baking paper during the cooking process. 

A benefit of parchment paper for smoking is that it is very breathable paper. 

The silicon coating on the parchment paper will also give you a crunchy bark. 

In my humble opinion, the actual smoking process is the wrong time to get your waxed butcher paper out. 

But, it is the perfect choice for a variety of things like storing and freezing. 

If you’re thinking of doing some smoking, give the waxed butcher paper a rest this time. 

There are plenty of other alternatives that work more effectively and will keep your food moist. 

What is your ideal paper for smoking meat?

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