White or Brown Butcher Paper for Brisket? (Which Should You Use?)

What kind of butcher paper is best for a brisket?

You might find the options overwhelming!

Foil? Butcher paper?

So if you want to produce the best brisket, make sure you find out the right sort of paper to use below!

Which Butcher Paper Is Best for Brisket?

The pink paper is probably the most popular among barbecue enthusiasts. It is also usually pricier.

But between white and brown paper, brown paper is more commonly used. Most meat gurus tend to avoid white paper. While there is nothing wrong with white paper, people prefer to avoid bleached wood pulp.

No matter what you decide, make sure you buy food-grade paper.

What Is the Difference Between White and Brown Butcher Paper?

The white paper is made with bleached wood pulp. Brown paper is made with unbleached wood pulp.

Brown is the natural color of paper. That is why many pitmasters prefer the brown color.

Some butcher paper, especially white butcher paper, may have a wax coating.

You should always use unwaxed butcher paper when cooking.

What Is Butcher Paper?

Butcher paper is a type of paper used to wrap cuts of meat. Since it is thick, it is more suitable than other papers.

Butcher paper has many uses when its comes to food.

  • It can help to protect the meat from contaminants.

This keeps the raw meat safe for consumption. 

It also prevents blood and moisture from seeping out. This helps prevent cross-contamination.

  • It can be used to wrap meat during the cooking process

Wrapping brisket can help get past the stall.

Should I Use Butcher Paper for Brisket?

Wrapping a brisket will speed up the smoking process.

By wrapping a piece of meat in the smoker, you are creating an oven-like environment inside the oven.

However, wrapping meat results in extra moisture. This will lead to a less crusty bark.

If you want a crunchy bark, you shouldn’t wrap the brisket until the internal temperature is at 140°F.

Otherwise, wrapping brisket in butcher paper is an efficient method as it will take less time.

Do You Wrap The Brisket Before Or After The Stall?

You should wrap your brisket after the stall.

Wrapping it before the stall will affect the formation of bark.

However if you prefer much softer texture you can wrap it ealier.

Are Kraft Paper and Butcher Paper the Same Thing?

While the two types of paper are very similar, hey are both made with virgin wood pulp, but the manufacturing process is different.

Butcher paper is designed to be stronger than brown kraft paper.

This ensures that it keeps the meat safe.

Butcher paper is also approved by the FDA to ensure it is safe to come into contact with food.

Can You Substitute Butcher Paper With Another Paper?

Since butcher paper is designed for direct contact with meat, it is the best option. Let’s look at some possible alternatives.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper may be used for many cooking purposes.

However, it cannot withstand high temperatures.

Parchment paper is not safe for use at temperatures above 400°F.

Since the parchment paper is also a bit slippery, it will not stick to the bark of the meat very well.

It is also much thinner than butcher paper, so it may fall apart as it retains moisture.

Freezer Paper

Freezer paper is chemically treated to withstand moisture.

That makes it a great option for storing meat in the freezer.

However, these chemicals are not safe when heated.

Even low heat may release the chemicals into your food.

Wax Paper

Since the wax paper has a waxy coating, it is not ideal for cooking.

The wax will melt and ruin your meat.

Wax paper is not fire-resistant, either. This means it will catch on fire more easily than the other options.

Note: you shouldn’t use waxed paper to wrap brisket.

Can You Use Foil for Brisket?

Unlike paper, aluminum foil is not permeable. This prevents the smoke from getting inside to flavor the brisket.

Wrapping the brisket in foil for cooking allows it to cook by steam.

Steaming is a quicker cooking process than smoking. If you are short on time, you may consider wrapping your meat in foil.

What Is Pink Butcher Paper?

Pink butcher paper is also called peach paper. Many people think this paper is superior to white or brown paper.

This type of paper goes through a process called “sizing.”

This process further strengthens the already strong paper. 

After “sizing,” peach paper can withstand high amounts of moisture.

Like brown paper, pink butcher paper is also a natural color. It comes from Southern Pine pulp which results in a beautiful natural pink color.

Where to Buy Butcher Paper

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find butcher paper rolls.

Some large grocery stores may have some options to choose from.

You may have a specialty grilling store near you. If you don’t, you’ll have to find this product online.

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